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LG Electronics has craved a path towards a technologically advanced world for its consumers. Staring in 1958 from South Korea as Goldstar, which at that point of time produced radios, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, etc., merged with Lucky, another Korean company, to form LG. As LG, the company started on productions too. Since then, it has ventured into mobile communications, home entertainment, air conditioning and energy solutions and home appliances. There four also happen to be four major divisions that it works upon. Coming a long since 1958, LG was among the Top 100 Global Brands in 2005 and by 2006 it had accorded a growth of 14 per cent. In fact, one of its concerns, LG Display is the top LCD panel manufacturer of the world, running ahead of Samsung. LG has kept on adding to its products, thus being the world's leader in electronic companies. LG Laptop Models in India The latest LG laptop models have been launched to wow the hearts. LG A530-D Notebook is an exclusively entertainment laptop with a 3D edge to it. The features include LG's full HD Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology, dual 3D webcam for 3D images, 2D images can be converted to 3D using Tridef software. Finer print sensor gives an easy access to the system. LG P430 notebook is another prize winner, with it being lighter than most of its competition. It has a slim LCD in design giving a wider view. Slimmer Bezel in design provides it a super narrow body. LG A520-D is another new addition to LG's range of laptops. This one too comes with FPR, finger print sensor, Auto 2D to 3D conversion and 3D graphics for movies, images and games. It also wins 3D surround speakers and also gives super Internet connection with DLNA. LG S530-K notebook is another feather in the cap. It has been given a crystalline finish. It is one of those laptops which packs many features at quite an affordable rates. LG E530-G is one of the laptops with exceptional styles and extraordinary value. It combines great designs, 2.0 USB, Bluetooth version 3.0 for better transfers. LG ED530-L is another glossy and and hairline finish laptop, the looks of which are enhanced by pebble keyboard with numeric keypad. Most Popular LG Laptops To list out the most popular LG laptops, the first one to be mentioned is LG A530-D. It is one of the entertainment specific laptops, in which LG has imbibed Full HD FPR 3D technology, along with a 3D dual webcam to let you an easy shoot and share of images, videos and chats. It gets Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, and runs on 2nd generation processor. Stylish metal looks combines finger print sensor enhances the overall looks of the laptop. A screen size of 15.6” and 6 cell battery make it a pretty massive one. Next on the list is LG A520-D. It gives vivid, bright images, since it has been enabled with FPR, also it helps against eye stress with SRS 3D wide advanced three times better 3D graphics performance, can automatically convert 2D to 3D. Stylized metal body and finger print sensor are an add-on. It has an quick and easy computing plus a faster processing speed with its 2nd gen processor. Six cell battery and Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium make it one of the most desired laptops. Other best LG laptops are LG P Series P430-G.AE50A2 Notebook Laptop, LG P Series P530-K.AE50A2 Notebook Laptop, LG A Series A520-D.AE50A2 Notebook, LG S525-K-AC50A2 Laptop (Blue, LG S530-K-AC30A2V Laptop Blue. LG Laptop Features The latest feature that has been added to some LG laptops, for example, in A530-D, A520-D, is the 3D touch. It provides better 3D entertainment with full high definition film patterned retarder 3D technology. The webcam also has the 3D feature. This feature also minuses eye fatigue with its SRS 3D advanced, wide, three times better 3D graphics. 2D can be automatically converted to 3D. And also gives 3D surround speakers. Another remarkable feature is the finger print sensor which makes the access to the system lot more easy. Most of the LG laptops now come blessed with Bluetooth version 3.0 to help an easy transfer than what comes with Bluetooth of 2.0 version. Many of the laptops also get Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium. All LG laptops come with a 6 cell battery, with RAM varying uptil 4GB. Generally, the LG laptops have wide and large screens. LG Laptops Price in India The highest price LG laptop is LG A Series A520-D.AE50A2 Notebook, which comes for Rs. 60,750, while the lowest price LG laptop model is LG S530-K-AC30A2V Laptop Blue, priced at an affordable Rs.29,744. Among other low price LG laptops are ED530-L, which is being sold for Rs. 29570; S430-G comes for Rs. 33950; S530-G at Rs. 37100; What can be termed as the expensive ones are S530-K for Rs. 40160; P420-N is available for Rs. 41850; P530-K at Rs. 47750. ....view more
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