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Toshiba Corporation started out as Tokyo Shibaura Electric K.K in 1875. Though it has been 137 years since, the multinational company has maintained its streak of innovation and quality products. Operating from Tokyo, Japan, its prime products are electronics and parts, IT equipment and systems, Internet related services, a few of household appliances, etc. So as to list out the innovations by the company, Toshiba brought out the first industry-normed Notebook in the year 1985; while soon in the next year, that is 1986, it came up with the first-ever Notebook with Intel 286 processor. In the year 1991, this MNC was talking the world's first notebook with an “active matrix screen.” The first color TFT was seen in 1992, while the very next year Toshiba came with a stylus based tablet personal computer. The current rage, a lithium ion battery was launched by Toshiba back in 1995! In the year 1997, the world saw first laptop with DVD drive; in 2002 came the first full performance convertible personal computer. This same company gave the world its first 4-in-1 AV notebook with TV tuner, whereas 2005 saw the world’s first RoHs complaint notebook. Then came the first AV notebook with HD DVD ROM 7drive in 2006, while the first notebook with 7 mm super-multi-DVD drive in 2007 was also brought by Toshiba. With these many innovations and just as many “world’s firsts,” this is one brand that can never shy away from researching for new technologies. It is all evident from the various laptops it offers. Toshiba Laptop Models With Toshiba laptops, one sets mind free and heart craving. The a la mode laptops win all hearts with the sleek figures, foxy colors, latest techno updation, HD display, graphics, and what not! With a total of eight different ranges for its laptops, Toshiba brings the best for all its consumers, be it a student, a gaming freak, the professionals, movie buffs, the business owners, or whatever! The eight names that Toshiba owns are Qosmio, Satellite Pro, Satellite (new series), Netbook, Libretto, Ultrabook, Tecra, Portégé. Qosmio range of laptops offers huge space for storing, perfect controlling powers, “Intelligent PC Health Monitor Technology,” which altogether improves your multitasking capabilities and quickens the speed. This is one series that would win over all the gaming and HF entertainment freaks, with its elite and smooth performance. The audio by Dolby Advanced Audio makes it an exploding experience with its surround system! The models in this series are Qosmio F750, which comes with glasses free 3D technology for the first time in the world, along with 2D/3D simultaneous display, Harman/Kardon speakers, and high performance graphics; Qosmio X500 comes powered by NVIDIA technology to enhance the entertainment feature. A movie on 18.4 inches of full HD clear super view backlit LED, high performance graphics with NVIDIA GeForce GTX series graphics cards, booming audio on harman/kardon stereo, is all that you could ever ask for if you want a live movie performance! It has support from Intel Core i7 processor, 2GHz of speed being boosted to up to 2.9 GHz with Turbo Boost, Windows 7. Qosmio F60 features Resolution+ technology, which can old movies and images seem sharp and better, while harman/kardon stereo systems make the music, gaming and movies more entertaining than ever. Satellite Pro is another range with Toshiba, which comes backed with tools to make the every-day computing easier than ever, multimedia process and productivity are its strongest points. This whole range comes with Intel Core i3 or i5 processor, and could suffice any type of usage, be it at home or at work. Satellite Pro C640 is what everyday computing would ask for. At 14 inches of display, it fulfills the needs for performance and portability along with value for money. Toshiba Bulletin Board helps managing all the tasks at the easiest, Toshiba ReelTime makes searching of documents as easy as a scroll. Satellite Pro L730, power backed by second generation Intel Core i5 processor, it comes with a minimal weight of 1.93 kg what with its everlasting battery of 6 cells and an integrated DVD drive, 3.0 USB port for seamless transfers, 3D motion sensor technology helping against any shocks or vibrations. Satellite Pro S750 are small, yet attractive, laptop computers meant for business people, small business or medium business. It gives a great performance thanks to the second generation Intel Core i3 processor. It also has a serial port which can be attached to any type of device, almost. Toshiba Bulletin Board and Fingerprint Reader make it closer to heart. The series, Satellite, gives the most compact laptops, which become easy to carry and jazz up all the multimedia features. USB sleep and charge option comes in quite handy. Glossy keyboard