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View Scooters in India. Total 38 Scooter Bikes available in India online. Scooter Bikes are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.34,422. The lowest price model is Bajaj Kristal Dtsi. Most popular Scooter Bikes is Honda Aviator Deluxe priced at Rs. 56,215. The current top scooters in India are Honda Aviator Deluxe, Honda Aviator STD, Yamaha Jogr 50, Suzuki Swish 125, Suzuki Access 125cc. The online price was last updated on 01 Oct, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. A scooter is basically a motorbike with a step-through frame. Scooters have a mention since as early as 1914. Its claim can be essentially laid by Vespa. The scooters during this time were brought with a displacement of 50 cc going max till 250 cc generally, designed with a low seat, small tyres, a low floorboard, with a kick start. The major evolution and popularity of scooters was seen post the Second World War, 1945. Piaggio Vespa yet was the only one to cater to those who wanted scooters, however, by 1947, Vespa found a competition in Innocenti Lambretta. When to get to talk of scooters in India, Bajaj Auto started the game in India in 1972, the legendary Bajaj Chetak, the ever-smart Bajaj Priya, the superb Bajaj Super, the solid Bajaj Legend, all taking the basics from Vespa Sprint, and then ultimately being discontinued in 2009. Vespa is not a scooter manufacturer but a trend, a legend. It came in India in 1983 merging with LML, bringing in the P series of scooters; however the joint venture came to an end in 1999, when we last saw Piaggio scooters. Though, Piaggio Vespa made a comeback in 2012, once again bringing yet another trend of riding two wheelers. As of now the brands producing scooters in India are Honda, Piaggio, Mahindra, Bajaj, Suzuki, Hero MotoCorp, and TVS.

Popular Scooters in India

For once, scooter bikes were the most popular form of rides. Then bikes took over. But now as said, history is repeating itself. Now scooters are seen more often than bikes. The trend of scooters was started again quite a long time back, the initial few players being Kinetic Honda and TVS Suzuki. Kinetic Honda went on to become one of the most popular scooter bikes in India among women, however, men were not much interested in these scooters. After the break- up of the merger between Kinetic and Honda, Honda rushed to bring Honda Aciva, which till date is the most loved and popular scooter bike in India. At the same time, a particular age of people, the young generation, were smitten by TVS Scooty. Soon, Suzuki and Yamaha were to join the bandwagon. Howsoever, with the current generation of scooter riders in India, the most favored one is Honda Aviator Deluxe. Other popular scooter bike in India are Honda Aviator Deluxe, Honda Aviator STD, Yamaha Jogr 50, Suzuki Swish 125, Suzuki Access 125cc. Another scooter that cannot be missed is Piaggio Vespa, which was very recently launched and is more of a life style scooter bike rather than a utility vehicle. It has won fans all over the country amid those among this segment.

Expensive Scooter Bikes

Most of the scooter bike manufacturers do not as such prefer to overprice their products, to remain in the market and face the tough competition. The list of scooters that are being taken as the expensive is not much long; The current most expensive scooter bike is Piaggio Vespa Elegante, costing Rs. 78,999.

Cheap Scooter Bikes

With the sudden resurgence of scooters in the market because of the consumers, of all genders and ages opting for cheap scooter bikes for the ease of ride ability, all the scooter manufacturers in India are vying to win the complete market share. Here's a list of the cheapest scooter bikes in India. The cheapest for now is Bajaj Kristal Dtsi at Rs. Rs.34,422.

Top 5 Scooters in India

Once upon a time “Humara Bajaj” was the best scooter bike in India. More preferred than what the tough guys prefered, Yamaha RX100, was Bajaj Chetak and Bajaj Priya in India. However, Bajaj has stopped the production of both the “apna” Bajaj, and has come up with fresh designs and technology, though, not to deny there many with better or worse designs and technologies. Many companies bring fresh models, others bring revamped versions. To rate the scooter bikes as per their performance, here is a list of top 5 scooter bikes in India. Honda Aviator Deluxe tops the charts with its popularity and performance amongst all other scooter bikes in India. Others in the list are Honda Aviator Deluxe, Honda Aviator STD, Yamaha Jogr 50, Suzuki Swish 125, Suzuki Access 125cc. Some of the upcoming scooter bikes in India have also gained quite muc of popularity. Topping the charts from the current list of top upcoming scooter bikes is {upcoming_model}. ....view more
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