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Automatic Transmission cars Prices in India 2014

View Automatic Transmission cars in India. Total 376 Automatic Transmission Cars available in India online. Automatic Transmission Cars are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.3.77L. The lowest price model is Maruti Alto K10 VXI AGS. Most popular Automatic transmission car is Ford Ecosport 1.5 Ti VCT AT Titanium priced at Rs. 9.29L. The current top Automatic Transmission Cars in India are Ford Ecosport 1.5 Ti VCT AT Titanium, Hyundai Grand i10 AT Sportz, Mahindra Scorpio VlX AT 4WD Airbag, Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT Airbag, Hyundai Grand i10 AT Asta. The online price was last updated on 22 Nov, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Though the first automatic transmission car in India was launched way back in the year 1997, the trend of such cars is catching up in India now. Automatic transmission cars are those cars that would not ask the driver to shift gears manually. Such motor vehicle transmissions have some predefined gear ranges, and would most of the times include parking pawl. Overall, this whole system eases driving in traffic, and specially for women. When the first AT car, Maruti Zen, was launched in India, there hardly were any takers for this. The reason being the price. There was a huge difference in the price of automatic and manual transmission versions of this model. The other reason was AT cars did not prove to be as fuel efficient then. Yet again, what else hugely effected the sales performance of AT cars was the fact that these had only three to four gears only. Also, in between the time of the first launch in India and the recent picking up of AT cars in the Indian automobile market, there were quite a few C segment of sedans were launched with automatic transmission gear system. But the production was soon stopped because it was not received as well. Even till this time AT cars were not as well known in India, however, such cars were seen zooming around in UK and US quite profitably. Recently, the trend picked up in India as well, with quite a few sedans, the basic reason being increasing traffic and rise in the number of female drivers. Also, current generation of automatic transmission cars have been given quite a reasonable price tag. And now there are many automatic transmission hatchbacks in India as well. And now that many people have started driving automatic transmission cars in India, they find it tough to get back to manual transmission cars. This particular makes the automotive market connoisseurs feel safe to believe that AT cars would gradually compete directly with manual transmission cars.

Popular Automatic Transmission Cars

Automatic transmission cars in India have niche market, be it in case of sedans or hatchbacks. With car manufacturers bent of providing the best to all its consumers, automatic transmission cars have developed a lot, which has made many AT cars favourite amongst many. Below listed are few of the top most popular automatic transmission cars: Ford Ecosport 1.5 Ti VCT AT Titanium, Hyundai Grand i10 AT Sportz, Mahindra Scorpio VlX AT 4WD Airbag, Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT Airbag, Hyundai Grand i10 AT Asta.

Expensive Automatic Transmission Cars

When the discussion is about automatic transmission cars in India, with the current lot of such cars it is accepted that these have to be expensive than the manual transmission variants. Even though these are expensive, the upward going trend cannot be ignored. The most expensive automatic transmission car available in India is Koenigsegg Agera 5.0 V8 available for Rs. 12.50Cr.

Cheap Automatic transmission Cars

If we check the automatic transmission car prices available online in India, it will be noted that “cheap” or “inexpensive” is a term that cannot be associated with AT cars. However, we tried sorting out the lowest priced automatic transmission cars in India and have Maruti Alto K10 VXI AGS available for Rs.3.77L cheapest automatic transmission car.

Top 5 Automatic Transmission Cars

The top 5 list of products at PriceDekho will always include the best of the lot, which we select on the basis of price, features, specifications, chassis, customer feedbacks, etc. The top 5 automatic transmission cars that we have listed below are best not just specification-wise, but also price-wise. These happen to be the best buys among all the automatic transmission cars available in India:Ford Ecosport 1.5 Ti VCT AT Titanium, Hyundai Grand i10 AT Sportz, Mahindra Scorpio VlX AT 4WD Airbag, Mahindra Scorpio VLX AT Airbag, Hyundai Grand i10 AT Asta.

Latest Automatic transmission Cars

Now that AT cars are seeing a rising trend, most of the car manufacturers, international or Indian, have shifted a small percentage of their focus to this segment and launch AT version of many of their variants as well. The latest automatic transmission car in India is the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG.

Upcoming Automatic transmission Cars

Though, manual transmission cars are still the most-wanted ones, but the current craze for automatic transmission cars is seeing an ever high increase. Enthusiasts in India have now started opting for AT cars, even though these come quite expensive than manual transmission cars, the maintenance of AT cars cost more, give lower fuel efficiency, for the sake of AT cars being lot more easier to handle, increasing purchasing power of Indian consumers, lowering automatic transmission car prices in India, and the latest technologies being used. With this ever-growing craze for AT cars, car manufacturers have huge plans for this segment of cars. The highly awaited upcoming automatic transmission cars in India is the {upcoming_model}. ....view more
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