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Lenovo Laptops Lenovo came into being in 1984 in Beijing, China, as a multinational company for information technology and electronics. The company has headquarters in Beijing, Singapore and North Carolina. Lenovo produces personal computers, tablets, mobile phones, servers, workstations, IT management software, and electronic storage devices. As per 2011 market share, Lenovo was named the second largest PC vendor in the world, just behind Hewlett-Packard. With its ThinkPad line of notebooks and desktops of ThinkCentre line, Lenovo has touched some new heights. Other names from Lenovo are ThinkCentre, Think Server, ThinkStation, IdeaPad, IdeaCentre as its sub-brands. Lenovo Laptop Models in India Lenovo brings three ranges of laptops for its consumers. Essential: this range is for the beginners. These come with in-built features that a new user would need and no more than that, though these have the latest processors and are easily portable. These are built to meet the most basic needs of a laptop user and ends up being highly reliable. The Essential range of laptops comes with three series under it, Series G, enhanced Series G and Series B. Under the Series G, there are laptops like Lenovo G570 (26,990 + Tax), which comes with two options. One comes with Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic, 0.3M camera, 15.6” screen, 2GB RAM and Intel Core i3, and the second one comes with Intel B940, free DOS, 0.3M camera, 15.6” screen, 2GB DDR3. Lenovo G580, a Core i3 laptop, with a screen of 15.6”, Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic, 0.3M MP HD (720p) camera, card reader, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard disc drive. Lenevo enhanced G series start where Lenovo G series left. It comes with many more colors and an elegant beauty at a rather cheap price. The B series are the essential “Essential” laptops that can be used at home and home-office purposes. There are around 10-11 model under this series. Lenovo B560, the costliest of its series, comes with Windows 7 Home Basic and are DOS based too (one of its models), also, it gets both Intel Core i3 and i5 in separate models. Lenovo B460 comes with Windows Home Basic, DOS, Intel Core i3 and i5, 2 GB RAM, 14” HD LED monitor. IdeaPad: is a range of laptops and ultrabooks for home based work and fully optimized for entertainment, comes with enhanced audio and video, and design that is not merely beautiful but also functional. Though can be used for all purposes, but are quite apt for entertainment purposes. Under IdeaPad, Lenovo sells three series of laptops, S series, Z series and U series. S 205 and S 110, which starts as low as Rs. 17,990, are more of everyday use systems, though very sleek and quite high on style quotient. As for Z series, there are five systems selling under it; IdeaPad Z580, with three models, and IdeaPad Z570, with two models. Under the U series of Lenovo ultrabooks are two models, Lenovo U310 and Lenovo U410, both of which come with Intel 3rd generation Core i5, Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic, and 4GB disc drives. ThinkPad: This range of laptops are almost the workstations, call it easily portable desktops. Working as heavy duty workstations, highly reliable, full of speed, and durable beyond belief, these come in real light weights and are the easiest to move around with, meant more for the business purposes. The six series being sold in this range are: T series, Edge, X series, L series, W series, and X series tablets. T series has T420 and T520, both the models coming with epic battries, upmarket processors, 2nd gen Intel Core, HD graphics, 720p HD webcam, keyboard with a technology to reduce noise. Lenovo provides a 9 cell battery for 24 hour of work. Under the Edge series is E430, which comes with a 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor, durable dropdown hinges, longer battery life, 14.0” HD antiglare, 16:9, LED backlit. ThinkPad series has X1, X120e, X220 under it. These are the extra lightweight, with slim design and long battery life. Most Popular Lenovo Laptops Lenovo laptops because of their sturdy nature and long battery life rate among the top when it comes to consumers’ choice. Among all the models, the top five Lenovo laptop list has Lenovo ThinkPad X1 as the top contender, which is currently the most popular laptop. Another one that is much loved among the consumers is Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430.Lenovo IdeaPad Z580, Lenovo G570, Lenovo ThinkPad X220 are the other few to complete the list of toppers among the most popular Lenovo laptops. Lenovo IdeaPad U300 is one which has very recently made its way in the top 10 Lenovo laptops list. Lenovo Laptop Features Battery backup is the foremost important thing while buying a laptop. And next come features. With Lenovo, you get long lasting batteries; many of the systems give 10 hours of battery backup; in fact there are some systems which end more than 30 hours! The Lenovo laptops are so designed that the fan does not have to run too much and thus leads to less power in-take. The system can be pre-set with power