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Last Updated : Aug 31, 2015
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Model name tvs jive
Displacement 109.7cc
Engine type 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air cooled
Maximum Power 8.4 bhp (6.18 KW) @ 7500 rpm
Stroke 48.8 mm
Wheel base 1260 mm

Expert Review of TVS Jive

TVS Jive Price
4 / 5 3 ratings
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Overall Review

The TVS Motor Company has launched a new player in the world of two wheelers. TVS Jive delivers decent mileage. With average looks, the bike has many exciting features. This is the first clutch less bike launched by TVS Motor Company.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

In a country like India where petrol will soon be treated as the synonym for gold and other precious metals, fuel economy certainly becomes the most over looked feature while purchasing a new vehicle. It’s is one of those 110cc competitive bikes in the market which everything thinks of making sure to try it. Jive is one of those bikes which is solely made for Indian roads and for people who are budgeting on their travel expenses.  TVS Jive with all its gracious features also delivers a good mileage of about 60kmpl on city roads. It has a fuel tank of 15 litres including 2.1 litres of reserve so that the journey doesn’t stops.


Talking about the colours and graphics of this monster bike now, first in its class TVS Jive is available in four attractive shades viz. Red, Blue, Black red, and Black gold with cool graphics and decals at the fuel tank and side panels. The body colour is sprayed at rest of the body of the bike barring the rear view mirrors. The heat shield of the silencer is painted in silver colour.

Acceleration and Pick up

The bike is gifted with four stroke air cooled and 110cc engine that offers a decent pickup to the bike. The powerful engine of the machine produces 8.4bhp of peak power and 8.3 Nm of torque. The bike gives top speed of 90kmph.  


This TVS motorbike comes with a triple tone colour scheme with decals and white background at the tail. The bike has a very attractive headlamp that gives it a sporty look. The black alloy wheel adds beauty to the sleek design of the motorbike. The bike is blessed with a trendy muffler guard that gives the bike a distinctive and stylish look. The instrument panel of the machine comes in two-dial pods. The big round shaped right side pod houses gear indicator, fuel gauge and speedo with ordinary indicators. True, the plastics are not of the best quality. But then, this is a very well made-out product, and will serve one for its full life span.   The bike makes an elegant impression with the dual stitch seat cover.  

Comfort Feature

This TVS hero is a very comfortable bike, it works on the principle of any gear stop, start and go thus giving the rider freedom to stop or start in any kind of terrain and traffic. The self star feature of this bike adds to the comfort of the bike. The motorcycle comes with the latest clutch less technology that increases the ease of driving the bike. The bike comes in high density foam seat that provides a good balance and comfort to both the rider and the pillion as well. The rear grab bar looks charming in black as it matches with the seat cover colour. The bike has also been gifted with a huge under seat storage to keep various items like books, vegetables, helmets in it. This feature provides similarity with a gearless scooty. The rotary gear allows the shift from fourth gear to the neutral one in just one shift making shifting easier than ever. Foot pegs and passenger footrest add to the comfort of the rider and passenger.


The bike is 1975 mm in length, 1060 mm in height and 700mm in width. Thanks to the dimensions of this bike that this bike can be driven by any age group person. The bike supports a wheel base of 1260 mm that helps in maintaining easy and strong grip on the roads. The ground clearance of the bike is 165 mm. The bike gets masculine look as the front tyre size of the TVS Jive is 2.75X18 inch and rear one is 3.00X18 inch.


The engine of TVS Jive is loaded with a four stroke, air cooled, single cylinder engine that helps in providing good fuel efficiency with a displacement of 110cc. The powerful engine of the bike delivers a peak power of 8.4bhp at 7,500 rpm and churns a maximum torque of 8.3 Nm at 5500 rpm. The bike has 4 speed automatic transmissions without using the clutch lever. The machine has got a unique technology, T-matic clutch, that provides the rider the facility to shift gears without operating the clutch lever manually.


When it comes to wheels, this TVS monster has a very strong grip on the roads due to its huge wheelbase of 1260 mm. the bike also gets a mannish appearance due to its wheel size which is front tyre size of the TVS Jive is 2.75X18 inch and rear one is 3.00X18 inch. The alloy embedded in the wheels give the bike a dashing look.


The bike is blessed with a great shock absorber system.  The front tyre of the bike is attached with telescopic type of shocker while the rear suspension is a hydraulic shock absorber with coaxial springs. This helps the driver as well as the pillion to get save from the shocks and lessens the jerks.

Handling and Control

Handling and control become much easier in the TVS Jive with the efficient braking system and shock absorbers. The bike is clutchless that helps in easy handling of the bike. The bike also includes conventional drum type brakes at both ends. The bike has the most advanced and innovative features loaded with such as hands free gear shifting and anti-stall mechanism. Moreover the wide wheelbase prevents the bike from skidding on wet roads.


Handsfree gear shifting and anti stall mechanism. Decent looks Under seat storage


No modification in the shock systems. Problems with the gear control if driven above 60kmph speed.

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