Hero MotoCorp Passion X Pro

Hero MotoCorp Passion X Pro
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Last Updated : Mar 04, 2015
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Model name hero motocorp passion
Displacement 97.2cc
Engine type Single cylinder
Maximum Power 7.37 HP (5.4 kW)) @ 8000 RPM
Stroke 49.50 mm
Fuel Economy 69 KMPL

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Hero MotoCorp Passion X Pro Price
2 / 5 35 ratings
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Overall Review

Since Hero MotoCorp has gained the rights to use Honda technologies for its bikes as per the deal after the break-up of the two companies, Passion XPro is a child of such efforts. The technology is almost the same as Honda Dream Yuga, which in turn was inspired by CB Twister. This affordable commuter segment 110 cc bike is quite a power generator, quite easily churning a maximum power of 6.4 kW (8.7 PS) at 7500 RPM and torque of 9.36 Nm at 5500 RPM, , touching a maximum speed of 100-105, can be easily called a much-refined and well-tuned bike, easily bringing out commuter segment bringing out from the “slow and boring” frame. The designing is pretty simple and traditional, it essentially has been so designed to strike the chord with masses. And with the price that it has been launched at will surely make it a hit! The current review, though, will cover all the five variants, namely Drum Kick Spoke, Drum Kick Cast, Drum Self Spoke, Drum Self Cast, Disc Self Cast, is generally about the top variant of Passion XPro. As far as the performance is concerned, at some places, the bike did perform quite surprising, and once it’s a service-old, it sure would perform better. Overall, just the needed engine, good ridablity, and the drooling prices, all together make it a DUDE bike in commuter segment.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The latest gang (yes! these are to be called a gang. These bikes are a riot!) of commuter bikes being launched are some kind of a surprise to those who considered commuter bikes to be slow and out of trend. And more so Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro! It was quite astonishing to find this bike give a mileage of more than 65 kmpl. And no, it is not merely that the company claims so, it sure is practical, though it sounds pretty much impractical. Cheers to this! The heart of Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro is peppy, thanks to the 110 cc displacement value. It has been tuned to 6.4 kW (8.7 PS), which, no doubt, is a master figure for commuter segment. What might as well make the rider feel good is low gear. The bike would easily commute you through the traffic at the second gear, and pull you comfortably swiftly. If required, the bike is smooth in gear changing and quickly shifts to the fourth, crossing 40 kmph. It would not even stop you from shifting it to the fifth, which comes helpful on the highways, where Passion XPro can easily return you a mileage of 72 kmpl.


You think of a color, and you get it at Hero MotoCorp. The variety of hues that Passion XPro has been launched with by Hero MotoCorp can delight all, though all are in combinations with the basic bike color, black. There is basic black with frosty blue, black with heavy gray, black combined with sports red, electric yellow metallic, force silver metallic, leaf green metallic, sports red, vibrant blue metallic.

Acceleration and Pick up

Well, I’d rather be honest, this bike has no use of the first gear. If at the first gear, you would hardly get moving, it picks up just 15 kmph. Though, you would start feeling good second gear onwards, by the third, you would be smiling and revving up at speed, something between 45 and 50 kmph. When shifted to fourth, the bike might be slow to reach its top gear, but once there, no commuter bike would be smoother than this. Or probably the parent bike is. At the fourth gear the bike would take a bit more minutes than expected to reach the top limit of 80 kmph. Overall, something not taken in-stride by the speedsters, but super for commuter segment bikers, with just the perfect engine sound.


Once again the bike reminds of it being the child of single parent, Honda Dream Yuga. The finishing is smart and very likable, with the body made of good plastic, the whole chassis given a shape of tubular diamond, quite like Honda Dream Yuga and CB Twister. The headlights are quite less in size, though it must be mentioned that even these small sized headlights were powerful enough on low beam, with high beam light quality being ok ok. The much striking multi focal trapezoidal headlight is a multi-reflector , halogen bulb type, 12 V - 35 W/35 W; tail lights, also multi-reflector type, 12 V - 5 W/21 W; all the four turning signal lights are 12 V - 10 W, multi-reflector type. The sleek exhaust did seem to be a depression to me, but then I realized it is commuter segment bike, after which it seemed the perfect thing. And in fact looks super hot in a combination of metal and black body. The saddle would make you sit in the perfect posture as directed by the age-old grandmothers, though, it is comfortable but is very commuter. As such seating is pretty much comfortable but would have done better with a bit more of cushioning; as per the seating position, the handle bars might seem a bit high to some. What won my heart was a simple instrument cluster, digital analog combo meter console, and not to be forgotten is the simple yet stylish graphics.

