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Canon Camcoders Prices in India 2014

View Canon Camcorders in India. Total 17 Canon Camcorders available in India online. Canon Camcorders are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.1,800. The lowest price model is Canon LEGRIA HF R205 Camcorder. Most popular Canon Camcorders is Canon Professional XL2 Camcorder priced at Rs. 2.02 lakh. The current top Canon Camcorders in India are Canon Professional XL2 Camcorder, Canon Legria HF R28 Camcorder, Canon EF 100-400mm L IS USM Lens, Canon Legria HF M41 Camcorder, Canon Legria HF S30 Camcorder. The online price was last updated on 21 Oct, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Canon is a brand that has made its mark in every possible segment related to cameras, be it the high-end professional cameras, beginner compact cameras, camcorders or anything else, Canon is present everywhere. It has emerged to be a well-known brand to anyone who is familiar with the term camera. The company started its functions with a small laboratory which was set up in a decent apartment room and was primarily focused towards making superior-quality cameras. It was established in 1933 in the Roppongi area in Tokyo. Though the company’s actual growth is measured from the year 1937 which is said to be the year of its birth as the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory was founded then, by Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda. The laboratory was recognized as the workroom of young people, where they took initial steps forward on the way to realising their dream of producing high-quality Japanese cameras. During its beginning years, the company was not proficient enough to produce its own optical glasses, which is why the first of its cameras were paired with Nikkor lenses from the Nikon Corporation (or the then-known Nippon Kogaku K.K.). After continuous hard work and a long wait for success, the organization was lately named as Kwanon, after the Buddhist goddess of mercy. In the year 1935, Hansa Canon made its debut in the camera market, though it was a copy of Leica’s design but was Japan’s first 35mm focal-plane shutter camera and that was the time when the name Canon came to the world. Few years later, sometime in 1940, the company came up with Japan’s first indirect X-ray camera and soon in 1947, it changed its name to Canon Camera Co., Inc. Taking its operations to an international level, Canon set up its first international branch office in New York City in the year 1955 and was later followed by setting up of a sole European Distributor in 1957 in Geneva, Switzerland which was named Canon Europa. The very next year, company brought out the field zoom lens, used for television broadcasting following which it introduced the Canonflex and Reflex Zoom 8 which was regarded as the world’s first movie camera to incorporate a zoom lens. This started an era of launches of new Canon products in every 1-2 years with Canon 7, a Rangefinder camera by Canon launched in 1961 followed by the introduction of Canola 130 which was the first Japanese built 10-key calculator and posed to be a great improvement over the British electronic calculator, launched 2 years earlier and came with a Sumlock Anita Mark 8 unit. In 1965, the company came up with Canon Pellix, single lens reflex camera which was coupled with a semi-transparent stationary mirror and because of the diversification of the product line of the Canon, it changed its name to Canon Inc. in 1969. In 1971, Canon F-1 was brought out to the market for the first time, which was the top notch SLR camera along with the FD lens range. Later in 1976, the company brought out AE-1 which is till date recognized as the world’s first SLR camera to come with a built-in microcomputer. During the period 1979 to 1985, the company came up with many different types of printers with finally an introduction of BJ-80, the world’s first inkjet printer to use bubble jet technology. Canon introduced the EOS 5 in 1992 which became the first camera to have an eye-controlled AF and the company’s first digital camera, the PowerShot 600 while in 1995, it introduced an SLR lens with internal image stabilization. With just a brief also, it is evident that the not only efforts and time, but a lot of brainstorming for innovation has also gone into the journey, started from being the Kwanon of 1933 to become the Canon of today, to moving from the then highly acclaimed Hansa Canon to today’s famous Canon Professional XL2 Camcorder, which happens to be one of the most popular Canon camcorders. A camcorder, or as it was earlier called a video camera recorder, is basically an electronic device,combining a video camera and a video recorder into one single unit and are made majorly for the home consumer video recording. Nowadays almost all the type of cameras are able to record videos including camera phones, digital cameras, etc., but still the word 'camcorder' is restricted to a portable digital device which has video capturing and video recording as its main functions. Video cameras were initially made for television broadcast and were very large and heavy. These type of cameras came with a special pedestal mounting and were wired to remote recorders located in separate rooms. With the advancements in technology, even the out-of-studio video recording became a reality by using a compact video camera along with a portable video recorder. Though the camera was pretty compact but the need to carry along a separate recording unit to the shooting location, made the work a bit complicated and eventually made it a two-person job. In the year 1982, there came the Betacam system by Sony and the main feature of this system was the presence of single camera-recorder which in turn eliminated the need to use a cable between the camera and recorder and hugely reducing the burden of camera operator while improving his freedom. The system used the same cassette format (0.5 inches or 1.3 centimetres tape) which was found in the Betamax but the its time of running was faster which not only made it reliable but also enhanced its quality. It all just started an era of innovation and revolution from Sony coming up with first camcorder for general consumer to JVC releasing the first camcorder based on the compact VHS-C format, from Sony’s own compact video cassette format to shoulder mount camcorders, this period saw many firsts. The year 1992 showed the first camcorder with a color LCD screen from SHARP and then in 1995, Panasonic and Sony introduced the first digital video cameras. In today's time, camcorders have reached to a different height and HDV camcorders are the latest trend in the market. Many of these camcorders also use the same MiniDV tapes which were very common in earlier generation devices while others today even use internal memory. Though the HDV camcorders technology seems to be very advanced but with continuous upgradations in the technology, advancements are being still made and now the camcorders with Blu-ray and 3D are the trending devices. While focusing specifically on India, though the company is not so old for the Indian market being incorporated in 1997 as the Canon India Pvt. Ltd. which is a fully owned subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. but even in a short span it has been successful in capturing the Indian camera market. From then, till now, the company has covered a long journey and now has its offices in more than 10 cities of India with an employee count of over 1000 people. The company offers more than 140 range of stylish yet durable digital imaging products in the Indian market which include likes of digital copiers, digital cameras, digital camcorders, card printers, cable ID printers, etc. To be a part of the retail segment, the company took a grand step with the launch of its exclusive brand retail store, called the 'Canon Image Square' and later in 2011 it inaugurated 50 such stores. In the same year, it was also ranked as one of the top 25 Best Employers in India by Aon Hewitt. In India, the company not only delivers quality but also believes in maintaining quality in every respect and takes the responsibility to dispose the end of life Canon products by sending them to government approved recycling agency. With the belief of enhancing the digital experience for its consumers, it opened the Canon Image Lounge in Gurgaon in 2008, where customers can get to know more about the Canon products and can even try their hands at them. The lounges have a complete display of Canon’s wide range of products and exhibits more than 100 imaging products for consumers to just experience them without any obligation to buy. To ease out the consumers work on researching, comparing prices and features, etc., Canon and other online retailers provide the option for online shopping which means that one can now at the comfort of their home, shop online Canon camcorders available in India.

