Bajaj Discover 125 Drum

Bajaj Discover 125 Drum
as as on Feb 01, 2015
2 / 5
(62 Ratings)
Lowest Price
Model name Bajaj Discover
Displacement 124.6 cc
Engine type DTS-i, 4-Stroke, Natural Air Cooled
Maximum Power 10.8 bhp @ 8000 rpm
Stroke 49 mm
Fuel Economy 65 kmpl

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Expert Review of Bajaj Discover 125 Drum

Bajaj Discover 125 Drum Price
2 / 5 62 ratings
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Overall Review

Bajaj Autos, the leading bike making company in India and several other countries always keep on shaking the automobile market with its awesome products. This time, the company has come up with another medium segment bike, Bajaj Discover 125. This player of the Bajaj family is powered with a medium powered 125cc engine. The bike gives a resemblance of Hero Motocorp motorcycles in this class. But, it has much different features which makes it a same but different subject on the market. Bajaj Discover 125 would surely lead its creator company to a new level of heights. The bike has styles, looks, performance and appearance which is enough for any person of any age group to get attracted towards the bike.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Since, Bajaj Discover 125 is attached with a medium powered engine, so the mileage and the fuel economy of this attractive bike are high enough to appeal anyone. The most attracting factor for the Indian bike lovers, the mileage, is highly achieved by this bike. Bajaj Discover 125 is able to deliver a huge mileage of around 70kmpl in harsh traffic which is surely increased to 80kmpl in open traffic. Thus, Bajaj makes it a king when we talk of mileage plus looks. The bike has got a 10 liter fuel capacity tank with 2 liters of reserve.


Bajaj motorcycles are well known for its colors and shades it puts in its bikes. This bike, Bajaj Discover 125 comes loaded with numerous colors and shades. When we talk of single colors, the bike is available in red, grey and blue colors. But, due to tough competition in looks, it comes with metallic designs shades like red and black, and blue and black. The colors are truly appealing and passionate.  

Acceleration and Pick up

The medium powered engine of the bike and also the medium powered performance foretells that Bajaj Discover 125 will have some medium powered acceleration and pickup. But, in India, mileage matters more than power. Bajaj has thought more of that and has equipped the bike with enough specifications related to acceleration to tempt anyone. With the 125cc engine, the bike can be ridden to a top speed of 105kmph, which is surprising! Bajaj Discover 125 delivers a maximum power of 11bhp at 8000rpm and a peak torque of 10.8Nm at 6500rpm. This power and acceleration is enough for ride on Indian roads. This member of Bajaj family can reach a figure of 0-60kmph in just 5.94 seconds.


When we talk on the appearance of the bike, Bajaj Discover 125 just wins the match. The engineers of this bike must have worked hard to design this bike. Inspite of the huge competition of middle powered bike in India, Bajaj is able to put a distinguished player on the roads. The bike is contained with a large fuel tank and robust architecture. The sporty looks giving head lights put stars on its looks. The new turn indicators and stylish silencer with sporty shining black colour gives the bike a complete different appearance.

Comfort Feature

Bajaj Discover 125 is highly comfortable and durable. Bajaj assures that the bike is capable of delivering high performance with great comfort. The advance technology equipped on the bike gives it a new recognition in the automobile market. The digital LCD displays makes the user take less time to understand the figures on the meters and keep more attention on driving, thus increasing the comfort feature. Tachometer, fuel gauge with reserve level indicator, low-fuel and oil indicator and MF battery are well designed with digital displays. The large seats and the long handle bar makes the rider ride the bike comfortable without any prior aches even in a long journey. The 10 liter fuel tank isn’t much wide which lets the rider easily adjust his knees and enjoy a cozy ride.


The dimensions of the ultimate Bajaj Discover 125 are given as follows. The bike stands tall with its length: 2030mm, width: 760mm and height: 1065mm. The curb weight of this bike is 124.5kg which is light enough to get controlled easily. The other dimensions are: saddle height: 800mm, turning circle radius: 2100mm and ground clearance: 170mm. These dimensions make the rider get a good and cozy posture while riding.


As told above, the bike has a middle powered engine with a high performance delivering capability. The engine of Bajaj Discover 125 is a 124.6cc, 4 valve, 4 stroke, DTSI-I type. The engine is able to deliver a peak torque of 10.80Nm at 6500rpm and a maximum power of 11bhp at 8000rpm. The bore of the engine is of 57mm and the stroke is of 48.8mm.  


The bike has large wheels for extra comfort and safety. The wheels are of aluminium alloy type. The dimensions of the wheels of Bajaj Discover 125 are: 2.75x17mm front and 3.00x17mm rear wheel size. These type of wheels assures high performance without affecting on the mileage.  


The safety of the bike and the comfort feature is highly dependent on the suspensions and shockers included in the bike. The front wheel of Bajaj Discover 125 is loaded with an advanced telescopic suspension system. For the rear wheel, the bike has got a gas filled nitrox shock absorbers that lessens jerks and bounces on uneven roads.

Handling and Control

The handling and control of any bike is measured according to the features and tools it is equipped with. The suspension and the shockers of Bajaj Discover 125 are best in its class, making it go smooth even in bumpy roads. The bike has got awesome brakes: front: 200mm disc and 130mm drum; for rear: 130mm drum type. This ensures high end safety while riding. The 10 liter fuel tank is large enough to go for a long ride without stopping for refill. The reserve is of 2 liters adding an extra point in the point table for the bike.  


The looks, mileage and the suspension are the most appealing features of the bike. Pick up also leads the bike to become one of the favorite.


The bike has however no cons.

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