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Total 281 Baby Diaper available in India online. Various Diapers are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.20. The lowest price diaper is Huggies Dry Diaper - Small. Most popular baby diaper is Pampers Diapers - Large priced at Rs. 205. The current top Diapers product in India are Pampers Diapers - Large, Pampers Diaper - Large, Pampers Diapers - Medium, Huggies Pant 44 Pieces, Pampers Active Baby - Medium. The online price was last updated on 15 Sep, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Bringing kids up is no doubt a tough task, however, we help you make it easier. Naturally, babies depend solely on parents’ love, care and a huge amount of attention, which the new parents are more than happy to cater for. With welcoming the beautiful bundle of joy, comes great responsibility too, not only of taking care of the baby, but also to provide for the comfort of the new born baby. The phase, where babies demand most care, is the phase where they have not been potty trained. Diapers play a huge role in making sure that the baby doesn't feel irritated or be prone to any bacteria inflicted rashes due to wet and dirty non-soaking baby pants. Diapers come in various shapes and sizes, which are predominantly determined by the weight and size of the baby. There are extra small diapers for premature babies, small diapers for babies who are 1-6 month old; there are large and extra large diapers for babies who are 6 month-1 year old and above. The variations in sizes help mothers find the perfect diaper for their baby. There are different brands that fulfill diaper needs. All come in good quality and have proper soaking and keeping-dry qualities. Diapers are worn by babies of 3-4 years also, primarily because they suffer from the problem of bedwetting too. Diapers have a psychological effect on some babies, where they start to believe that whenever they wear diapers they are being taken outside to roam around, this happens because some parents make their babies wear diapers only when they go out. It is suggested that babies should wear diapers always so that they are dry and safe from rashes at all times. Diapers also save time and give relief to novice mothers as they don't have to check and clean the baby after every five minutes. Also new born babies do not take to water easily at first, and it is recommended by doctors to not expose the baby to external things for as long as possible, here diapers not only act of medical assistance but also the assurance of safety from exposed germs and bacteria. Diapers are also helpful in providing the baby a good night sleep, as babies tend to wake up and start wailing in the middle of the night if they wet their bed or excrete. In turn the use of diaper ensures that both the mother and the baby get a chance to rest properly. Time crunch plays a big spoil sport in shopping properly for the baby as the mother is engaged with the baby all the time which doesn’t allow her to go out and shop. Today you can buy baby diaper easily, it is practically available in every shop in your locality, but to save time and your already exhausted energy, you can shop baby diapers online at, where in you get a lot a of variety of baby diapers to choose from. is a place, where not only you get variety of baby diapers online, but also all your needs of baby care shopping are catered too. offers exciting discounts and offers to make your purchase more profitable to you. Baby diapers to new parents, are like boon which let the baby and the parents just be, and for sometime enjoy their new found togetherness, spend time with each other, rather than fussing over cloth diapers which requires frequent changing. Baby Diapers Baby diapers in India, were not in trend up until the 1990's. When the brand-Huggies baby diapers did its first advertising in the Indian market, then did the people of India came to know of their existence. Earlier, cloth diapers were used in place of the new diapers that are in vogue today. The cloth diapers that were used were not as efficient as the diapers today, they would soak baby urine, alright, but would be wet all the time, plus they had to be tied around the baby, rather than be strapped on like today’s baby diapers. There are many brands at PriceDekho, which offer more comfort than cloth diapers, and are way more hygienic too. The brands on offer have different qualities; one should select them according to the needs of the baby. For instance, we have on offer -Tollyjoy baby diapers, a brand which provides new born baby diapers. We have Farlin baby diapers that specialize in making good quality disposable diapers. On offer are diapers of brands like, Garfield, Magic Baby, sleep dry, Teddy and Wipro baby diapers that provide good quality baby diapers along with good discounts at PriceDekho. Mamy poko pants is another diaper brand we have, that brings out variety of different- easy to use and safe baby diapers, along with the brand pamper. At PriceDekho, we have other good diaper brands like Abracadabra, Avent, Carters, chicco, himalya and sebamed who provide good diapers for babies of every age. Baby Diaper Price   Earlier, the price of diapers in India was very high, so high that parents hardly used to use baby diapers, and instead preferred cloth diapers for the babies. But slowly and steadily, as the prices of diapers declined, it gained popularity amongst new parents to use more hygienic diapers for their baby. The price of baby diapers in India range from below Rs.20 for one packet of Diapers to Rs. 6,871 for one packet of diapers. The mid ranging diapers whose value range from Rs.20 to Rs.500 are good in quality as well as cost effective (The price of a packet of diaper depends on the number of diaper pads in a packet). When you buy diaper of any company, you should essentially keep in mind the need of your baby, some baby need frequent change of diaper, while some babies may do with only one diaper a day. There are light soaking diapers which you can use when the baby is at home, and similarly high soaking diaper when you are going out with the baby, and it would take a long time for you to get an opportunity to take the baby aside for a diaper change. You can carry single baby diaper packet of pampers and keep in handy for the baby at all times. There are times when although you have tens of options to choose diaper you end up with selecting the one you have been using for, since day one, but keep in mind that as your baby grows, so does his or her needs, therefore choose diapers according to babies needs and not for your brand loyalty. From the old times till date, we have witnessed a huge surge in the number of companies who have come up with good quality, diapers. Earlier, diapers were very costly, parents seldom used to buy and use baby diapers, but now when the prices have subsided to reasonable, parents buy cheap baby diapers in bulk, and keep them for future use. Today, you can find a baby diaper brand offering diapers at such low prices that everybody is now capable of buying them for their baby. At PriceDekho, we have several options of cheap baby diapers online on our site, we have discount offers, and combo offers to facilitate shopping for baby diapers India. At PriceDekho, we have listed various diapers which range from the lowest possible price, so that you can buy cheap baby diapers online. When you buy at PriceDekho, you can be assured of getting baby diapers at competitive rates. We have diapers which are priced as low as Rs.20 for Huggies Dry Diaper - Small. Similarly priced diapers are, Huggies Dry Diapers L-5 costing Rs.60, Huggies nappy pads-20 costing Rs.120, Garfield baby diapers L-15 costing Rs.165 and etc. While buying cheap don't go for brands which provide low quality diapers. At PriceDekho, all the diapers listed are of good quality. The cheap baby diapers online on our website are branded and thus, ensure the quality of baby diapers online. ....view more
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