Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
  • Yamaha FZ S
Last Updated : Mar 02, 2015
3 / 5
(88 Ratings)
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Model name yamaha fz-s
Displacement 153 cc
Engine type Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-Valve
Maximum Power 13.8 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Stroke 57.9 mm
Fuel Economy 50 kmpl

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Expert Review of Yamaha FZ S

Yamaha FZ S Price
3 / 5 88 ratings
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Overall Review

Yamaha Motor India has rolled out many incredible two-wheelers for Indians. This company has shown the true image of a sports bike to the people of India. It has not only shown the true image, but also made it possible that these bikes are within the reach of people such that they can experience the pleasure of riding them. The bike maker has introduced bikes like Fz S, R15, Fazer, Sz RR, etc which though look like high-end bikes but did not have powerful engines as powerful as the one in super bikes. But still, these bike came with performance packed engines. Yamaha Fz S is a sports bike, which is inspired by the stunning Yamaha FZ1. Yamaha FZ1 is a real sports bike which is packed with the Liquid Cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 5-valve, In-line, 4-cylinder engine with 998cc displacement. This bike has heavy tank and aggressive face that give a robust look to it. The large disc brake on the radial tyres with compact front fender makes the bike more attractive. The seat of the bike seems to be in air from side angle. The bike is a real sport and is very giant and bulky. Overwhelmed by this machine's appearance, the company has designed a low-end model and named it Yamaha Fz S, which came to the market with the name Yamaha Fz 16 and with some upgradations, the manufacturer, changed its name to Yamaha Fz S. Yamaha Fz S is one of the most seen bikes on the streets after the Pulsar series. This bike has been an eye-candy for the youth of the country. It is affordable, stylish, personality enhancer, and affordable. Stunts are easy to perform on this bike as brakes of this bike are sound and the suspension system it houses is simply marvelous. It boasts of a rear radial tyre that gives the rider immense pleasure of riding. This rear tyre avails a super sharp turn with great ease and confidence. The engine of the bike is a 153cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single cylinder engine. The engine is able to create top power value of 14PS and top torque value of 13.6Nm. The mileage of the bike is decent while the fuel tank of the bike can store 12 liters of fuel. The suspensions of the bike are Telescopic fork and swing arm suspension. This is the first Indian bike to sport a radial rear tyre and both its tyres are tubeless as well. There is a fully digital instrumentation panel on the machine. It sports a strong and durable Diamond type chassis with 160mm of minimum ground clearance. This bike is seriously, a head turner with its electric design and robust appearance. Continue reading for detailed information about the bike.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Yamaha Fz S gets a powerful 153cc engine, which is capable of returning a decent mileage. The engine receives a wet sump lubrication type and a carburettor fuel system that makes the mileage of this machine better. The mileage on the highways is around 45kmpl, which is nothing to boast about and on the busy roads, the mileage comes down to around 38kmpl. The radial tyre of the bike is very advantageous but its wideness also reduces its mileage. As the weight of the bike is considerably low, it has a telling effect on its fuel-efficiency. The machine comes with a 12-litre large fuel tank, which keeps 1.2 litres in reserve. The mileage of this bike can be considered as a disadvantage.


This bike has brought the trend of amazing graphics and vibrant colors in the two-wheeler segment of India. There has been many color transformations on this bike but the current shades available for it are Mean Green, Fearless Black, Glory Gold, Raging Red, and Tempest Blue. These are also dual tones with eye-catching graphics. The side panels, engine, grab rails, alloy wheels, and rear view mirrors come in black color. While the front fender and rear panel of the bike comes in body color. The graphics of the bike makes it look dual toned and hence, makes its appearance more appealing. 

Acceleration and Pick up

Yamaha Fz S is termed as “Lord of the Streets” as this bike is built for the streets of India. It has a vigorous engine which makes it extremely enticing and enthralling. The heavy machine is well designed and very much friendly for the streets of the country. The engine it brings prove to be quite robust for the roads in the country as this mill generates a supreme power product of 14PS at an acceleration rate of 7500RPM along side of the supreme torque product of 13.6Nm at an acceleration rate of 6000RPM. Also, if we see practically, this bike can touch 135kmph at its maximum and can rev from the scratch to 60kmph in just 5.5 seconds. The rear tyre of the bike helps the rider to rev the bike on every terrain and in every situation.