Popular Canon Camcorder

Despite the presence of so many different types of cameras online like the digital cameras, SLRs, DSLRs or the movie cameras, Canon camcorders are blessed with an altogether different popularity. These cameras are so much in demand basicaly because of the quality they deliver. Still cameras are good and nowadays they are very much capable of recording a video too, but the output from a device which is specifically meant for video recording cannot be competed by the videos captured by a digital camera. It helps the user to get a hold of their memories with perfect picture, sound and what not which one cannot find in still shots. Now-a-days camcorders are made on a very compact format making them small and light in weight which enables the user to carry it in long journeys and even make them easy to be operated by single hand for the usual home videos. Among the many camcorders available in India, the most popular Canon camcorder is the Canon Professional XL2 Camcorder.

Expensive Canon Camcorder

Camcorders have gone through a long way of evolution and that is the reason why they are available in different shapes and sizes with a variety of price tags too. It is the features and other specifications that make a camcorder expensive or not. In an expensive camcorder, usual features to be found are hard drive and flash drive, more CCD (charge-couple-device) which determines the brightness and the video quality, manual features like manual focus ring, etc. All these features and characteristics together make the camcorder to be a high-end professional device along with adding to its price tag. The Canon Professional XH G1S Camcorder is one of the expensive Canon camcorders available online in India at a price of Rs. 4.13 lakh, which when compared to other Canon camcorders seems pretty expensive but with the features that it comes imbibed with, makes it worth all.

Cheap Canon Camcorder

When the word cheap is combined with Canon, it is undoubtedly a fact that one cannot expect anything other than price to be less. Digital video is though not at all cheap, but with recent technological advancements and slashing down of price of technology, camcorders have come down to a price at which they are in reach of home video makers at an affordable sum. Canon LEGRIA HF R205 Camcorder is one among the low priced Canon camcorders available online in India at just Rs.1,800. These type of camcorders offer fewer features, usually have only one CCD (charge-couple-device) and are the basic point and shoot types.

Top 5 Canon Camcorder

Canon has always been the favorite of camera enthusiasts and with so many other brands in the market, it is surely very difficult to survive but Canon has done this job commendably. Canon photography equipments have been choice of people from quite a long time, mainly because of their durability and best in class features. Some of the all time favorite top 5 Canon camcorders are: Canon Professional XL2 Camcorder, Canon Legria HF R28 Camcorder, Canon EF 100-400mm L IS USM Lens, Canon Legria HF M41 Camcorder, Canon Legria HF S30 Camcorder.

Latest Canon Camcorder

Canon has always been a technological leader, innovation imbibed in each of its new product. And, not only this but the company puts utmost care in upgrading its existing product line on a regular basis. It makes sure that each of its consumer should eagerly wait for the new launches to see what the company has brought to them now and it never fails in pleasantly surprising its customers every time it queues up a launch. And keeping up with the consumer’s expectations this time also, the company recently brought out the Canon VIXIA HF R50, which is one of the latest Canon camcorders available online in India, full of technologies, and is sure to give tough time to its big time competitors like Nikon, Sony, etc. ....view more
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