Comfort Feature

For your comfort, Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro has been blessed with a long seat, though the company could have made it more comfortable by adding a bit more of cushioning. The whole saddle is placed 785 mm high from the ground, which is comfortable for an average heighted rider. Placement of foot pegs gives a comfortable ride to both, the rider as well the pillion. If the rider is taller than average, the position of handle bars might get a bit uncomfortable. The leg space provided is just the perfect for any rider, thighs would have enough space to breathe and the tank has been built so that it could provide good and strong support to the thighs. The instrument cluster might be a rather simple one, but has been loaded with every basic thing that one might need. Suspension is absorbing enough on all road kinds. Handling overall is smooth and light, thus easy to maneuver through the snake lanes of rural and urban Indian lanes. Overall, it makes a comfortable long journey on this bike.


Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro stands 2005 mm in length, 765 mm is the width, and 1115 mm in height. The tank has a fuel capacity of 9.5 liters (minimum) with a reserve fuel capacity being 2.1 liters. Wheelbase measures 1270 mm, while the ground clearance measures uptil 175 mm, which when compared to its parent bike, is more than Honda Dream Yuga, which will be considered as a plus point against the parent bike.


Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro has a fuel efficient, 109.1 cc, four stroke, single cylinder engine. The engine has been tuned to generate Maximum power it generates is 8.4 kW (8.7 PS) at a high RPM of 7500, with the highest peak torque being 9.36 Nm at an equally high 5500 RPM. Bore – stroke measures 50.0 X 55.6 mm, compression ratio is 9.2:1, side draft variable Venturi (Piston) type of carburetor, there are both kick and self start options, with the ignition being full transisterised ignition system, 4 speed constant mesh. A smooth engine, quite much refined, it gives a chirpy ride. Once you ride this bike, you would get a feel of it being quite much similar to Dream Yuga.


Comfort and safety can be guaranteed in Hero Passion XPro with the 18 inch wheel, giving the best, or almost the best, in commuter segment. The tyres move safely sticking to the ground, allowing a safe turn-in, remains balanced throughout, moving within cities would be dreamy and buttery smooth, even in the sleekest of space available. The front wheel measures 18 x 1.60 (spoke wheel) and 18 x 1.85 (cast wheel) while the tyre size is 80/100 X 18 - 47 P 80/100 X 18 - 47 P (tubeless option for cast wheel). Rim size of the rear wheel measures 18 x 1.85 (spoke wheel) and 18 x 2.15 (cast wheel), while the wheel size is 90/90 X 18 - 51 P 90/90 X 18 - 51 P (tubeless for cast wheel).


To talk of suspensions, here is something what I can easily call awesome. Suspension at the front uses telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers, while the rear takes swing arm with adjustable hydraulic shock absorber, both of which together conspire to make it one of the most comfortable rides for Indian roads, which so happen to be loaded with pot holes and crazy traffic.

Handling and Control

With the weight and dimensions that Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro comes with, this bike has no vibrations while on a ride, which is all thanks to the refinement given to the engine. In commuter segment, this is probably the safest and most comfortable ride. Despite the 18-inched tyres, sharp bends care easy to turn in, with the bike remaining totally stable. Cities are easy to cover on this bike, even with heavy traffic, and it would not even create a problem while on highways.


Hero MotoCorp Passion XPro is definitely not a bike for roadsters who want speed and thrill, but for those who look to commute with high fuel efficiency, since it is an out and out commuter segment bike. What I personally find endearing in this bike are: (1) Smooth refined engine (2) High fuel efficiency (3) Superb mileage


Not many, but still a few. Quite mentionable are: (1) Single long seat, with less cushioning (2) Down gearshifting

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