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View Rings rings in India. Total 7922 Rings available in India online. Rings rings are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.79. The lowest price ring is Sukkhi Glistening Rodium plated CZ Studded Ring (248R260). Most popular Rings ring is Jpearls Diamond Finger Ring priced at Rs. 19,999. The current top Rings rings in India are Jpearls Diamond Finger Ring, Silver Ring, real dimond ring 18ct gold, Touchstone Pearl Drop Pair Of Toe Rings, LADY LOVE DIAMOND HEART RING SET IN 18KT GOLD. The online price was last updated on 27 Nov, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. RINGS What they built with PriceDekho is not merely a jewelery online shopping store, but also a happy customer's smile. You don't just find jewelry here; you find jewelry that talks to you. Jewelry with high quality and most exquisite designs at a never-before rate, PriceDekho.com is the easiest hangout to celebrate not just the special occasions but every day. And what could make you feel better than a trustworthy online store for jewelry shopping rather than to having walk in the stores and buy those “ok-ok” designs with “ok-ok” quality and “oh!” prices. PriceDekho.com puts on offer style, elegance, purity, freshness, taste, right at a click! Other than these things, which could be common with other such brands, what set PriceDekho apart from the crowd are the customers' facilitating features that the company offers. Buy Rings Online in India PriceDekho provides rings online in India divided as per the gender. Both men and women can choose rings designed for their gender, out of a total of {num_rings} rings. A choice of metals is available; those who prefer white gold with stud stones, can opt from the the 37 designs available for online shopping on PriceDekho.com. For choice, there are the Proud as a Peacock ring, which is one of the most contemporary rings available for online shopping. The Aphrodite band style ring has design that would woo the youth. As the name suggests, the Diva ring will make you feel a diva. Those who prefer the traditional yellow gold rings with stones studded have as many as 109 designs available on the portal. To mention a few designs that would win hearts equally among all ages, we have the Enigmatic Overture ring, the Archer's ring. Quite trendy is the Elignia ring. Females who are looking for traditional designs can opt for the Twilight ring, which will make you an instant favorite with the grandmoms. To please your man, the Aphaea ring can be one of your choices. However, there is not much choice for those men who love band style rings in plain metal, that is, without stones. There are just two such pieces; though if you ignore the quantity, the design and cost of the Olavi ring is just adorable. Also, the True Love Band, in 18 carat pure gold, available for men, is another pretty piece made of just metal, the yellow gold. You can also choose from among the various styles of rings available. The design that PriceDekho.com puts on offer for you are Band style, which takes around 42 differently designed rings. The Tyrine band is one of the simplest and sleek rings available in yellow gold with diamonds studded in a row. The Francesco band is a ring especially designed keeping in mind the hyperly busy men. Made of white gold with one small diamond engraved in between is quite a officewear for men. The Theonna ring is double stone ring, with diamonds and ruby studded. Another interesting one is the Cynara ring, with quite a unique shape given to it. It is a leaf shaped ring, quite inspired by the foliage designs, made of white and yello gold and studded diamonds. Trinity style of rings has around 18 pieces to be chosen from. As suggested, these come with three stones on it, like the Regal Trinity with three royal blue stones, for the trend conscious people, this one is a party winner. Then there are also the likes of Rosalia ring, which come with double colored stones. Cocktail range of rings are the party specific pieces, with a total of seven designs to be chosen from. There are the Eternal Symphony, the Rosebud ring, etc., which the females can match with their dresses they wear to the party. Of the Floral range, personal choice is the yellow gold and one big and 5 smalled sized diamonds put in a flower shape. One band style, and quite perky too, is the Bougainvillea ring, with pink colored stones put