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Maruti Ritz VXi (ABS)
5 / 5
(1 Ratings)
Lowest Price
Air Conditioner Standard
Motor Type Hatchback
Urban Avg 14.7
Steering Type Power
Seating Capacity 5
Maximum Speed 164km/hr

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Expert Review of Maruti Ritz VXi (ABS)

Maruti Ritz VXi (ABS) Price
5 / 5 1 ratings
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Overall Review

Maruti Suzuki Ritz, another tall boy design from the stables of Maruti, the appearance of which, a few like while others don’t. The highlight of the car however is the K-series engine which powers the car. Under the hood, Maruti Ritz VXi ABS has a 1.2-litre 4 cylinder petrol engine which delivers a maximum power of close to 83.8bhp at 6000rpm and a maximum torque of 113Nm at 4500rpm. The drivetrain is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.The other in the segment which are a competition for Maruti Ritz, besides its own elder sibling Maruti Swift, are Ford Figo, Hyundai i20, Chevrolet Beat and Nissan Micra etc. All the others named here have a similar sized engine with Ford Figo with a 1.2-litre Duratec petrol engine, Hyundai i20 with a 1.2-litre Kappa dual VTVT petrol engine and Beat with an 1199cc S-TEC II engine etc. Figo is rated at 70bhp at 6250rpm, i20 at 82.9bhp at 6000rpm and Beat at 79bhp at 6200rpm, making the Ritz VXi ABS quite a powerful vehicle in the segment. All the cars deliver a decent mileage, which is what is expected out of this segment car. Maruti Ritz VXi ABS returns a mileage of 17.7kmpl on highways and 14.7kmpl on city roads, whereas Ford Figo returns a mileage of 12.3kmpl in the city and 15.6kmpl on highways, Hyundai i20 returns 13.3kmpl on city streets and 18.5kmpl on highways. Chevrolet Beat petrol is capable of giving a mileage of 15.31kmpl during city drives and 18.61kmpl on highways.Ritz is one of the tall boy design cars which attract a lot of attention in terms of its looks. The car has a unique and a dynamic exterior which like mentioned, a few people fall in love with while others can stand it. The front of the car looks aggressive with the long curved headlights which blend with a long bonnet. The interiors on the other hands are quite simple but roomy and spacious and at the same time offer a lot of comfort. The car with its K-series engine, is quite a joy ride and to top the fun are the features like ABS, a good suspension system and surity of Maruti which it has to offer to the consumers.

Mileage and Fuel Economy

Maruti Ritz VXi ABS with its 1.2-litre K series engine, rated at 83.8bhp at 6000rpm producing a torque of 113Nm at 4500rpm, returns a mileage of 14.7kmpl while zipping through the city and about 17.7kmpl while being driven on highways.


Maruti Ritz VXi ABS comes in six colors which add to the sporty looks of the car. These colors are Midnight Black, Superior White, Silky Silver, Glistening Grey, Racing Green, Fire Brick Red and Blue Blaze. 

Acceleration and Pick up

The 1.2-litre K-Series petrol engine of the Maruti Ritz hatchback in its VXi version helps the car give a very powerful response. The top speed which Maruti Ritz VXi ABS can reach up to is close to 164kmph. Like its elder sibling, Ritz is zippy as well. The hatchback can zip from nothing to a century in about 13.7 seconds, thanks to its aerodynamic design, powertrain and a kerb weight of 1015kgs etc. 


Maruti Ritz is one of the good looking tall boy design car with its steep and large windscreen and sloping roof. The wheel arches give the car necessary bulk and add to the sporty character of the car. The car has a sense of liveliness with its unique front end which comprises of a wide grille area which is divided in two halves, long and large headlights along with well-placed fog lights.  The car has a very youthful design and the colors further enhance the trendiness of the hatchback. The body coloured bumpers, wheel covers, company tinted glass etc. all together add to enhance the features of the exterior of the Maruti Ritz VXi ABS. On the inside, the cabin is rather simple but the styling is very fresh and a good attempt made by Maruti. The materials used inside are of decent quality and the wide large dashboard adds to the uniqueness of the cabin. The steering wheel is light and the best part of the cabin is the uniquely placed gear shift which adds to the sporty stance of the car. The legroom of the car is excellent and since the seats are high, the visibility from the front seats is also good. While reversing however, due to the slanting rear windscreen, there is a slight difficulty. The rear seats as well are very comfortable with a decent amount of legroom and good high seats. 

Comfort Feature

Maruti Ritz VXi ABS has a power steering which helps in easy manoeuvring and it also comes fitted with power windows for both, front and rear window. The air conditioning system in the car is quite effective. The upholstery used in Maruti Ritz VXi, is fabric which is of a decent quality. The seats of the car are quite high and have a good under thigh support which makes the car very comfortable for the passengers.  


  The car is 3715mm in length, 1680mm wide and has a height of 1620mm. The ground clearance of Maruti Ritz VXi is 170mm which gives it an added comfort as it can drive over potholes and uneven roads with quite an ease.  The wheelbase of the car is 2360mm and the kerb weight is 1015kgs. The turning radius of the car is 4.7m which is quite suitable even in most crowded of city streets. The boot space in the car is a little small and stands at a figure of 178-litres. 


  Maruti Ritz VXi ABS is powered by the 1.2-litre K-series petrol engine which delivers a power of 83.8bhp at 6000rpm and produces a maximum torque of 113Nm at 4500rpm. The 4 cylinder, 1197cc engine is capable of delivering a decent mileage of 14.7kmpl in city and 17.7kmpl on the highways. The motor of the car is very refined and responsive although one has to shift gear quite often especially when the speed drops down. But Ritz is as quick as any other car including the sporty hatchback from the Maruti family, Maruti Swift. With the Euro-IV compliant engine, Maruti has made an engine which is much cleaner. The engine is zippy, silent and performance oriented. 


The tall boy Maruti Ritz VXi ABS runs on 165/80 R14 tyres. In this variant alloy wheels are missing but one gets full wheel cover which is also not bad.


  Maruti Swift VXi ABS gets the McPherson Strut and coil spring front suspension system and Torsion beam and coil spring rear suspension system which helps the car drive very smooth on worse possible city roads. The suspension is just right and one doesn’t feel too many jerks and bumps while riding this hatchback from Maruti. 

Handling and Control

  Good suspension system which has been raised a little adds to the comfort levels of the passengers. The steering wheel is comfortable and not jerky infact it feels very precise and light which helps in steering the car effortlessly. The ride is in fact a little better in the Ritz as compared to the sportier Swift, especially due to the high ground clearance and especially tweaked suspension system. Maruti Ritz VXi uses ventilated disc brakes in the front and rear drum brakes along with the option ABS with EBD which helps give a good control over the car even during emergency braking conditions. 


Position of the gear shift, comfortable seats, refined and smooth engine, suspension system


  Frequent gear shifting at lower speeds, a little faulty design structure of the rear windshield which obstructs view while reversing

Maruti Ritz VXi (ABS) Comments