Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Dtsi

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Dtsi
as as on Feb 01, 2015
3 / 5
(191 Ratings)
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Model name bajaj pulsar
Displacement 178.6 cc
Engine type 4-Stroke, DTS-i, Air Cooled, Single Cylinder
Maximum Power 16.8 bhp @ 8500 rpm
Stroke 56.4 mm
Wheel base 1345 mm

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Expert Review of Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Dtsi

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Dtsi Price
3 / 5 191 ratings
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Overall Review

The leading two-wheeler manufacturer, Bajaj Automobiles, is synonymous to innovation, especially when it comes to bikes. The company is the one who introduced India to the true essence of biking with bikes made for different terrains and to serve a purpose of more than just commuting. The company launched Bajaj Pulsar 180cc with its younger 150cc sibling in 2001 and then began the biking revolution in India. Since then, Bajaj has brought forward many striking models in the Pulsar series with continuous upgradations to the existing models. Bajaj Pulsar 180cc was also not left aside by the company and saw many revamps after every 2-3 years, starting with its debut in 2001, there were fresh models of the same in the years 2003, 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011. This new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i came out in 2009 and went through some other upgrades in 2011. The bike has got quite a lot of style prompts from the strapping member of the series, the Pulsar 200 and it also sports a more muscular look. Getting a number of style cues from the beefy Pulsar 200, Pulsar 180 DTS-i now flaunts a more muscular look. With appealing looks, the mileage and fuel economy have also been worked upon and now the bike comes gifted with the Bajaj’s patented DTS-i technology, which ensures delivery of a better performance in terms of an increased mileage of 45.8kmpl in harsh traffic and 55.2kmpl on open highways.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The company claims Bajaj New Pulsar 180cc DTS-i to have an average fuel mileage of 58kmpl for driving at a constant speed of 55kmph but in actual practice, the bike provides an approximate mileage of 45-50kmpl which further falls down to 38kmpl in the normal city traffic. The mileage is just reasonable and nothing outstanding, and will in turn push the running costs of the bike a bit higher.


Bajaj New Pulsar 180cc DTS-i is available in three different colors: Cocktail Wine Red, Plasma Blue and Midnight Black, these colors just add on to the appearance of the bike. Bajaj India has also introduced new speed line colors for Pulsar range, including Pulsar 180cc. The new colors include blue with combination of black, red with combination of black and an all-black shade. These new shades have added a freshness to the Pulsar series and have enhanced the overall looks of the bikes.

Acceleration and Pick up

The bike being a rage among stunt lovers in itself defines what acceleration the bike can deliver. Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i needs merely 5.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60kmph mark which shows us how strong is the bike’s acceleration and clearly puts it at the top end of its class. Though the company claims that the 180cc engine will drive the bike to a maximum speed of 136kmph but in actual practice, one can push the bike to a maximum speed of 122kmph which undoubtedly shows that this machine packs in a lot of power.


The bike is surely a head turner when it comes to looks. When it debuted in 2009, very soon it became one of the favourites mainly because of its strong and sturdy style. Wider tyres, a split seat, clip-on handlebars, a 3D Pulsar logo and tank scoops are some of the key features of this bike. The bike has got a more sturdy and muscular body as compared to its previous siblings yet it has a surprising elegance in its appearance. While the earlier models of this bike had a single-step seat, this one comes with a split seat just like the Pulsar 200 and 220 models and adds to the comfort of the biker and pillion. The front of the the bike sports a sharply designed headlamp along with twin pilot lamps, giving it a very amazing front semblance. And to add on to the drooling, the 37mm silver-coated front forks which have originally been adopted from the Pulsar 200 and the thicker tyre at back which is mounted over a six-spoke alloy wheel adds more muscle to the 180.

Comfort Feature

The comfort of the rider has been well taken care of by the designers in the new Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i. The wide and comfortable step-up seats are just a part of what the bike comes with, inclusion of digital fuel gauge, tachometer, digital trip meter, speedometer, low-fuel indicator, low-oil indicator, low battery indicator are the key features of this bike. The nitrox rear shock absorbers comes with a five-step adjustment setting which gives excellent riding comfort.


Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i runs into a length of 2035mm, width of 765mm and height of 1115mm, weighing a respectable 147kg and this clarifies that it not only has sporty looks but a complete masculinity. The bike comes with a ground clearance of 165mm and a wheelbase of 1345mm. The fuel tank of the bike has a capacity of 15 litres with 2 litres of reserve.


Bajaj Pulsar 180cc comes equipped with an 180cc DTS-i, four stroke, air-cooled engine of 178.6cc displacement. The engine is capable to deliver a maximum power of 16.8 Bhp at 8500 rpm and a maximum torque of 14.2Nm at 6500RPM. Bajaj is the Indian patent holder for DTS-i technology. The engine is also equipped with the ExhausTEC (Exhaust Torque Expansion Chamber) technology which is another of Bajaj’s patent and modifies the bike's swirl characteristics and its back-pressure which in turn helps in boosting the performance of the bike at low and mid-range revs. It comes with a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox which offers excellent engine performance.


Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i comes with stunning alloy wheels, adding to the sporty looks of the bike. The bike’s six spoke alloy wheels are stronger than those of the previous 180 and are combined with longer wheelbase of 1330mm which offers greater stability and responsiveness. The front tyre measures 90/90 x 17mm while the rear one measures 120/80 x 17mm. The wider rear tyre adds on to the easy handling of the bike and both tyres being tubeless are easy to maintain and provides a stronger grip on all kind of terrains.


The suspension and the shockers are the features to be checked upon when it comes to comfortable ride on harsh roads and in practice, the Bajaj New Pulsar 180cc DTS-i performs very well and absorbs shocks consistently, even while riding at top speed, on poor road surfaces and reduces the vibration to the least, all thanks to the advanced suspension system front telescopic, 130mm stroke; rear triple rated spring, 5 way adjustable with 101mm travel nitrox shock absorber, which has been borrowed from the previous models. With a 37mm fork assembly from the Pulsar 220, it has also borrowed a swing arm at rear from Avenger 220.

Handling and Control

The bike’s advanced suspension system make it capable enough to be safely rode on any kind of terrain. Pulsar 180cc is also equipped with large 260mm disc brakes at the front end and 130mm drum brakes at the rear end. Though the drum brakes bose a little disappointment because of presence of rear disc brakes in company’s other vehicles, bu the front disc brakes are strong enough to cover the slack. The highly responsive brakes are dependable for short stopping distances, even from top speed. Pulsar 180 gives a comfortable and stable ride, the refined engine generates very less noise even at higher revs. Handling of the bike is very smooth, though it sometimes feel a little heavy on turns and leans.


Bajaj Pulsar 180cc DTS-i is a member making the whole Pulsar series proud. The bike is powerful yet comfortable, It comes with Bajaj’s patented DTS-i technology which boosts on the bikes mileage. It is pretty cheaper than many of its 180cc rivals and is an excellent value for money. A complete package it is with sporty, sturdy looks, great suspension and braking system, good performance and comfort ride.


Though the bike does not pose any problems in specific, but it sometimes seems too heavy and difficult to maneuver in dense traffic. And absence of kick-start option may be a problem in bad weather conditions and loss of battery power. Poor fuel economy is another drawback for this bike.

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Dtsi Comments