Yamaha Ray 113
as as on Jan 29, 2015
3 / 5
(14 Ratings)
Lowest Price
Displacement 113 cc
Engine type Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, SOHC,2-Valve, Single Cylinder
Maximum Power 7 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Stroke 57.8 mm
Fuel Economy 52 Kmpl
Wheel base 1270 mm

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Expert Review of Yamaha Ray 113

Yamaha Ray 113 Price
3 / 5 14 ratings
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Overall Review

14th September 2012 observed the Japanese Motor Company YAMAHA launching a new range of scooters named “RAY”. The event took place in Novotel Hotel in Hyderabad and was remarked by the presence of Roy Kurian, NBH, India Yamaha Motor, Hiroyuki Yanagi, CEO, Yamaha Motor Corporation and Deepika Padukone, Brand Ambassador for Ray. At a press conference in July 2012, Yamaha talked about its new range of scooters- ‘Ray’, and in Auto Expo the world got a closer look at the upcoming range of gearless scooters by Yamaha. At the Auto Expo, it was unveiled by none other than John Abraham. It is the first scooter unveiled in India by Yamaha. These range of scooters are mainly targeted towards young college goers, mainly because of their sparkling bright colors and vivid design. Ray 113 is equipped with a 113cc engine. Ending the long wait of Indian female riders, Ray 113 has made a huge impact on Indian Scooter market. Within two weeks of its launch, 6000 units were booked and Yamaha hopes to sell around 45000 units by the end of this year. It surely did bring about some sensation in the Indian market and warned other manufacturers the threat that Yamaha possesses.      

Mileage and Fuel Economy

The company claims a mileage of around 45 kilometers per liter within city and a mileage of 62.1 kilometers per liter in highway driving. Seeing past records of Yamaha, it can be easily said that as promised, the scooter will give a mileage of 40-45 kmpl within city and as high as 50-52 kmpl during highway ride. Possessing this much high mileage, it is surely a strong competitor to other scooters in this segment. The fuel tank capacity of Ray 113 is 5 liter, which is at par with other scooters of this range.  


Ray 113 is available in six different colors. Mainly targeted at female drivers, the colors are mostly bright and sparkling. Purple Pastel colored Ray 113 caught the eye women during Auto Expo, and since then it is quite popular among women. Different shades available of Ray 113 are: ·      Purple Pastel ·      Shining Blue ·      Plush Pink ·      Burgundy Bliss ·      Grey Grandeur ·      Black Star    

Acceleration and Pick up

Although not as powerful as its other 125cc rivals, it can be relatively responsive and nippy due to its lightweight. As claimed by company, it reaches 0-60 kmph in 12 seconds, which is definitely not bad for a 113cc gearless vehicle. The top speed of this charming scooter is 85kmph.  


The fresh and innovative style of this gorgeous vehicle is the one to look out for. The sophisticated design, combined with absolute dynamism in perfect proportion is very well appreciated by one and all. The sharp curves and edges mixed with aggressive bold lines make it something that was previously not present in the market. The body is painted with feminine colors, keeping in mind its aim of attracting female riders between the age of 16 and 24. This gearless vehicle is very friendly for women and even the seat is designed in such a way that the legs can easily reach the ground. It is also equipped with a bright and dynamic but a feminine headlight, and a dashing tail light. Ray 113 does not offer a digital speedometer, but the analog speedometer is visually appealing. It has a low fuel, low oil, and low battery indicator. Also, the storage space offered by the maiden Yamaha scooter is quite impressive. It offers more than 20 liters of storage space, enough to carry a bag or a helmet.    

Comfort Feature

Yamaha has always been a Motor Manufacturer that offers ample of comfort to its riders, and the Ray 113 is no different. The seats are well proportioned and spacious, both for driver as well as pillion. Also, there is enough space for keeping foot, in short, for long distances, it won’t be a bad choice.    


The dimensions of the not so muscular scooter is- 1835 mm x 675 mm x 1075 mm.The seat height is maintained at 760mm, which is specially made so as to facilitate ease for women. The scooter is quite light as compared to other scooters in this segment, and weighs only 104 kg. Ground clearance is also quite impressive, and is well suited for Indian roads, it is 128mm.  


The vehicle is powered by a 113cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine. The 2-valve single cylinder engine claims a power output of 7 bhp at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.1 Nm at 5500 rpm. Although not as powerful as its 125cc rivals, yet it is adequate for the female riders it is made for. Also, the transmission type of this non-geared vehicle is V-belt automatic type.  


Ray 113 carries 90/100-10 53J tubeless tires. It supports 10-inch wide tires both at the front as well as the rear. These wide tubeless tires are far more puncture resistant than the standard tubed tires in the previous models. The wheelbase is 1270 mm, which is quite appreciable for a scooter of this segment.  


Ray 113 offers telescopic fork front suspension and unit swing rear suspension, which is quite similar to the other scooters of this range. But Yamaha have always provided us vehicles with great, well-built suspension, and Ray 113 does not disappoint anyone.    

Handling and Control

Yamaha bikes are well known for their smooth, easy ride with great suspension, and so is the case with our elegant chassis. The lightweight scooter flows through the traffic like a mermaid. Easy to handle, it nips through the city without any problem. The swift motion of the ‘Ray’ is something to look out for. The only problem I find in this is that it does not have a disc brake. There is only a single variant of Ray 113 available, and it has drum brakes, both in the front and the rear wheel.  


·      Attractive design and charming colors ·      Nice handling ·      Price quotient is impressive ·      Suit the needs of modern female drivers ·      Good mileage    


·      No disc brakes ·      Not as powerful as other scooters of its segment  

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