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View Hero Motocorp Bikes in India. Total 52 Hero Motocorp Bikes available in India online. Hero Motocorp Bikes are available in Indian markets starting at . The lowest price model is Hero Motocorp HF Dawn. Most popular Bajaj Bikes is priced at Hero Motocorp Karizma ZMR 223. The current top Bajaj Bikes in India is Hero Motocorp Maestro Regular. The online price was last updated on 22 Sep, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Lowest online prices for Bajaj Bikes are displayed below. One of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers, Hero MotoCorp has evolved a great deal to reach this top position and still is maintaining its pace. Hero bikes in India have been around since as long as we can remember, if not bikes, it would be the bicycles that we can remember. Once known for its bicycles, the company started the production of bikes when the bicycle unit joined hands with the top Japanese two wheeler manufacturer, Honda, in the year 1984. What once was awarded the title of the largest bicycle manufacturer was soon about to be known as the largest two wheeler manufacturer. The legendary joint venture of Hero and Honda, together creating wonders in the two wheeler segment throughout the world, came to an end in the year 2010, since when the manufacturer is known as Hero MotoCorp Ltd. The first Hero Honda bike in India was launched in the year 1985, CD 100. The pace that the company climbed the success ladder can be guessed from the fact that it had achieved its 100,000 bike in the year 1987, mere three years after it started its production. Hero Honda Sleek came in the year 1989 and then, in the year 1991, was launched CD 100 SS, the upgraded CD 100. This year was quite remarkable for the company as this is when it achieved its 500,000 mark. Indian two wheeler segment saw a complete revolution in the year 1994 with the launch of Hero Honda Splendour, winning all hearts. And then why stop at winning hearts, this popular Indian bike went on to win the title of “World's no. 1” bike in the year 2000. Another boom was seen along with the launch of CBZ. Soon followed models like Dawn, Passion Plus, Ambition, CD Dawn, Splendour Plus, etc. Next happened what was long awaited by the bike enthusiasts, but was totally unexpected. And so was the sales graph of the company, which saw a rise in sales like never before. All this was thanks to Hero Honda Karizma, considered to be the first sports bike in India. With such bikes in its kitty, Hero Honda won the title of world's numero uno two wheeler manufacturer for 6 years consecutively. There still were models like Hero Honda Pleasure, Hunk, Karizma ZMR, CD Deluxe, etc. coming. Other than the latest technologies being used in all the two wheelers from the company, what won over the consumers was the easy and comfortable Hero MotoCorp bikes price list. The company has always maintained the most affordable Hero MotoCorp bike price. In the below text, we bring you some of the Hero MotoCorp bikes as per what we thought would make your search for the bike of dreams the easiest.

Popular Hero MotoCorp Bikes

To be one of the most popular is pretty tough, especially when it includes lots of competition. As for bikes, what could remain popular is what would attract the youth, which opts for speedier machines, plus those who opt for commuter segment bikes. But no one ever ignores performance. And price as well. And Hero MotoCorp seems to have it all. Latest technologies, good looks, best prices, there is everything that Hero MotoCorp bikes combine. As of date, there are somewhere around 52, of which the most popular Hero MotoCorp bikes could be as has been Hero Motocorp Maestro Regular, Hero Motocorp Ignitor 125 Disc, Hero Motocorp Pleasure Self Start, Hero Motocorp Karizma ZMR 223, Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro Disc Self Cast.

Expensive Hero MotoCorp Bikes

Although the brand Hero is the favorite of the whole of our country, but still, after the end of the iconic joint venture, when Hero MotoCorp had to stand on its own, the company applied the one of the best strategies to win the market. Most of the models the company launched came with the latest technologies but were always the low priced Hero MotoCorp bikes. The current most expensive Hero MotoCorp bike in India is Hero Motocorp Karizma ZMR 223 at a price of Rs. 1.05 lakh.

Cheap Hero MotoCorp Bikes

Commuter segment is one that has been largely ignored recently, but then brands like Hero MotoCorp do realize the potential there. Commuter segment bikes do not much bother about looks and speed, rather performance and fuel efficiency, along with the overall price. Lowest priced Hero MotoCorp bikes also perform as good as the expensive Hero MotoCorp bikes, in fact, better. The cheapest Hero MotoCorp bike available in India currently is Hero Motocorp HF Dawn for price of Rs.38,333.

Top 5 Hero MotoCorp Bikes

When we talk bikes, we generally do not only talk of two wheeler locomotives. Rather, most of the times bikes are correlated with speed and thrill. Never to forget the performance. But these are not the only factors to make a bike be listed under the top 10. Price and the overall build, what is better called as chassis, are two other major factors. When we consider all this, below listed come out as the top 5 Hero MotoCorp bikes: Hero Motocorp Maestro Regular, Hero Motocorp Ignitor 125 Disc, Hero Motocorp Pleasure Self Start, Hero Motocorp Karizma ZMR 223, Hero Motocorp Passion Xpro Disc Self Cast.

Latest Hero MotoCorp Bikes

To stay ahead, every two wheeler manufacturer has to keep its range of two wheelers updated. Regular upgradations and latest launches win lots of votes, also keeps the brand ahead in the number game. So below are the latest Hero MotoCorp bikes available in India: Hero Motocorp Passion Pro Tr. ....view more
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