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LG 47LA6910 LED TV

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LG 47LA6910 LED TV Price
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    47 Inches
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LG 47LA6910 LED TV Price

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LG 47LA6910 LED TV Sell at olx.in
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  • LG 47LA6910 LED TV Price at Snapdeal
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  • LG 47LA6910 LED TV Price at Kaunsa
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  • LG 47LA6910 LED TV Price at Indiatimes
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Specifications of LG 47LA6910 LED TV

  • General Features

    Screen Size
    47 Inches
    Display Type
  • Display Features

    Screen Format
    1920 x 1080 Pixels (Full HD)
  • Audio

    DTS Decoder
  • Connectivity

    3 (USB 3.0)
    Yes, 3
    Headphone Jack
    Yes, 1 (Hybrid)
  • Internet Ports

  • Power

    Power Consumption
    1 W (Stand-by)
    Power Requirements
    100 - 240 V AC; 50-60 Hz

Over all Review of LG 47LA6910 LED TV

LG 47LA6910 LED TV Price

Overall Review

LG 47LA6910 47 Inch LED 3D TV is an ultra-slim, stylish, 47-inch LED TV that incorporates 3D and 2D viewing using polarized glasses comprising four pairs of glasses as well as Viera Connect network which works with the TV’s media player or streamer functions. This magnificent screen achieves new levels of picture quality and sound. So, with this TV, users should get ready to enjoy 3D-level entertainment at home, similar to seeing a movie at a theater, both in terms of quality and scale. LG 47LA6910 47-inch LED 3D TV also utilizes LED Edge lighting that provides a slim physical profile and eco-friendly power consumption. The chief features of the LG 47LA6910 include a 47-inch screen, aspect ratio correction of 16:9, 3D capable LCD Television with 1920 x 1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution, 1080p video up scaling/processing for all non-1080p input sources as well as native 1080p input capability.

Furthermore, IPS Panel Technology with LED Edge lighting system adds a touch of grace to this TV’s overall design. The LEDs are placed along the outside part of the screen and the light is then dispersed behind the screen. LG 47LA6910 47-inch LED 3D TV employs passive polarized glasses for viewing 3D images as well as giving you the best gaming experience. Four pairs of glasses are included with the TV set. These glasses do not require any batteries nor do they need to be charged. In terms of connectivity, it has High Definition Compatible Inputs which include three HDMI ports of which one component gets energy via its adaptor cable. Also, the USB slot facilitates watching the content directly from the TV’s USB devices. Here, HDMI Input 1 can also generate audio via the Audio Return Channel feature. The speakers are 2-way and it has three speakers with Dolby Plus/Pulse Surround Sound technology with 24 watt RMS. It also has other audio features with six sound modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game and User settings). Although this TV’s 3D Cinema technology is laden with benefits, yet they do present the user with some problems that can be resolved. This TV also gives viewers the benefits of TV watching in 3D, which means experiencing the highest quality of sharp and crisp video. Of course, viewers will find this TV’s most exciting feature to be the Magic Remote which can recognize voices and make even the most complex command easy to decode and implement. Viewers will find that the layout of this TV’s remote control is similar to a computer mouse. 


LG 47LA6910 47-inch LED 3D TV comes with a 47-inch full HD monolithic display screen with Edge LED backlight technology. It has an attractive glossy silvery finish with almost no-bezel line. The pure and minimalistic display of this TV is firmly attached to a specialized stand that helps keep the appliance on table tops. The invisible speakers further add to its very neat look. The maximum resolution supported by the display screen is a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The TV, if placed on a stand, has these dimensions: 1063mm x 697mm x 269mm and its weight stands at 16.9kg. Without the stand, this TV’s dimensions are 1063mm x 631mm x 34.5mm and its weight drops to 14.8kg. This TV is now available in only one color—black—but soon it will be available in other attractive colors too. 

Video Quality

In terms of video quality, this TV has some extraordinary features quoted with Edge LED backlight technology. It also allows users the power of converting from 2D to 3D. The screen design of LG 47LA6910 47-inch TV is much smoother than any other. The screen measures 45.9-inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in full HD, and a video resolution of 1080 pixels, and 480 clear motion rates. The Triple XD Engine feature intensifies each signal by optimizing color tone, contrast and sharpness. Aspect ratio correction has been divided into eight modes that include 16:9/just scan/original/full modes which allows users to enjoy video watching in various picture wizard sub-modes such as 16:9, Just scan, Original; Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom and Cinema Zoom 1.m. The picture mode supports HDMI at 1080i component at 1080 pixels and further RF at 720 pixels. This TV comes with the most compatible design. By using the bigger angle Tag On feature, users can transfer documents from their phones to this TV and vice-versa, and with their friends via their smartphones.

Audio Quality

The audio features of LG 47LA6910 47-inch TV are quite amazing since it gives the user a complete cinematic viewing experience. This TV’s audio features include the Digital Dolby Pulse/plus decoder system with SRS Theater Sound HD sound effect system which gives the user the experience of watching a movie in a theater. It has a 10w sound output RMS system with down firing and full-range speakers. It has Clear Voice sound technology with an RMS of 24 watts and three in-built speakers—mono, stereo and dual—with Surround Sound system with five modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport and Game)--Sounds Status mode and Mute and Unmute system.


