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Piaggio Vespa Lx 125
3 / 5
(49 Ratings)
Lowest Price
Model name piaggio vespa lx
Starting Electric and kick starter
Engine type 4 Stroke, 3 Valve, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Displacement 125 cc
Maximum Power 10.5 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Stroke 48

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Expert Review of Piaggio Vespa Lx 125

Piaggio Vespa Lx 125 Price
3 / 5 49 ratings
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Overall Review

Times have changed, so have the choices, and so have the people. Ask your grandparents, and they would disgustingly shake their heads with a sadness in their eyes. Well, with all the changes happening, there is still something that has remained the same since that era till now. Our very own Piaggio Vespa LX 125. Back then it came with a partnership with LML, now it comes on its own. However, it is in no manner a utility vehicle, rather its a style statement, a fashion! This beautiful little scoot is not just beautiful on the outside. The saying “Great things come in small packages” holds true with this scooter. It will easily stride through all terrains. This 125 cc scooter can easily can reach 80 km in a while. With the comeback, the company has given just the right looks to the two-wheeler and the riding experience is the best as on Indian roads.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

With fuel now being the most important thing to consider, fuel efficiency is something that if a vehicle does not provide good, it won't go down with the consumers. Piaggio Vespa LX 125 is one such scooter that would be easily accepted on the basis of mileage and fuel economy. Piaggio's claim of 60 kmpL sits exactly right with those who are much concerned about the fuel economy. While in the city, the scooter can well zip through at a speed of 50-60kmph. To make the readers sure, the ride even in the city would be as smooth as you can expect it to be. However, the company itself has clearly told its consumers that the scoot is not a performance machine, so in no ways will it be safe to make it reach 80 km!


Talk of colors and Piaggio shows it all! If you can make all colored Vespa scooters together, you would see a rainbow on the earth, that's the kind of brightness that Piaggio offers. The colors like orange, silver, yellow, red, blue can easily make one smile broad.

Acceleration and Pick up

Piaggio Vespa LX 125 reaches a 60 km speed in just a few seconds, which is highly impressive for a 125cc scooter, though crossing 80 kmph is not much advisable for this scooter. The carburetted 4-stroke, single cylinder, 3-valve air-cooled engine 10.6 Nm of maximum torque at 6000rpm, this allows a quick and superior pick up and thus better acceleration.


For appearance, this scooter brings a splash of colors on the road full of boredom. It has been given the classic look of Audrey Hepburn times. The front is well rounded on the edges, with the front lamp guarded by chrome ring. To complement this look are the rear-view mirrors the gleam with chrome proudly crowning the shining handlebar. The mudguard has been given no edges but is well-rounded, with sharp, smooth covering for the rear wheel. Of all the smiling features of this two wheeler, what attracts all the more is are oozing out body panels on the rear end, which has been chiseled by the indicators been in-built with the structure. 

Comfort Feature

Piaggio Vespa Lx 125 is a live example of “beauty with brains.” Or shall we rather change it to “beauty with smartness” to suit a machine? The seat makes you sit in a position that would never put stress on your back. The comfort it offers is most suited for the city riding, not be forgotten is the situation of our Indian roads. The kind of suspension this scooter gives, it feels as if the Piaggio designed the vehicle to pamper its riders. The body feels extremely light weight standing at 114kg. With a ground clearance of 155mm makes it comfortable and not bumpy even on the pot-holed roads. The self-start scooter comes with a analogue fuel gauge and speedometer. The front gets pass-light, low fuel indicator and low battery indicator as well. There's a more-than-enough large storage box. An easy bag hanger hook sits comfortably below the seat.


Like said earlier, it is a “great thing in small package.” The exact dimensions of Piaggio Vespa LX 125 are 1770mm X 690mm X 1140mm with its belly 155mm above the ground. The two-wheeler is as light as 114kg, making it an extremely light to handle.


The wheels are quite aged, can be well compared to what the earlier Bajaj Chetak had. Alloy wheels at a measurement of 90/100-10 53J are not the ones that suit too well to the entire vehicle.


Suspension in Piaggio Vespa 125 cc is more of pampering. Swift and smooth in a gist. The front gets arm suspension with coil spring and shock absorber with dual effect. The rear suspension comes with coil spring and once again dual effect shock absorber.


        Suspension in Piaggio Vespa 125 cc is more of pampering. Swift and smooth in a gist. The front gets arm suspension with coil spring and shock absorber with dual effect. The rear suspension comes with coil spring and once again dual effect shock absorber.

Handling and Control

Can you expect a better handling and braking? A wheelbase of 1290.00 mm makes it quite a safe ride on Piaggio Vespa 125 LX 125. However, the braking system can be a hindrance. It might take the rider to get used to the tight brakes used in this scoot.


      Best suited for Indian roads. Fuel efficiency, mileage Comfortable seats Easy running Cute looks (if looks are counted as a pros)  


1. Drum brake of 150mm, feels a bit heavy like a brick, braking does slow down the scooter, obviously, but slows it down too slow. If braked harder, the wheels lock up immediately.

Piaggio Vespa Lx 125 Comments