Electric Kettles Prices in India 2014

View Electric Kettle Electric Kettles in India. Total 481 Electric Kettle available in India online. Electric Kettle are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.289. The lowest price model is Baltra BHC-101 Electric Kettle. Most popular Electric Kettle is ELECTRIC KETTLE priced at Rs. 928. The current top Electric Kettle in India are ELECTRIC KETTLE, Crompton Greaves Electric Kettle KS81, Morphy Richards Insta Cook Electric Kettle, Cordless Electric Kettle, Philips HD4608 Electric Kettle. The online price was last updated on 21 Sep, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. The faster the better is now not just an expectation, rather a norm. So why go slow in kitchen! Technological advancement now gives a quick, safe and easy option to boil water. The electric kettle. An electric kettle would have a chassis of plastic or stainless steel. Some of the models now come with automatic deactivation as when water boils completely, a feature which is missing from some of the older ones. It saves lot more time than boiling or heating water on a gas stove or a microwave oven. These kettles make boiling a quick tea just as easy as boiling water. Also, since it comes with a durable and smooth chassis and a rather small size, it looks much presentable, thus can be used in offices as well. This versatile and multipurpose kitchen appliance boils water when electric current is flown through the basal coil inside it. The chassis now generally being made of stainless steel and durable plastic, which does not let the outer body heat up, electric kettles have a long life. Electric kettles come in various sizes and can be bought as per individual requirement. Users can boil water, tea, soup, stew, prepare noodles, etc. without having to check the content again and again since an electric kettle comes with a power indicator that blinks, beeps, and deactivates automatically as and when water boils completely, thus rendering it totally safe. There are many kitchen appliances manufactures that produce electric kettles in various designs, with different designs, and varied prices. To mention a few of manufacturers, there are Singer, Usha, Morphy Richards, Phillips, Prestige, Orpat, Bajaj, etc. Before one buys, one can well research the various electric kettle available online in India. The price of electric kettle varies as per the features and brands available, PriceDekho bring you a complete electric kettle price list to choose from.

Popular Electric Kettles

With its ease of usage, easy maintenance, and easy availability, electric kettles have now become quite popular among the masses. At least one can always be found in every household, more so in offices and hostels or those staying alone. A few of the most popular electric kettles, on the basis of price and usage, are listed as: ELECTRIC KETTLE, Crompton Greaves Electric Kettle KS81, Morphy Richards Insta Cook Electric Kettle, Cordless Electric Kettle, Philips HD4608 Electric Kettle.

Expensive Electric Kettles

Something as simple and basic as an electric kettle should not b expensive. From as many as 481 to shop for online, there hardly is a model to be called expensive. However, if the requirement is to keep an electric kettle at your workplace, one might probably think of the models that would have a rather small frame loaded with the best of features or probably who want an elegant kitchen, such models are to come a bit expensive than others. The Weber One-Touch Premium Black 47 cms Charcoal Grill priced at Rs. 19,646 is one of the expensive Microwave Ovens in India.

Cheap Electric Kettles

When the best of electric kettle models are available at rather cheap prices, does one really need to buy the expensive electric kettles? Most of the inexpensive models of electric kettles serve almost the same purpose as that of expensive electric kettles. However, we would here like to mention that most of the models available for online purchase are rather inexpensive. The cheapest microwave ovens available online in India is Baltra BHC-101 Electric Kettle for Rs.289.

Top 5 Electric Kettles

One of the best way to boil water at your home, in your office or in hostel, is an electric kettle. And not just boiling water, it as well boils tea just as quick and can serve you a hot plate of maggie as well. With it being it a rather safe and easy method to do all this, it has gained high popularity, along with the comfortable price tag that has been rendered to it. However, ranking some to be the best out of the best of products can be tough. Here we present a list of top 5 electric kettles that we thought to be the best among all the electric kettles available online in India: ELECTRIC KETTLE, Crompton Greaves Electric Kettle KS81, Morphy Richards Insta Cook Electric Kettle, Cordless Electric Kettle, Philips HD4608 Electric Kettle.

Latest Electric Kettles

Electric kettles have been one of the most-wanted kitchen appliance since long. The basic technology being used in the latest electric kettles is the same as what was used long time back. However, a few advancements have been made. Sunflame 0.5 Ltr SF-177 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is the latest Microwave Oven available in India. ....view more
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