Canon Digital Camera Prices in India 2014

Canon is one of those brands that very well known to everyone who is familiar with the term camera. Be it the high-end professional cameras, beginner compact cameras, camcorders or anything else, Canon has a made its mark in every possible segment. The company started with a small laboratory which was set up in a decent apartment room and was focused towards making superior-quality cameras. It was set up in 1933 in the Roppongi area in Tokyo. Though the company’s actual birth can be said to be in the year 1937 with the founding of Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory by Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda. The laboratory was the room of young people, where they began working on realising their dreams of producing high-quality Japanese camera; such was the beginning of Canon. In the early years, the company was not capable enough of producing its own optical glasses and the first of cameras were combined with Nikkor lenses from the Nikon Corporation (or the then-known Nippon Kogaku K.K.). After the prolonged hard work and much striving for success, the association was named after the Buddhist goddess of mercy as Kwanon. In 1935, there came Hansa Canon which was though a copy of Leica’s design but was Japan’s first 35mm focal-plane shutter camera and then the name Canon came in the frame. After a few years, in 1940 the company brought out Japan’s first indirect X-ray camera and later in 1947, changed its name to Canon Camera Co., Inc. In the year 1955, Canon started its operations globally and set up its first international branch office in New York City. Following which, the company also set up a sole European Distributor named Canon Europa in Geneva, Switzerland in 1957. The very next year, it came up with field zoom lens, used for television broadcasting following which it introduced the Canonflex and Reflex Zoom 8 which was the world’s first movie camera to incorporate a zoom lens. From there on started the launch of new Canon products every 1-2 years with Canon 7, a Rangefinder camera by Canon launched in 1961 followed by the introduction of Canola 130 which was the first Japanese built 10-key calculator and posed to be a huge improvement over the British electronic calculator, launched 2 years earlier and came with a Sumlock Anita Mark 8 unit. In 1965, the company came up with Canon Pellix, single lens reflex camera which which was coupled with a semi-transparent stationary mirror and because of the diversification of the product line of the Canon, it changed its name to Canon Inc. in 1969. In 1971, there came Canon F-1 which was the top notch SLR camera along with the FD lens range later in 1976, the company brought out AE-1 which is till date regarded as the world’s first SLR camera to come with a built-in microcomputer. From the year 1979 to 1985, the company came up with many different types of printers with finally an introduction of BJ-80, the world’s first inkjet printer to use bubble jet technology. Canon introduced the EOS 5 in 1992 which was the first camera to have an eye-controlled AF and the company’s first digital camera, the PowerShot 600 while in 1995, it introduced an SLR lens with internal image stabilization. So, a lot of efforts, innovation and time was taken by the Kwanon of 1933 to become the Canon of 2013, to move from the then most popular Hansa Canon to today’s famous Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Kit 18-55mm Digital Camera Black, which happens to be one of the most popular Canon digital camera. A digital camera, or as it is commonly called digicam, is a camera which while taking videos or still photographs, records them on an electronic image sensor, for example, Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black, Canon PowerShot N100 Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black, etc. It is not only the portable type of cameras that have been digitalized, but this feature has now been made available in almost all kinds of cameras that come in other gadgets as well, like in mobile phones, vehicles, etc. These type of cameras have an optical system, archetypally using a lens that has a variable diaphragm that in turn helps to focus light on an image pickup device. And, unlike the film cameras, these cameras can preview the images on a screen at the very moment and even allows to store as well as delete images from memory. Kodak Digital Camera, which was launched in 1975, marked the beginning of a new era of revolutionary cameras; now it has been more than 35 years and this segment of cameras has seen a lot of upgrades and innovations. But, a true digital camera can only be attached to the Fujix DS-1P which was launched in 1989 and came with a resolution of 0.4MP followed by the Dycam Model 1 in 1990 with a resolution of 376 x 240 pixels at 0.09MP. With the beginning of 1997, the booming camera market witnessed another upgradation with the usage of 3.5 inch floppy disks and miniature CD-R discs for storing photos in the cameras with the launch of Sony Digital Mavica FD5 and Sony Mavica CD1000, respectively. Now, it was Canon’s turn to show off its potential and in 2000 the company redefined the concept of digital cameras, bringing out them in smaller sizes along with higher resolutions with the introduction of Canon PowerShot S100 Digital ELPH. And till the date, the improving technology can be witnessed with moving from Contax N Digital which was the first camera to come with a 35mm full frame CCD sensor to the present fully featured point and shoot digital cameras that are capable of shooting 3D photographs and video. While talking specifically about India, the company is not so old for the Indian market being incorporated in 1997 as the Canon India Pvt. Ltd. which is a fully owned subsidiary of Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd. From then on, the company has come a long way and now has its offices in more than 10 cities of India with an employee count of over 1000 people. The company offers more than 140 range of classy digital imaging products in the Indian market which include likes of digital copiers, digital cameras, digital camcorders, card printers, cable ID printers, etc. The company stepped into the retail segment with the launch of its exclusive brand retail store, called the 'Canon Image Square' and later in 2011 it inaugurated 50 such stores. In the same year, it was also ranked as one of the top 25 Best Employers in India by Aon Hewitt. Also maintain its top position among all the camera manufacturers in India, Canon and other online retailers provide the option of online shopping of Canon digital cameras. With the consumers hardly being able to find out time for researching, comparing prices and features, one can now at the comfort of home shop online Canon digital cameras available in India. In India, the company also takes the responsibility to dispose the end of life Canon products by sending them to government approved recycling agency. As the company says that it believes in enhancing the digital experience for its consumers, it opened the Canon Image Lounge in Gurgaon in 2008, where customers can get to know more about the Canon products and can even try them. The lounges have a complete display of Canon’s wide range of products and exhibits more than 100 imaging products for consumers to just experience them without any obligation to buy.