The prescribed devices that can be connected to LG 47LA6910 47-inch LED 3D TV are its three HDMI ports, strategically placed on exterior USB 2.0 ports. It also has Ethernet facility, the AV composite component, terrestrial cable input, a mini jack (IN) DVI audio, optical digital audio, audio out mini jack and RS232 AV control. Other connectivity features that are present in the LG 47LA6910 47-inch LED 3D TV include a set of headphones to listen to music undisturbed to anyone else, and built-in LAN and WI-FI to enjoy Web connectivity. It is a smart TV that lets the user connect with the Web world and gives you access to various applications such as Twitter, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, Google Maps and many others. The facility of an in-built browser is one more feature in terms of its connectivity features.

Power Consumption

Most users face the problem of the amount of power consumed by their TVs. Bearing this in mind, TV manufacturers are designing power-efficient products. The amount of power consumed by a TV depends on its size—the larger the TV set, the more power it will consume and, consequently, the larger the consumer’s electricity bill. However, people want to enjoy watching TV programs on larger and brighter screens, blissfully unaware of the fact that they will have to pay for this enjoyment in money as reflected in their electricity bills. However, LG 47LA6910 47 inch LED 3D TV uses backlight technology that consumes less energy without compromising on the picture quality. Some of this TV’s Smart Energy Saving Plus features include Backlight Control that adjusts the screen brightness levels; Screen Off function that switches off the screen while keeping the sound alive in standby mode. Modern LCD or LED TVs are now coming with upgraded features and modified technology which leads to increased power consumption capabilities. 


The price of a LG 47LA6910 LED TV in India varies from store to store and on e-commerce sites, ranging from Rs. 98,899 to Rs. 1,05,000. Various stores do not develop their sales promotion strategies based on this TV’s features, resolution, size, contrast ratio, design and layout, but focus mainly on its display, audio and video features which, in turn, increase its price. Finally, it is important to look at the extra accessories or additional features that come with the television. These could include streaming video or an SD card slot that enables users to view their favorite photos. If users opt for another model at the same price, the features will not be the same as in LEDs and LCD TVs. To compare the prices of various LEDs within the same price range, this reviewer came across various features that are either exactly the same or entirely different. LG 47LA6910 LED TV consists of those one-of-a-kind features that are not available in a Plasma LED TV or LCD TV. This TV has Magic Remote, Tag On feature, Smart Sshare as its salient features. However, in the same price range, these features are absent in other competitive TVs.

Customer Reviews on LG 47LA6910 LED TV

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May 23, 2013: LG 47LA6910 47-inch LED 3D TV was launched as a modern, high-end entertainment appliance, which faciliates 3D viewing as well. It has all the features which a new generation TV should have. It has been modified so brilliantly that users can easily experience a genuine cinematic environment at home. It has been loaded with the most outstanding and jaw-dropping features and applications, such as:

*  Showcase 47-inch Cinema screen display with 1920 x 1080 native pixels resolution.

*  2D to 3D conversions are available so that users can switch to either dimension at will.

*  Includes in-built apps, web browsers and is flicker-free.

*  Wrapped with the dual play feature so that viewers can enjoy a new gaming experience.

*  The 3D glasses are so comfortable to wear as they are battery-free and flicker-free.

*  It is also power-efficient with the Smart Energy Saving Plus feature, as its Backlight Off feature helps users save power.

* Supports Magic Motion Remote

LG Corporation is an multinational South Korean company. It's the fourth-largest company in South-Korea, which is being followed by other companies as well such as Samsung Group, Hyundai Motors Group and SK group etc.  LG is thr public type conglomerate industry, the company basically started off with Electricals, Chemicals, telecommunications, and information technology and power generation. Now, the company has also started adapting themselves according to the needs of the consumers. The company has done their comeback by designing mobile Smartphone’s, all types of TV's such as LED's, LCD's, PLASMA and CRT's. Now recently, the company has launched a new LG 47LA6910 47 Inch LED 3D TV. The tv screen is 47'' with IPS panel which gives the viewer a superior viewing angle and quality and suits best with  FPR 3D technology, the reason behind using IPL panel was to give clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens. The comfortble and safe 3D glasses has been provided with the TV as  it’s easier on the eyes and thus deliever the clear and crisp 3D image that jumps out of the screen. Due to the increase in the competiton, LG has added all the new features in their smart tv. And to your surprise now, the tv will move on your fingers, on your motions with new Magic Remote Voice, this remote is one of the most convenient and advanced TV remote, you just have to point and click and that's wahat we say a smart remote for smart tv. Changing channels trend has now been replaced with making new gestures, for simple and complex command which at the ends save your time. It's just like the mouse you can scroll up and down. You can also communicates with this tv and enjoy the interactive session with the another new Voice Mate feature. It'll understand your words and responds as you wish. Sharing now has been more easier with this smart tv with the new Tag on feature as you can share anything between your phone and your Smart LED tv. Like never before, gaming experience now is more thrilling and exciting by using LG's magic remote or game controller. With new LG 47LA6910 47 from now you’ll not miss any of the TV shows as with the newly updated version Time Feature you can record your TV shows right on the  TV’s inbuilt memory card. Also you can play and pause live shows, serials, matches etc. So enjoy the new LG 47LA6910 47 Inch LED Smart 3D TV.

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