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View Hyosung Bikes in India. Total 8 Hyosung Bikes available in India online. Hyosung Bikes are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.1.10 lakh. The lowest price model is Hyosung Gd 250n. Most popular Hyosung Bikes is priced at Hyosung St7. The current top Hyosung Bikes in India is Hyosung St7. The online price was last updated on 17 Sep, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Lowest online prices for Hyosung Bikes are displayed below. Hyosung bikes in India come from the stable of Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc., which is a subsidiary of Hyosung Group. Hyosung Group was found in 1957 in South Korea and has uptil now spread its wings widely, from chemical products to industrial machinery, construction, trade, IT, bikes, etc. However, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. came in the being only in 1978, while the licensed production of bikes started the very next year, that is, in 1979 for the Korean market, focusing on the South Korean market. Gradually, Hyosung opened its own research and development center in Japan in the year 1986; this is when the company started large scale production of bikes. “Hall of Fame” includes being the official supplier of bikes to the Summer Olympics held in Seoul in the year 1988. Later on, in the year 2003, Hyosung Motors & Machinery Inc. separated from Hyosung Group and merged with S & T Machinery; so though now the name of the company has changed to S & T Machinery, however the brand name remains the same still. The company sees a huge potential of profit in the US, India, Japan, France, etc. As for India, Hyosung sells its bike with the name of DSK Hyosung. What Hyosung bikes offer is simplicity at a great speed. The high performance bikes come with a simplicity to them, though the looks come with huge capacity to make one drool with rigid chassis, there is aggression, stable handling, all together forming a great performer.

Popular Hyosung Bikes

There currently are four Hyosung bikes in India. All of these come with the capabilities of high performance, maintaining the perfect looks with comfort factor, not to forget the technologies. It is this combination of latest technologies and evolution with comfort and looks is what makes Hyosung bikes in India popular. If we talk of most popular Hyosung bikes in India, all the four models, GT250, GT650N, GT650R, and ST7, which are doing pretty well in the market. What gives the company a loss is the lack of service stations.

Expensive Hyosung Bikes

With just four great bikes in its Indian profile, there is not a single chance Hyosung can place its bikes at higher price tags. Whatever price tags have been given to Hyosung bikes in India are totally in coordination with the features that these bikes come imbibed with. Hyosung St7, this bike will ask you to shell out Rs. 5.84 lakh.

Top Hyosung Bikes

When a bike is gifted with the best of looks combined with simplicity, power, speed, it has to rank among the top few. When compared with other brands available in India, Hyosung might not be at the top, but is soon climbing the ladder up and no soon would it be among the top 3. However, with its minimal portfolio in India, Hyosung rests assured that all the four of its bikes are the top few contenders. The list could be as:Hyosung St7, Hyosung Gt 250r, Hyosung Gt 650r, Hyosung Gt 650, Hyosung Gt 650n ....view more
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