setting, like idle time can be increased, DVDs can have power efficient playback, and display can be set with automatic dimming. Power manager helps any kind of power settings. One winner is the feature of battery stretching, which automatically switches off Bluetooth, radio, etc. to squeeze out all the power for those critical moments. With power back up all on its side, Lenovo rests assured, and works on other features like lighting fast boot up, which is 57% faster and a shut down time of 5 seconds. With ThinkVantage technologies boosting up Lenovo laptops, the data stored are way safer than ever, reliable, and easy to manage. Spill resistant keyboard is another of a heart warmer. To make it tougher, there are technologies like roll-cage technology and more yet is shock mounted hard drives. A few of the laptops also feature what we can call “clever technology.” This specially can be related to iPads, which get most of the advanced technologies like capacitive multitouch screen, etc. embedded in Lenovo IdeaPad range of laptops. Quite appreciable is the way features and functions have been muddled together maintaining the low budget. Intel and AMD processors enhance the speed. Sharing videos become easier with DirectShare, internet connections become well manageable with ReadyComm, a utility, added in Essential range. Few laptops win squint-free video chats with the high sense webcams and automatic screen brightness that Lenovo provides in Essential laptops. High definition video and crisp graphics, widescreen LED displays, HDMI ports, etc. make it a highly desirable entertainment laptop. The sleek design, brushed metal final touches, make it hotter than ever. Few models also get ergonomic breathable, AccuType keyboards, and multitouch touchpads. Lenovo Energy Management software is a sure shot winner. Lenovo Laptops Price in India With its wide range of features, Lenovo has laptops for all segments starting from budget to the higher end ones. Lenovo IdeaPad A10, comes for Rs.10,290, which is easily the one of the cheap laptop models from Lenovo; while the highest price laptop of this series could be Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook - (Corei7 3rd Gen / 8GB / 256GB SSD / 14" / Win8 Pro), resting at Rs. 1.66 lakh. From the B series of Lenovo Essential range the lowest priced model is Lenovo B470, which comes with a 14.1” LED HD display, DOS processor, and is tagged at Rs. 22,459. The best and the costliest of this same series is Lenovo B560, which has Windows 7 Home Basic, HD LED display, coming for a mere Rs. 28,990. As for Lenovo IdeaPad range of laptops, there are just two under the S series, with IdeaPad S110 being the lower end at Rs. 17,990 and the other one, though is also a lower end model but stands costlier among the two, is IdeaPad S205 coming at Rs. 19,990. To talk of the Z series of laptops, Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 is the highest priced model sitting high at Rs. 50,990, while the lowest of this series is IdeaPad Z580, which is being sold at Rs. 35,690 + taxes. Of the two models of U series, the higher end model is Lenovo U410, which comes for Rs. 51,990 + taxes; while the lower end model is Lenovo U310, which rests at Rs. 49,890 + taxes. Lenovo ThinkPad range is the business class range and has the costliest of all models. The highest priced T series model is ThinkPad T420, which will feature Windows 7 professional and is Intel Core i7 based, coming for Rs. 86,520 + taxes. Of the Edge series, the lowest price model is ThinkPad Edge E430 which is based on Intel Core i3 while there is no preloaded operating system provided with it which makes it extremely cheap at Rs. 30,222 + taxes, and the highest priced one is ThinkPad Edge E430 which is blessed with Window 7 Professional and based on Intel Core i5, rated at Rs. 47,500 + taxes. Under the X series are three models, of which the lowest priced model is ThinkPad X220, which is DOS based and comes with Intel Core i5 processor and is tagged at Rs. 66,920 + taxes; while the highest rated one is ThinkPad X220, which is blessed with Windows 7 Professional with Intel iCore 7, and comes for Rs. 86,520 + taxes. To talk of L series, the lower end model is Lenovo ThinkPad L412 which is available for Rs. 75,000, with Intel Core i5 processor, Genuine Windows 7 Professional, 14” HD Anti glare, with a resolution of 1366 X 768, 2 GB DDR3 1333 MHz, 160 GB and recordable DVD; while the upper end of this series is ThinkPad L412 with almost the same configurations with the exception of 320 GB. Out of the models available under the W series, the lowest priced is ThinkPad W510, which comes with Intel Core i& processor, with Genuine Windows 7 professional, 15.6” HD anti glare display, dual layered recordable DVD, 3 GB DDR3 SDRAM, priced at Rs. 1,10,000; while the highest priced one is ThinkPad W701, which is being at around Rs. 2,71,250, with specifications like Intel Quad Core Extreme Processor i7, Genuine Windows 7 Professional, a display 17” WUXGA TFT, 1920 X 1200 resolution, 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1066 MHz, 320 GB, recordable DVD. ....view more
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