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Covering a long distance since 1946 from Japan with two men, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, their passion and hard work of their small team, as Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute has now reached to be called Sony Corporation. During the earliest of its days, the company has focussed on innovation, starting with things like rice cooker, magnetic recorder, to Japan's first transistor radio, to color TV in 1968, to Walkman in 1979, to personal computer in 1982, to Handycam in 1989, to playstation in 1994, to VAIO PC series in 1997, to VAIO Notebook 50 in the same year, to a robotic entertainment pet dog in 199, to the world's smallest and lightest PC running on Windows XP in 2002, to Blu-ray Disc recorder in 2003, to BRAVIA series of LCD televisions with widescreen, to Playstation and world;s first Blu-ray dsic notebook in 2006 to the Xperia series for the latest generation, and what not! Sony has achieved it all. From ultra-mobile lightweight business laptops to powerful desktop replacements there is a VAIO laptop to suit everyone. To talk of laptops, Sony owns the hugely celebrated name Video Audio Integrated Operation, better known as VAIO, and sells many a laptop models under this name. Sony VAIO took it to its hands to bring visual audio features highlighted to the world. VAIO brought with itself laptop machines that could be well suited for those who are gaming freaks, for those who are still into studies, for those who have needs based on their jobs, for those who are too lost n their business. With latest technologies and regular innovations, Sony VAIO brings the best of quality of sound and picture. Quite high in rate charts, and definitely not among the cheap and low priced laptops, these are the style statements for those who buy VAIO laptops plus the smart features and updated specifications. The company also ventured into tablet market in 2011. Sony Laptop Models in India Sony Corporation brings its VAIO laptops under E series, which are probably the cheapest of the lot, S series, T series, Z series, S Series, and C series. VAIO E series: This series comes in three sizes, 11.6 inches, 14 inches, 15.5 inches, with seducing hues and a totally wrap design. Specially designed sound technology by Sony, “xLOUD” and “Clear Phase” provide the highest quality of sound, the unique wrapped around type of design plus the matte black, with burgundy reds around, soft pink, gun metallic, aqua blue colors, soft keyboard and touchpad render a compliment to it. To top it all is the long battery life. SVE14A15FNB is one of the latest Sony VAIO laptop models added to the E series, with Intel Core i5 processor, 2.50 GHz, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, personalization kit with keyboard skin matched, “xLOUD,” Dolby Home Theatre version 4, and “Clear Phase,” Rapid Wake + Eco helping in longer battery life, quick resume, and data security, 14” LCD screen, all together make an attractive piece! SVE14A16FNH is yet another of the latest Sony VAIO laptop, with specifications like Intel Core i7 processor, 2.10 GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.10 GHz, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, etc. Then there are few old ones, like SVE11115ENB, an 11.6 inched, black colored laptop, with AMD accelrated processor with Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic. A few more to be mentioned are SVE15117FNB, SVE14115FNB, SVE14112ENB, SVE15118FNB, among many others. VAIO S series: Mobility is the focus of this series along with others like battery life, audio and video quality, not to forget, the style quotient, which is the primary feature of any VAIO machine. This can further be divided as Sony VAIO S13A (SVS13A), SVS13, and SVS15. These come loaded with Intel Core 17 and i5 processors, Genuine Windows 7 Professional, webcam with Exmor for PC, Dolby Digital, Rapd Wake + Eco, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE GPU, HDMI Output. To name a few models are SVS13A15GGB, SVS13118GNB, SVS13115GNB, SVS15116GNB, of all the seven different models. There is yet another section under S series, which can be well divided into to groups, SA and SB. This group, which comprises of names like VPCSA35GG/T, VPCSA36GG/T, VPCSB37GG/S, VPCSB38GG/B, VPCSB36FN/B, is again a high end group, with five models with Intel Core i7 and i5 processors, Genuine Windows Professional, TFT color display. VAIO T Series: Coming in sizes of 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches are two models under Sony VAIO T Series, both of which are ultrabooks. This series suit the kind of people who are always on a move but need to remain connected always and also have the need of the huge amount data on their finger tips plus the computing facility. There two models under this, SVT11113FGS, which comes with Intel Core i5, and SVT13113ENS, with Intel Core i3. VAIO Z Series: This is a high performance machine that was brought out by Sony as gift for VAIO's 15th anniversary. This extremely thin and light mobile laptop comes in a size of 13.1 inches. As of now, there is just one model under in this series which can be easily termed as the high priced Sony VAIO laptop. SVZ13115GNXI comes powered with Intel Core i7 processor, 2.10 GHz, Genuine Windows 7 Professional, SSD in RAID 0, powerful though just 16.65 mm and 1.175 kg, a battery of 11 hours. VAIO C Series: Other than its specifications, the most attractive feature is its light emitting material chassis. All the three models, VPCCB45FN/D, VPCCA35FN/R, VPCCB35FN/D, seem more like a rendition with the brightness and efficient performance it comes with. Best Sony Laptop Models With these many features integrated into one single machine, with these many models to be chosen from, it becomes pretty tough to point out the best. Though here is a mention of top five Sony laptop models, as per us, which might definitely not be same for everyone. VPCSA36GG/T, a 13.3 inched laptop of the S series with a glossy brown cover and Intel Core i7 processor; SVE15113ENB is another much efficient, black colored, 15.5 E series laptop from Sony VAIO. SVS15116GNB, an S series, is one of those light, thin, long batteried mobile machine. SVT11113FGS, of T series, comes with an Intel Core i5 processor in a smooth milky white color. SVZ13115GNXI is power backed by Intel Core i7 processor, Glossy Premium Carbon in color, is another of hot choices from among the Sony VAIO laptops. ....view more
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