and touchpad tabs plus premium IMR finish with many color options to be chosen from makes it seem attractive. There are six different models in this series, Satellite C840, Satellite C850, Satellite L850, Satellite M840, Satellite U840 and Satellite L740. Netbook series by Toshiba has style, zest, life on offer on the plate. It is compact and gives a choice of five colors to opt from. Then there are features like harman/kardon audio, low on weight, 1.32 kg with compact but full size keyboard and touchpad, long battery life of around up to 8 hours, Toshiba specials like ReelTime, Bulletin Board, Media Controller, things that keeps you mess-free computing, easier and faster share of pictures. Two models feature in this series, Netbook NB510 and Netbook NB520, both of which come power backed by Intel Atom processor, both are light weight, Eco-Chic engineering. NB520 allows sleep and charge smartphones, USB, MP3 player or other electronic devices at an ease. Toshiba libretto series brings laptops that can easily replace your smartphone, or tablets, or slates. libretto is the first amongst all by Toshiba, it is not just a personal computer, it is a revolution, or even evolution. 17.8 cm of dual multi touch screen, these are the ultra-mobile concept computers, come in such a package that you think “small things in a small package” idiom. Superb connectivity, superb mobility, superb computing, superb multitasking, whatever this system offers comes attached with “superb” or smooth! Currently there is just one model in India, libretto W100, comes powered by Intel Premium ULV processor, dual touch screen that would work vertically and horizontally, both, easy navigation, virtual keyboards, plus a soft track pad to let you do your computing functions with ease. Virtual multimode keyboard comes attached. And to think, all this comes with a weight of 819 grams! The series Ultrabook offers Toshiba Portégé Z830, which as claimed by the company, has been called “dream laptop” by none other than Sachin Tendulkar. It is also claimed to be the world’s lightest laptop, though it has full sized ports, a huge 8 celled battery, 13.3 inches of display screen, all this captured within 1.12 kg of weight! It gets second generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, along with super fast SSDs, is made of magnesium alloy and EasyGaurd technology, Toshiba sure has put in lot of efforts to bring this one out and so perfectly! The series, Tecra, by Toshiba is one of the top notch business laptops, loaded with power, user friendly features, safety features, long battery life and what not! Style is not to be forgotten when talking of Toshiba laptops. Tecra R840 and Tecra R850 are the two models, both of which talk high performance, great durability, eco utility, latest from Intel Core. Last but not the least is Portégé series, the synonyms of which can be style, portability, classic, ultra thin, super light in weight. These were the first laptops of the world to get this light, this thin. Not just this, with this series, Toshiba brought forced air cooling system for the first time. Also featuring the award winning green technology, which fetched it EPEAT GOLD award recently! Portégé R930, Portégé R830, Portégé R700 are its family members. BEST TOSHIBA LAPTOP MODELS Like we just saw, such innovations, such technologies, all put together to form a laptop computing machine. Would not these all be the best of all products? Still there has to be someone better than the best. Well, if not the best, at least the most popular. The list of most popular Toshiba laptop models has Toshiba Portege Z830 easily winning. Others that are proud winners here are Toshiba Satellite C850. Toshiba Qosmio X500, Toshiba Satellite Pro C640, Toshiba Netbook NB510, Toshiba Portege R930. However, there still is one that stands out better than the best, popular than the most popular, but still does not even run the race; libretto W100, stands apart! PRICE OF TOSHIBA LAPTOP MODELS Toshiba has ranged all its laptops as per the features it provides in each laptop. libretto W100 can ask you to shell Rs. 86,194. Netbook series of laptops are the lowest priced Toshiba laptop models, with NB510 costing Rs. 20,000, while NB520 is Rs. 25,990. The highest priced Toshiba laptop model is Qosmio X500, which can be owned after a payment of around Rs. 1,08,059! Satellite Pro C640 costs around Rs. 35,485; Satellite Pro S750 is Rs. 41,730; Satellite C850 comes for Rs. 22,000; Satellite M840 for Rs. 32,500. The whole Tecra series, with the two models R840 and R850, is around Rs. 65,000. Portege R930 can be owned at Rs. 52,500, while Portege R830 is available for Rs. 42,789, and Portege R900 is Rs. 60,000. Qosmio series has F750 at around Rs. 68,000 and F60 at around Rs. 66,000. ....view more
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