This bike is no doubt the coolest one in its segment when it comes to the looks. The naked muscular front, the ravishing middle part, and the alluring rear of the bike are simply awesome. The headlight of the bike looks super cool with aerodynamic chiseled windshield and integrated indicators. The overall formation of the headlight and windshield looks like a face of a man wearing a crown. The front fender looks very sharp and nicely cut, which comes integrated with telescopic forks that joins front wheel to the handlebars. The front tyre with five-spoke alloy wheels in black color and disc brake gives the bike a rich look. The name of the company is written on the front suspension. The fuel tank of the bike is muscular and bulky, and sports attractive graphics with the name FZ. The tank is big such that the rider’s seat seems to be at a lower height. Under the tank, the engine of Yamaha Fz S is well fitted without leaving any space. The side panels of the bike show the model name of the bike - FZ S. The rear panels that come in body color looks decent below the step up seat of the bike, which is at a good height, with the help of mono-cross suspension. The muffler of the bike is chrome plated and is as muscular as the machine. There is a petite tail light of the bike, the light of which at night falls on the sticker of the company's emblem and makes it glow. From the back, you can look deep inside this bike till the rear suspension. The radial and tubeless tyres of the bike are wide enough and add to its muscularity. When rain comes or it is rode in dirt, the rear fender protects the pillion rider to encounter splashes. This bike is loaded with fully digital instrumentation, which is rare to find on Indian bikes. This instrumental panel shows information like speedometer, trip meter, tachometer, fuel gauge, and few other details. The display of the console is a full liquid clear display. The overall appearance of the bike is simply appreciable and lovable. 

Comfort Feature

Yamaha Fz S houses Telescopic Forks at the front that is super sound, these are buttery suspensions that mean no jerk or roughness is felt due to it. The rear mono-cross suspension gives the rider a proper ride, for it keeps the weight of the bike in control of the rider. The strong and responsive braking system gives the rider an opportunity to stop the bike quickly even at high speed or if any bad situation is encountered. The rear view mirrors are placed nicely as it views clear images of everything coming from behind and are easily adjustable. The rear wider radial tyres provides ample amount of flexibility to the rider and taking sharp turns on this bike with these tyres is very easy and fear free. The bike maker has given both - self-start as well as kick-start to the rider. The large fuel tank helps the rider to sustain the journey without any stress. The seats of the bike are fine, and the step up seat is not much bent, which makes the pillion rider feel comfortable. The instrumental panel of the bike gives the rider every possible information about the ride. The less fairing keeps the bike more rough and tough. With its diamond type chassis, it is already very strong. The seat height of the bike is very suitable, for any rider with short or tall height can easily ride this machine. 


The dimensions of Yamaha Fz S are pretty well set with diamond type frame. The overall measurements of the bike make it very comfortable and easily master-able. The length of the bike is 2075mm, width is 770mm, and height is 1090mm. The seat height available for the rider is 790mm only. Wheelbase acquired by the machine is 1334mm. Minimum ground clearance that makes this bike friendly with the Indian roads is 160mm. The bike weight is less, as its kerb weight measurement is 135kg. This bike has fine measurements that make it look more captivating and easily controllable. 


Yamaha Fz S is a product of giant two-wheeler manufacturer Yamaha and this company is famous for its high technology engine and highly innovative designs. This product by the company is also very innovative and technically advanced. The motorcycle is embedded with the single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC engine which displaces 153cc. This mill is associated with the five-speed manual transmission gearbox, which has one gear down and four gears up shift pattern. This gearbox works with the attachment of multiple-disc wet type clutch. The bore x stroke possessed by the engine is 58.0 x 57.9mm while the compression ratio shown by the mill is 9.5:1. The lubrication type given to the engine is Wet sump. The starting methods made available for the bike are kick and electric start.


Without wheels, any vehicle is impossible to run. So wheels of this two-wheeler are made a bit special. The bike comes fitted with 100/80-17-inch tubeless tyre at the front and 140/60-R17-inch radial plus tubeless tyre at the rear. The wider the tyres are, the better the journey becomes as these tyres provide a great grip to the bike and the rider can easily control it in tough situations. The front wheel of the bike is loaded with 267mm diameter Hydraulic single disc brake at the front and drum brakes at the rear.


The suspensions of this bike are very good. The quality of the ride it provides is really appreciable. The front of the bike is equipped with the Telescopic suspension while the rear is equipped with the Mono-cross suspension with 120mm of wheel travel. Both the suspension, enhance the joy of the rider and make the journey, very relaxing and fatigue free.

Handling and Control

Yamaha Fz S has strong built and healthy measurements, which make it very comfortable for the rider. The bike is lightweight and does not make the rider feel uncomfortable when it comes to handling. The control over the bike is made strong with the responsive braking system and handling is of no issue with the sound suspension system of the machine. The control of the bike is almost unbreakable when the rider goes for a sharp turn as this bike is planted with a radial wide rear tyre that enhances the grip of the bike even at extreme bent.


Design of the bike is magnetic, very comfortable ride, powerful engine


Low mileage

Yamaha FZ S Comments