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Updated On: 27 October 2014

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi

By Bajaj
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Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi Price
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Rs. 87,547
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  • Model name :
    bajaj pulsar
  • Starting :
    Self Start
  • Engine type :
    4-Stroke, DTS-i, Oil Cooled, Single Cylinder
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Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi City Wise Price Comparison

Last Updated on : Oct 27, 2014

Specifications of Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi

  • General Features

    Model name
    bajaj pulsar
    Bike type
    Colors available
    Sapphire Blue, Cocktail Wine Red, Midnight Black, Pearl Metallic White
    Self Start
    Double Cradle Down Tube
    Tyre size
    Front :-90/90x17 Tubeless, Rear :-120/80x17 Tubeless
  • Engine

    Engine type
    4-Stroke, DTS-i, Oil Cooled, Single Cylinder
    67 mm
    220 cc
    Digital Twin Spark
    Maximum Power
    20.75 bhp @ 8500 rpm
    Maximum Torque
    19.12 Nm @ 7000 rpm
    62.4 mm
  • Drive Train

    Wet Multi Disc
    Gear box
    5 Speed
  • Fuel Efficiency

    Fuel Capacity
    15 Ltrs
    Fuel Type
  • Safety

    Rear Suspension
    Front Telescopic, 130mm stroke, Rear Nitrox, rear wheel travel 90mm
    Rear Brake
    Front 260mm disc, Rear 230mm disc
  • Wheels

    165 mm
    Wheel base
    1350 mm
    Wheel type
  • Dimension

    2035 mm
    Saddle height
    795 mm
    750 mm
  • Weight

    Curb weight
    150 Kgs
  • Pros And Cons

    Great acceleration, stable handling, stylish looks and superior performance
    Inappropriate sound and no fuel-injection

Over all Review of Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi

Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi Price

Overall Review

Bajaj, the Indian automobile giant brought in the “real deal” when it comes to sports bike and changed the almost certain outlook that all Indian bikes are just tourers. With the launch of Bajaj 220 DTS-i in 2009, The Fastest Indian which can reach the top speed of 144 kmph easily this is the best indigenous sports bike on road till date. Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i comes with a huge fixed mask which gives the bike a perfect masculine look. The bike runs on the same technology which runs all the pulsars and Avenger 220. Even with that speed and power, the ride is quite comfortable and provides decent handling.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Petrol is now becoming a priceless entity with the ever growing price hike, it has now become the other name for liquid gold. Presently when the prices of petrol are at an all time high, the mileage of any traveller on road has become the key entity of the vehicle in India. Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is powered by the 220cc, 4-stroke, Oil-cooled DTS-i petrol engine with five speed manual transmission gearbox which offers good engine performance. Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi offers an impressive-in comparison to displacement mileage around 38kmpl in urban traffic amongst the monsoon blessed pits on the roads while on highway amongst the smooth and wide roads where this speedster really belongs, the bike offers 47kmpl mileage. The fuel tank of the bike is significantly large so it can travel a decent distance before a mandatory refill.


The best “Indian” sports bike Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i, no matter which shade is available in looks masculine and flamboyant with a design like that. The bike is currently available in exciting color combinations of Cocktail wine red, Midnight black and Plasma blue. 

Acceleration and Pick up

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi  is obviously embedded  with an engine  more powerful in comparison with other variants of the pulsar series and offers better acceleration. This variant of Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is equipped with the more powerful 220cc, 4-stroke, Oil-cooled, DTS-i petrol engine with five speed manual transmission gearbox and the ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) technology and so Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi offers excellent acceleration such that bike can cross the 60kmph mark in just 3.7 seconds and it can touch the top speed mark of 144kmph with a decent and smooth pick up. 


The New Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi looks better and more elegant than the previous DTS-Fi version.  The bike comes in the “all-black” theme much like its younger brothers Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180. The bike looks all lean and mean with black forks, black swing arm, black wheels and engines. Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi may be the best looking bike in India in this displacement variant arguably with competitions being Yamaha R15 and Karizma ZMR. Though it resembles its siblings in most sense the voluminous front fairing and the fairing mounted mirrors distinct the new Pulsar 220 DTSi from others. The monster on road, Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi flaunts six spoke alloy wheels, trendy body panels, crystal clear lens indicators and exposed chain.  It offers a little under-seat storage cubby that can be unlocked via a cable release located under its lockable side panel. The new Pulsar 220 F also features the new 3-D graphics, redesigned comfort background and slightly revised clip-on handlebars. Both front and rear callipers are now provided with a golden touch. 

Comfort Feature

Comfort is the demand of new generation riders, and Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi meets the demands of the customers with an array of new features like Digital Fuel Guage, Self-Start, Tacho-Meter, Digital Trip-Meter and Speedometer, Low-Fuel Indicator, Low-Oil Indicator, Low Battery Indicator, Wide and Comfortable Step-Up seats. Tubeless tyre is another feature that offers tension free comfortable off-road riding. Digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) console Speedometer, Fuel Guage, Tachometer and Trip Meter offers better vision to these meters and enhances rider comfort. 


Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i is large! Literally!! With the dimensions of 2035 mm x 750 mm x 1165 mm the vehicles looks like a monster on road. Huge 150 kg weight may hinder the control and handling, but the bike cannot be all muscle without the weight, right? The ground clearance offere is 165 mm.


New Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is powered by new 220cc oil cooled carburetted engine with maximum power of 20.8bhp at 8500rpm and 19.12Nm at 7000rpm of peak torque. New combustion chamber, all new port geometry for optimized thermodynamics, new valve coat material to eliminate carbon formation, new design short skirt lower friction piston, an all-new camshaft and 33% larger oil cooler conclude the latest additions in the newer version of this 220cc beast. Pulsar 220 DTSi gets the performance boost with 32 venturi carburettor, which is the biggest ever to be used in India. The intake port in the cylinder head has been modified, along with higher lift and duration cam. Resonator and catalytic convertor are also used to increase performance. It also uses temperature based ignition mapping system through which the ignition timing is optimized to achieve good start ability, quick warm up and stupendous torque. The standard five speed gearbox with one down and four up pattern provides comfortable and familiar gear shift pattern.


The bike is provided with a wheelbase of 1350mm. Dual disk brakes are present in Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi for better and safe driving. 6 Spoke black mag alloy wheels are efficient and look neat with 17 inch size at both front and rear.


Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is packed with telescopic, 130mm shock absorber at front wheel with the 90mm nitrox shock absorber at the rear wheel for proper suspension.

Handling and Control

To provide better handling and control in this giant better suspension and dual disc brakes have been installed in the vehicle i.e disk brakes at both front and rear. Its advanced suspension system that reduces jerks at rough road and enhances handling and control of the bike. Its large front disk brakes and rear disk brakes stops the vehicle sooner and enhances safety. Its switches are also placed at very convenient place for easy access without distracting your eyes from road.


1. Styling

2. Acceleration and Pick-up

3. Top Speed


Nothing in specific

Customer Reviews on Bajaj Pulsar 220 Dtsi

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30 August 2013: Today, there are five models of the popular bike series Pulsar in the market and Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is one of them. This model of the bike was launched in the year 2009 and since then, many changes have taken place with most of them in its appearance. The engine of the bike is still the same - powerful and highly aggressive. Though the company has launched another powerful model of Pulsar, nothing has affected the goodwill of Pulsar 220 DTSi. It is one of the most awarded bikes in the country since its inception. When it was launched it was titled as 'the fastest bike of India'. The specifications and features that make it so appreciable and reliable are:
*        220cc, 4-stroke, DTSi, air cooled, single cylinder
*        Telescopic suspension with anti-friction brush at the front
*        5 way adjustable, Nitrox shock absorber at the rear
*        260mm disc brake at the front and 230mm drum brake at the rear
*        15 litres large fuel tank capacity
*        LED tail lamp, sporty split seats and split rear grab rails
*        5-spoke alloy wheels with tubeless tyres

10 April 2012 - Bajaj has officially discontinued the sales of Bajaj Pulsar 220 S. The difference in price between Pulsar 220 DTS-i and Pulsar 220 S was just Rs. 3000 and people usually opted to buy the former version with projected headlights, hence the sales charts of Pulsar 220 S were on a decline. The bike will be withdrawn alltogether from all Bajaj showrooms in India once Pulsar 200 NS hits the roads in later half of the year. The sales of Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i still stand strong. 

Bajaj Motorcycles has been one of the premium and most trusted brands that has rolled on Indian roads since a long time now. Bajaj Motorcycles redefined the Indian Bike market when it launched the first Pulsar ever. It sparked off a race between other bike manufacturers to try and match with Bajaj in the market, but none could come even remotely close to it. So what we see is that even though all the other brands in the market have died out, Pulsar still stays on and captures public attention like none other. This is primarily due to the looks, performance and durability of every bike launched in the Pulsar series and the wide variety of range that is available in the series. Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi is another part of the Pulsar series of bikes manufactured by Bajaj Motorcycles in India. This 220cc bike is a thrill to ride, completely due to its state-of-art 4-stroke, DTS-i, air cooled, single cylinder engine that is a class apart when compared to any other Indian bike manufacturer in the market. Delivering a maximum power of 21.04PS at 8500RPM and a peak torque reading of 19.12Nm at 7000RPM, the engine is fast, smooth and aggressive at the same time. Weighing at just 150kg, the bike has great looks, which is due to all Black styling, Split seats, Vertical stack twin projector headlamps, 3D chiseled logo and a Clip-on handle bar.

Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi has a telescopic suspension with an anti-friction brush in the front wheel, while the back wheel is equipped with a 5 way adjustable, Nitrox shock absorber that does its job supremely well and is a trendsetter. The braking is secure with 260mm and 230mm of disc brakes at the front and rear wheels respectively. With this effective combination, the bike comes to a quick and a swift stop from high speed very easily. The bike is equipped with tubeless tires which mean you don’t face the puncture problem in the middle of very important work and have to drag the bike all the way. With a 15 liter tank and 3.2 liter reserve of which 2.2 liter is usable, it also ensures fuel supply on long distances. A 12V Full DC headlight is present that switches on without requiring the engine to start and with lamps of 55 watts, illumination in a dark road at night is never a problem. 

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