Induction Cooktop Prices in India 2014

View Induction Cooktop Induction Cooktop in India. Total 544 Induction Cooktop available in India online. Induction Cooktop are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.400. The lowest price model is Praylady Induction Friendly Dutch Cooking Pot. Most popular Induction Cooktop is Bajaj Popular Induction Cooker priced at Rs. 2,290. The current top Induction Cooktop in India are Bajaj Popular Induction Cooker, Philips HD4938 Induction Cook Top, Philips 4938 Induction Cooker, Branded Electric Cooking Hot Plate, Glen GL 3070 Induction Cooker. The online price was last updated on 21 Aug, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. The new age cooking is here! We do not have time, so we have the easiest of all ways to cooking. And these new-age cooking methods are specially being welcomed with the constantly rising prices. And one of the methods to add simplicity to your daily life, along with helping you save a few bucks more out of your monthly wages, is induction cooktop. Induction cooktops are easily available online in India at varying price list. This powerful method to cook, induction cooktops, gives the same taste as a gas burner would; however, it is way cheaper than gas. An induction cooktop would not allow any wastage of heat, would give instant heat, would allow heat control, whereas other electric or gas cooking takes time to heat up, has limited heat control options, thus wasting the heat. With induction cooking can one claim for safe cooking, since there can never be any fire cases, also there would not ever be any gas leaks. Since the glass top of an induction cooktop always remains cool, no more would there be any burnt fingers. What more! With its glass top, it is just as easy to be cleaned. However, any kind of induction cooktop would need some cookware that should be compatible with induction cooking. The first idea of an induction cooktop popped up in mid-1950s, when an image was showcased, though, the idea was never put to work. What can be called as serious efforts for induction cooktops, started in 1970s in USA. The first public appearance of what was then called cool top induction range happened in 1971. These induction range cooktops were well produced till 1975, when the company till now producing induction cooktops was taken over by some other company. Then on, other companies realized the upcoming profit and soon the major kitchen appliances manufacturers started manufacturing induction cooktops as per the requirements of consumers. Induction cooktops price varies as per the features and advanced technology being used on it and the brands. The major brands selling induction cooktops are Morphy Richards, Phillips, Prestige, Crompton Greaves, Bajaj, Glen, Inalsa; few of the lesser known brands for induction cooktops are Kenwood, Westingthouse, Bonfire, Wipro Cuisino, etc.

Popular Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are beaming right now. Many popular induction cooktops are being sold at every local kitchen appliance shop. What exactly is making the induction cooktops increasingly popular are the facts that it has made cooking totally safe and comfortable and less space consuming along with being highly presentable and the ability to seal nutrition in the food being cooked. Cooking with induction cooktop is far more quicker than a gas burner, and now many can claim to be a cooking pro! Below are a few popular induction cooktops available online in India Bajaj Popular Induction Cooker, Philips HD4938 Induction Cook Top, Philips 4938 Induction Cooker, Branded Electric Cooking Hot Plate, Glen GL 3070 Induction Cooker.

Expensive Induction Cooktops

None of the cooktops are overly expensive. Induction cooktops seem to be iPad of kitchen, useful anytime, the usage never letting it to be felt expensive, and just the thing to show off. The most expensive induction cooktops available online in India have been KAFF NQ 900 BG Black Tempered Glass 5 B Built-in Hob is available for Rs. 23,118.

Cheap Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops are pretty cheap to be bought. However, it is not just cheap while purchasing, it proves to be cheaper for regular usage as well. Reports mention that induction cooktops have an efficiency of 84%; while a gas burner spends 55% of energy on cooking, an induction cooktop gives 90%. These overall inexpensive, rather cheap, induction cooktops come cheap in the market as well. Praylady Induction Friendly Dutch Cooking Pot is the most inexpensive at Rs.400.

Latest Induction Cooktops

With the demand of induction cooktops soaring higher than ever, every new days sees a new and the latest induction cooktop. Many kitchen appliances manufacturers have been researching and producing thus, with the latest technology, which has been just announced and is not available in India, is an induction cooktop with heating facility on anywhere on its top, rather than at fixed places like in the current induction cooktops.Crompton Greaves CG-E1-I Induction Cooker is the latest Induction Cooktop available in India. ....view more
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