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Updated On: 27 October 2014

Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum

By Bajaj
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Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum Price
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Rs. 51,523
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  • Model name :
    bajaj discover
  • Starting :
    Kick Start
  • Engine type :
    4-Valve DTS-i Engine
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Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum City Wise Price Comparison

Last Updated on : Oct 27, 2014

Specifications of Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum

  • General Features

    Model name
    bajaj discover
    Bike type
    Colors available
    Brilliant Blue, Midnight Black & Red, Midnight Black& Blue, Flame Red
    Kick Start
    Semi Double Cradle Frame
    Tyre size
    Front :-New Design Alloy / 2.75 X 17 41P Tubed Rear :-3.00X17,50P, Bidirectional
  • Engine

    Engine type
    4-Valve DTS-i Engine
    47 mm
    Compression ratio
    10.5 0.5 : 1
    102 cc
    Digital CDI
    Maximum Power
    10 bhp @9000 rpm
    Maximum Torque
    9.2 Nm @ 6500 rpm
    58 mm
  • Drive Train

    Wet Multiplate
    Gear box
    5 Speed
  • Fuel Efficiency

    Fuel Economy
    70 kmpl
    Fuel Capacity
    10 Ltrs
    Fuel Reserve
    3.5 Lltrs
    Fuel Type
  • Safety

    Rear Suspension
    Front-Telescopic, 130 mm fork travel, Rear-Twin shocks, Nitrox(Gas filled),110 mm rear wheel travel
    Rear Brake
    Front-130mm Drum, Rear-110mm Drum
  • Wheels

    165 mm
    Wheel base
    Wheel type
    Front :-1.4X17 Die cast Aluminium Alloy Wheel Rear :-1.6X17 Die Cast Aluminium Alloy Wheel
  • Dimension

    2038 mm
    Saddle height
    800 mm
    714 mm
  • Weight

    Curb weight
    123 Kgs
  • Pros And Cons

    Impressive mileage, low price, stylish, Attractive, large fuel tank, perfect seating posture
    Lack of disc brakes, slightly overweighted than its competitors, which weigh less by almost 10 kgs and hence the bike gets a bit lower power to weight ratio.

Over all Review of Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum

Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum Price

Overall Review

Bajaj Discover 100 4G is still the same as the previous version, minus a cog. It's just the removal of a gear, making it a 4 geared bike from a 5 geared one. Same as the Discover 100, this too comes with a 94.38 cc, 4 stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled, DTS-Si 2.0 engine, giving a peak power of 7.5bhp at 7500rpm and a maximum torque of 7.85Nm at 5000rpm. To think of fuel efficiency, this bike is pretty high on that. The bike has been given pretty decent looks as for a 100cc bike. This new version has been given an electric start, auto choke and alloy wheels. It also gets a maintenance free battery now, gas charged rear suspension, twin pod instrument panel, LED tail lights and twin pilot lights too.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Mileage and fuel efficiency has to be on a higher scale for any vehicle being launched, not just for today, but forever, since fuel is simply not petrol, it is more of gold now. The strongest feature of a bike has to be its mileage. This commuter segment simple bike can return a fuel efficiency figure of 89kmpL on clean roads, That is, on highways, which definitely is quite a surprise. But this comes from ARAI, so has to be true. On city roads, the bumpy ride could make it reach somewhere around 60-70kmpL. The company proudly claims it to be the world's best mileage. The feature of exhaus TEC gives a much needed pick up at quite low speeds even in the top gears. The pent roof combustion chamber, which has been specially designed, helps in getting a near complete combustion with the least of fuel.


One of the best, or probably the ruler as per the current scenario, Bajaj Discover 100 4G is a very plain and simple bike to suit the segment. It has been equally simple shades, which now are Discover colors. Basic Black and green, black and red, black and blue, and plain red are a few shades now totally owned by Discover range.

Acceleration and Pick up

The acceleration and pick up of the Bajaj Discover 100 4G are nothing to boast of. The 4-stroke DTS-Si engine achieves 7.85Nm of maximum torque at 5000rpm, allowing a better and superior pick-up and acceleration, though. Bajaj's new innovation DTS-Si technology makes a faster and efficient combustion, mixing air and fuel together, thus enhancing the performance and mileage.


Bajaj Discover 100 4G stands a decent size at 2040mm X 760mm X 1087mm, while weighing 115kg. It is one of the simplest bikes available in today's sports style looking lovers' world. Twin pod instrument panel, LED tail lights and twin pilot lights are a few impressive looking things on the bike. For some the black alloy wheels can be a put off, while it is a quite a good looking thing for others. Nothing too impressive, though, the most attractive of this rather plain Jane bike could be its instrument panel.

Comfort Feature

The company has tried making the bike as comfortable as possible in its limited budget. Bajaj Discover 100 4G gets a normal elongated seat for two, along with a backrest for the pillion. There can be no stress on the arms while holding the handle, since its been given a decent distance and height. The bike is self-start one, a change from the previous version. Speedometer and fuel gauge are analogue type. Few basic indicators, which of the date are sure to have had on the instrument cluster are a bit missing, and that pretty depresses off for once. With a ground clearance of 165 mm, the bike would never ever bump on high heighted speed breakers.