Popular Canon Digital Cameras

Of all the different types of cameras available online, be it the compact digital cameras, SLRs, DSLRs, camcorders or the movie cameras, the most popular ones are the Canon digital cameras majorly because of the ease of use which comes with them. SLRs and DSLRs are good for those who are acquainted with photography skills or take it very seriously, but digital cameras solve the basic purpose of photography of keeping safe the memories by capturing them in a camera and if a person is good with photography, then they can show their creativity with these cameras also. So, basically a digital camera is not only for beginners but also for other photography enthusiasts as it is compact and very easy to carry in long journeys as well as casual hangouts. Among the many digital cameras available in India, the most popular Canon digital camera is the Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Kit 18-55mm Digital Camera Black.

Expensive Canon Digital Cameras

In earlier times, expensive was the term related with cameras as at that time, there were not many brands making cameras and possessing a camera was considered not less than a luxury but now an expensive camera means that it is best of its class and comes with some top notch features. These type of cameras no doubt are a bit heavy on the pockets but when you see the results, you will feel the worth of every penny spent on it. The Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black is one of the expensive Canon digital cameras available online in India at a price of Rs. 51,699, which when compared to other Canon digital cameras seems pretty expensive but with the features that the camera comes imbibed with.

Cheap Canon Digital Cameras

When the word cheap is combined with Canon, it is undoubtedly a fact that one cannot expect anything other than price to be less. Cheap here does not mean that Canon has sacrificed with the quality of its product, all it means is the company’s consistent effort to bring out an economical device with some standard features for the beginners to start clicking photographs. Canon PowerShot A800 Point & Shoot Digital Camera Grey is one among the low priced Canon cameras available online in India at just Rs.3,380.

Top 5 Canon Digital Cameras

Canon has always been the favorite of camera enthusiasts and with so many other brands in the market, it is surely very difficult to survive but Canon has done this job commendably. Canon cameras have been choice of people from the very beginning, when many brands were not even there. Some of the all time favorite Canon digital cameras are:Canon EOS-M Mirrorless Kit 18-55mm Digital Camera Black, Canon PowerShot SX170 IS Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black, Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black, Canon IXUS 132 Advance Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black, Canon IXUS 510 HS Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black.

Latest Canon Digital Cameras

Canon has always been up to date with regular upgrades to its existing product line and continuous innovation with its new products. The company makes the consumers wait eagerly for the new launches to see what Canon has in store for them now. And keeping up the consumer’s expectations, the company recently brought out the Canon PowerShot N100 Point & Shoot Digital Camera Black, which is one of the latest Canon digital cameras available online in India, full of technologies, and is sure to give tough time to its big time competitors like Nikon, Sony, etc. ....view more
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