together to form several flowers. Eternity style of rings are so called because of the design continuing on the whole of it, like a snake. Though, with the changing times, it has come to mean the eternal love, for PriceDekho.com both the meanings hold true. There are three different designs and colors to be opted from. The Couple Band range of rings have three options, for women is the Silent Sigh ring, of diamonds and diamonds, for men are the Euphoria Band, in white gold with diamonds, and the Antoinne Band, in the traditional yellow gold and small diamonds in between. Other styles of rings online shopping are the Vintage, Composite, Plain Band, and Journey rings, all of which feature one design each. What matters to most of the females is the occasion they attend on which they base their choice of jewelery; so here is PriceDekho.com suggesting you ring designs as per the occasion, like Anniversary collection, which has a total of 104 designs, like the Andante ring, the ever-beautiful Sirrus ring, etc. From the 91 models, PriceDekho.com suggests the Julius ring to be the most perfect choice for the lady of your life. The Eternal Symphony, the Crowned ring, the Alfons band, etc. are other options from many. One of the most sought after are the Officewear rings, which are simplistic in design yet, elegant and pretty. There are 44 on offer, like the Wingflow ring, the Oyester ring, etc. Another one that are quite popular among the today's women are the Everyday rings, which are simple enough for the young girls to wear to office or college or just any hang-out, for example is the Eternity ring, the Malva ring, the Unity ring, etc.. One of the most popular rings among the youth is the Myrtle ring. Other occasional rings are offered under the names of Wedding collection and Special occasion rings. Other options to make your choices based upon are as per the stones. You can search as per the kind of stone you like, PriceDekho.com offers rings with diamonds, ruby rings for men and women, amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, garnet rings, or other colored stones. The number of stones could also be a base of your choice of rings. One can also opt from the shape of the cut of stones, that is, from among the round shape, the princess shape, the marquise shape, or the emerald ring. Affordable Rings Online Since the main aim of PriceDekho is to bring smiles to the face of its customers, it has placed it has brought out the most affordable rings online in India. To prove, there are the ever pretty the Bloom band, which features an amethyst stone studded in a ring of 18 carat white gold, available at Rs. 8464; another option is the Purity ring, which comes for Rs. 9258, at an EMI of Rs. 1543, with a diamond studded in a ring of 18 carat white gold, weighing 1.75 grams. The cheapest ring of all the cheap rings available online is the Amaryllis ring in 18 carat yellow gold with pink sapphire, which can be bought at an EMI of Rs. 1310, to complete the amount of Rs. 7859; the Apolonuis Triad ring can be owned at Rs. 10,599 with an EMI of Rs. 1760; the Elizabeta ring comes for Rs. 10,675 at an EMI of Rs. 1779. Rings Price in India With a gold ring as low as Rs. 7859, we can for sure not expect the name to tag its products too high, though, being the consumers we like the best quality at the best prices. The most expensive ring from PriceDekho, the Eternal Flame solitaire, a diamond ring in white gold, which costs Rs. 4,30,266, and can be owned at an EMI of Rs. 71,711. While the cheapest ring is the Amaryllis at Rs. 7859. In between the most expensive and cheapest are the Florial ring, with eight plus eight plus one diamonds in white gold, the price in India of which is Rs. 64589 (EMI: 10,765); the Apollo ring, which comes for Rs. 62,113 (EMI: 10,352) with 18 plus 1 diamonds in 18 carat yellow gold; the Enchanted Twisted ring, a diamond studded ring in 18 carat gold, costing Rs. 45,369 (EMI: 7560); the Shayla ring for Rs. 43,835 (EMI: 7306); the Helios Cluster Cocktail ring for Rs. 32,629 (EMI: 5438); the Silene ring for Rs. 34,140 (EMI: 5690); the Panorama ring will cost Rs. 28,341 (EMI: 4724); the Moonshine Heart band is available for Rs. 20,605 (EMI: 3434); the dreamy Flowery Dream ring can be owned for Rs. 14,061 (EMI: 2344); the Clement ring looks pretty and is really easy on pocket with it costing a mere Rs. 18,111 (EMI: 3019).
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