The bike could be well comfortable for those short on height also. Bajaj Discover 100 4G, not being too tall, stands comfortably at a length of 2040mm, width 760mm, and height 1087mm, while weighing merely 115kg, thus making it much easy to handle.


Bajaj Discover 100 4G sports a displacement of 94.38cc. It runs on a 4 stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, DTS-Si 2.0 engine. Power output is 7.5bhp at 7500rpm. While the maximum torque being produced is 7.85Nm at 5000rpm. There are 4 gears provided to it with wet multiplate clutch.


Now to talk of wheels, Bajaj Discover 100 4G has been given black alloy wheels, which seems fascinating to a few while a bit depressing to other. The wheelbase is around 1305mm. To measure the tyre size, the tyres are a normal size, with the front tyre measuring 2.75 x 17, 4PR with the rear one coming up to 3.00 x 17, 6PR mm, for sure not meant for rough terrains.


Suspension could be rated better than what this bike looks capable of. Front gets a telescopic suspension, with wheel travel being 130 mm, the rear suspension is the nitrox suspension type, with the wheel travle resting to 110mm.

Handling and Control

With the dimensions of this bike, the rider can never loose control on Bajaj Discover 100 4G. Also, this measurement of 2040mm X 760mm X 1087mm at a weight of 115kg, this is one of the lightest bikes to control. The ground clearance of 1305 mm makes it quite comfortable to ride, also safer than other of the competition. Placement of handle, seat, etc. are all at a comfortable place. With the longest wheelbase of the segment, this becomes one of the safest rides on Indian roads. 


  1. Wheelbase

  2. DTS-Si technology

  3. 5 speed gear box

  4. ExhausTEC


  1. Limited colors

  2. Nothing innovative in lamps

  3. Uncomfortable seats

  4. Gravely lacks power and pick-up

Customer Reviews on Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum

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Bajaj has put in life in what was uptil now a dying segment of bikes in India, the 100cc segment. Now, after for once bringing it to life, Bajaj has yet again revived up the segment with the launch of Bajaj Discover 100 4G recently. And as the name suggests, it comes with four gears, thus simply meaning that the 5 geared motorcycle in Discover series has been discontinued. The discontinuation, as believed by the trade pundits, will increase the sales figures of Discover range as a whole and specially this particular segment. In the recent few months, Bajaj has taken back its no. 2 position in the number game, and now plans to retain it. However, since Honda is also quite geared up for this competition, this bike could be a step to ward of the competition from Honda Dream Yuga.

Baja Auto, which deals in every segment of bikes from a commuter bike to a cruiser bike, brought the best of 100 cc commuter segment when it launhced Discover 100 T. This 4th generation version of Discover comes with some alternatives, which one won't like to change! This new version is provided with five gears whereas the previous version had four; however, maintaining its original version, it still has a 94.38 cc, 4 stroke, single cylinder, air-cooled, DTS-Si 2.0 engine, designed for people who want a high mileage with an enhanced performance.
Bajaj Discover 100 T can easily deliver a mileage of 89 kmpL on highways which seems to be one of the highest mileage mark ever seen since the inception of petrol bikes. What more! As the price of petrol is increasing drastically every other day, this bike can help reduce the pressure of a common man. On busy city roads, the bike can deliver a mileage of around 65 kmpL. Bajaj claims that it is the most fuel efficient bike. The motorcycle comes equipped with exhausTEC technology, which would maintain enough power at low speeds even while it moves at higher gears. There is a specially designed pent roof combustion chamber ensures that the bike gets a proper combustion with the least of fuel. As it is a commuter segment bike, the design and appearance of Bajaj Discover 100 T is very simple and elegant.

Like all other discovers series bikes, this one also has been presented in some pleasant colors, Basic Black and Green, Black and Red, Black and Blue, and Plain Red. The acceleration and pick-up of the bike is low as the engine present is not of very powerful. The 94.38 cc engine with 4-stroke DTS-Si engine can make the bike produce maximum torque of 7.85 Nm at 5000 rpm where the DTS-Si technology of Bajaj performs quicker and accomplished combustion, mixing air and fuel together, thus improving performance and mileage. The fuel tank capacity of the bike is of 8 litres. Bajaj Discover 100 T measures as 2040 mm long x 760mm wide x 1087 mm tall, and weighs about 115 Kg. The tyre specification of the bike are, the front tyre size is 2.75 X 17 inches and the rear tyre size is 3 x 17 inches. There are no disc brakes equipped with the bike, a 130 mm drum brake is at the front and a 110 mm drum brake is at the rear end. Some catchy parts of the bike are twin pod instrument panel, LED tail lights and twin pilot lights. This bike is also provided with self starter but the speedometer and fuel gauge are still analogue type. The bike suits everyone, even if the person is short in height, he will have a  comfortable ride. For more comfort, this plain and simple yet energetic bike is equipped with 130 mm travel front telescopic suspension and 110 mm travel rear nitrox suspension.

Bajaj Discover 100 T Drum Comments

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