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Last Updated : Feb 27, 2015
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Model name hero honda pleasure
Displacement 102 cc
Engine type 4Stroke SingleCylinder AirCooled OHC
Maximum Power 7.0@7000 BHP@RPM
Stroke 52 mm
Fuel Economy 55* kmpl

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Hero Honda Pleasure Price
5 / 5 193 ratings
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Overall Review

Hero Honda Pleasure, one of the most popular gearless two-wheelers in the market, also happens to be the most girly scooter present in the market. Hero Honda has been manufacturing a whole lot of gearless scooters and considering their growing popularity, added Hero Honda Pleasure as part of its inventory. Hero Honda Pleasure is solely targeted at the female Indian buyers with its vivid colors and girly design. With a tagline of “why should boys have all the fun?” Hero Honda is clear with its intentions of producing something exclusively for girls. The feminine scooter looks great with its innovative styling and is not too far behind in power as well. Hero Honda, after capturing the commuter bike segment with Passion and Splendor, has set its eye on a different goal and rightly so, for Hero Honda is doing great with this product. The eye-catching colors and its typical girly styling give Hero Honda Pleasure a unique look and make it stand out in the crowd. Boasting of an amazing mileage and performance, Hero Honda holds high expectations about this product. With this unique idea, Hero Honda Pleasure surely has created a sensation in the market.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Hero Honda Pleasure is one of the most economical scooters in the market. Its excellent fuel efficiency makes it stand above par with other scooters in this segment. It achieves a mileage of around 45kmpl while driving on highways and a mileage of 37kmpl while driving in city traffic. The 5litres fuel tank holds enough capacity to make the scooter run a long distance. 


This segment makes Hero Honda Pleasure outshines its competitors. Specifically designed for the female riders, Hero Honda Pleasure is available in 8 vibrant shades- Candy Blazing Red and Black, Candy Blazing Red, Dream Orange, Ebony Grey, Light Purple, Spring Green, Sparkle Black, and Sparkle Red and Black. These splendid colors appeal to the riders about the class of this scooter.

Acceleration and Pick up

Hero Honda Pleasure is not the scooter to get interested if you are looking for power. The throttle response is not as nippy as in Dio and other Hero products. The top speed as claimed by the manufacturers is 77kmph, which is definitely rated higher than actual. It reaches 0-60kmph in around 10.2 seconds, which is not bad considering the market for which it is manufactured. 


Hero Honda Pleasure came out with a provocative tagline “why should boys have all the fun?” clearly stating its ambition. The scooter is completely designed for female Indian riders and Hero has made it quite clear with the shades in which the scooter was launched. Available in splendid vivid colors, Hero Honda Pleasure brings with itself a unique and innovative design. The scooter impresses one and all with its bold and eye-catching design. The slim and streamlined body with edgy curves and saddle shaped chassis are one to be looked out for. The crescent headlight and sober taillight add to the beauty of the scooter. The all-analog instrument cluster is located just behind the scooter’s mask. The vertical indicators and the bright yellow dials for speedometer and fuel gauge are clearly visible even in broad daylight. For a city commuter, Hero Honda Pleasure is a gem with its great looks and at par performance.

Comfort Feature

Targeted towards the female drivers, Hero Honda Pleasure was expected to provide the rider with great comfort, and it lived up to everyone’s expectations. A wide and comfortable seat is provided, for both the rider as well as pillion. The sitting posture is upright and the scooter is suitable for long rides. Ample legroom, perfectly placed foot pegs, and adequately placed rear grab rail add to the comfort of the ride. 


Designed specifically for the female population, Hero Honda Pleasure has an overall length, width, and height of 1750mm, 705mm, and 1100mm. It has a wheelbase of 1240mm and a saddle height of 795mm. It weighs just 104kg and has a ground clearance of 125mm. 


Hero Honda pleasure is equipped with a 102cc air-cooled 4-stroke displacement engine. It generates a maximum power of 7BHP at 7000RPM and a maximum torque of 7.85Nm at 5000RPM. Weighing just 104kg, the scooter reacts quite quickly to the throttle response. 


Hero Honda Pleasure is fitted with 5-spoke black alloy wheels. The front and rear tires are measured 3.50 X 10 – 4RP/51J. These 10-inch tires provide excellent grip on the road but lack disc brakes. Both the tires are fitted with 130mm shoe-type internally expanding drum brakes. The brakes are reliable enough in the beginning but wears out as days passes.


Hero Honda Pleasure provides decent enough suspension system. It is fitted with bottom-link suspension with a spring-loaded hydraulic damper at the front, and swing-arm suspension with a spring-loaded hydraulic damper at the rear. The shock absorbers do not perform extraordinarily well on uneven surfaces and the scooter is mainly suited for smoother surfaces.

Handling and Control

Hero Honda pleasure is fitted with a self-start mechanism, which has been much appreciated by the critics and buyers alike. With such a lightweight body, the scooter is easy to handle and manoeuvre in city traffic. Cornering is sharp and pick-up is at par with other scooters of this segment. The engine makes almost no noise and is very stable even at higher speeds. The handlebar is adequately manufactured for lesser turning radius, which improves city driving. Overall, driving Hero Honda Pleasure is a ‘pleasure’. 


Available in vibrant colors, which attracts quite a lot of female riders Good fuel economy Easy to maneuver in city Adequate sitting posture, perfect for long journeys


Lack of disc brakes Only targeted towards female riders, which make up only a quarter of the Indian market

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