Suzuki Swish 125
as as on Jan 25, 2015
2 / 5
(9 Ratings)
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Model name suzuki swish
Displacement 124 cc
Engine type 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, OHC
Maximum Power 8.6 bhp @ 7000rpm
Stroke 55mm
Fuel Economy 57 Kmpl

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Expert Review of Suzuki Swish 125

Suzuki Swish 125 Price
2 / 5 9 ratings
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Overall Review

Suzuki has been welcomed with another gearless gearless scooter in the trendy scooterette segment Indian two wheeler market. The newbie is a modernized version of the current scooter, Suzuki Access 125, and christened Suzuki Swish 125. Both the scooters have engines with displacement measuring close to 125cc. The company, in order to, increase the number of consumers of their products, has launched these scooters. This scooter has many rivals in the market and some of them are Honda Activa, Honda Aviator, Honda Dio, Yamaha Ray, and many more. This offering by the company, display looks better in the revamped version, with the a beautiful combination of colors that it is made available in. The engine given to this vehicle is a 124cc OHC engine, the maximum power output of which is 8.58 bhp at 7000 rpm. The fuel economy consumption of both the scooterettes is the same as 57kmpl. The machine is equipped with a telescopic fork at the front wheel. The wheels of the two-wheeler are strong with built-in rims. The company has more expectations from this scooter as it is a fully revised form of the former scooter, although, many of the features and specifications of this vehicle are similar to the old one.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Suzuki Swish 125 carries the same engine as was in its elder sibling, Suzuki Access 125, and as aper company claims, it can well deliver a mileage of 60kmpl. The mileage given by this vehicle is not as competent as Honda claims for its scooter, but anyhow, delivers a mileage of 57kmpl with ease. The company has embedded a fuel tank with the capacity to carry 6 litres of fuel and the vehicle can easily run a distance of 342 kilometers with its fully loaded fuel tank.


The former Access 125 had an elegant design, but this one has a much more captivating design with an amazing color scheme. There is a good amalgamation of colors with trendy graphics on the body of Suzuki Swish 125 and the colors available are Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Mira Red, Metallic Flint Grey, Pearl Mirage White and Metallic Triton Blue with Glass Sparkle Black. -->

Acceleration and Pick up

As the latter offering by the company, Suzuki Swish 125, is also presented with the same engine and displacement of 124cc, the maximum power generated by the engine is similar to that of the Access. The topmost power created by the engine is 8.58BHP, which is clicked at the acceleration of 7000RPM with the utmost torque value of 9.8Nm clicked at the acceleration of 5000RPM. Even then, the acceleration of Swish is not deemed better than its former, as the latter performs 0 to 60kmph in 7 seconds, while the former was able to do the same in just 6.5 seconds. The top speed mark of both the scooters is around 90kmph.


The appearance of Suzuki Swish 125 is magnetic enough to earn some compliments for its looks, thanks to the classy color scheme given to the scoot. The looks of the scooter is futuristic and trendy in comparison to its sibling. The front panel consisting of the battery and horn is designed with great consideration, the well-rounded edges and yet the sharpness it sports make it look very stylish, the sharp and long indicators on the panel just add onto it. The super smart headlight on the handle gives a better visibility and looks superb from the front. With some alternate changes to make the instrument panel look better, its design has been changed. The instrument panel consists of a speedometer, odometer and the fuel gauge, but no futuristic features like tachometer or digital view. The rear body of the scooter has trendy graphics on it with its name. There is immense room for legs to spread out at the front, with a wide and comfortable single seat which is well cushioned for comfort. The aluminum grab bar looks sporty as well as increases the safety of the pillion rider. The tail light is beautifully designed; the edginess and sharpness given to it could be a total new experience. The tail light has integrated clear lens indicators enhancing the view from the back. The muffler of the machine looks soothing even in black color. The overall design of the scooter is just eye pleasing. -->

Comfort Feature

The broad and soft seat of the scooterette, Suzuki Swish 125, gives a pleasant ride. The telescopic fork equipped at the front, enhances the riding quality by reducing the pressure of the handle. The big under seat storage of the machine enables the rider to carry important things easily. The large leg space at the front makes the rider sit comfortably with the legs placed firmly. The multi-reflector headlight gives a better visibility to the rider. The grab bars are positioned perfectly to make the pillion rider maintain a proper grip on the vehicle and the foot pegs for the back rider been placed a bit distant to ensure he/she stays relaxed. Scooters have a nice grip on them and with a proportionate handlebar, the riders feel relaxed and get a healthy riding position. The big and vibrant tail lamps with integrated indicators keeps itself visible to the traffic at night. The storage space of this scooter is good of 20 liters which can store a full size helmet and other few necessary articles. -->


The dimensions of Suzuki Swish 125 are a bit different from the former. The length and width measurements are the same, 1,780mm and 650mm, respectively, but the latter is taller with its height of 1,140mm, with the kerb weight of the machine standing 110 kg, which is lighter than its sibling. The wheelbase and the minimum ground clearance scored by it are 1,250mm and 160mm, respectively, the seat is 780mm high from the ground, thus making it easy for person of short height as well. -->


Suzuki Swish 125 runs on a 4-stroke, single cylinder, OHC engine with a displacment of 124cc and mated to a continuous variable transmission; the same has been taken from the Access 125. The rider has two choices viz., kick-start and self-start, to turn the engine on. -->


The wheels of the vehicle come strongly built-in with rims. The measurement of tyres are same on both sides, the sizes are 90/100-10 inches. Both these wheels come fitted with the 120mm drum brakes. -->


The suspensions of Suzuki Swish 125 make the journey jerk free, thus all the more enjoyable. The front is equipped with telescopic, coil spring, and oil damped suspension, whereas the rear is equipped with swing arm type, coil spring, and oil damped suspension. -->

Handling and Control

The lightweight scooter is easy going and does not require any effort to ride. The vehicle needs no training to ride; just a pull of throttle and it starts to run. The handling of the two-wheeler is good; the front telescopic fork makes the journey stable by absorbing the harshness of the road. The not-so-broad wheels are something that the rider would be concerned, as it would be difficult to take sharp turns on this vehicle. -->


Stylish appearance, fine engine, lightweight. -->


Low mileage delivery, narrow tyres, braking system is not up to the mark. -->

Suzuki Swish 125 Comments