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View Haier TV in India. Total 32 Haier TV available in India online. Haier TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.8,278. The lowest price model is HAIER LE19C430V 19 Inches HD Ready LED Television. Most popular Haier TV is Haier LE32K700 LED 32 inches HD TV priced at Rs. 24,474. The current top Haier TV in India are Haier LE32K700 LED 32 inches HD TV, Haier LE24T1000 24 Inches Full HD LED Television, Haier LE32C430 32 Inches LED Television, Haier LE22T1000 22 Inches HD Ready LED Television, Haier 32 Inch HD Ready LED Television - LE32V600. The online price was last updated on 19 Aug, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Haier, a brand that stands for trust, entered India in the year 2004, with some of the most technologically advanced products, catering to everyday needs of people and also bring innovations and advancement to the world. Haier (India) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haier Group which is based out of Qingdao, Shandong, People's Republic of China. Though the name was not exactly heard till some time back, Haier Group has been around quite some time. For some time it was known as Qingdao Refrigerator Co., though if the company's history is really looked upon, the origin can be traced back to the decade of 1920s, in the city of Qingdao, when it was basically a refrigerator manufacturing company. Earning much success for quite a long time, the company went into a debt in in the decade of 1980s, also, the company lacked in quality, infrastructure, etc., and in the year 1984, then in a dire need to regain the lost market, was found what today is known as Haier, as Qingdao Refrigerator Co. Next came a tie up with a Liebherr Group, a German brand world-renowned name for refrigeration. This venture brought a sense of commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction among the company, delivering which it gained an outstanding success and regained the lost trust and love of its consumer base. Soon, having regained much of what was lost, Qingdao Refrigerator Co. took over other Chinese companies dealing in home appliances and electronic goods that were facing a loss, and so acquired other Qingdao plants that dealt in microwaves, air conditioners, etc. Since now it was a huge range of products that the company dealt in, and thus gained a totally new portfolio, the company gained a new name, Qingdao Haier Group, wherein Haier was borrowed from the second syllable of the German name Liebherr with 'herr' being pronounced as 'h-a-i-e-r' in German. In the year 1992 was borne Haier Group. With a new name, new portfolio, gaining much success all round, Haier ventured into television arena in the year 1997 as soon as it acquired Huangshan Electronics Group, and went to be one of the most known brand for electronic gadgets, diversified as far as to mobiles, to televisions, to air conditioners, to geysers, to refrigerators, and what not. This being the apt time, Haier started spreading its wings internationally. The first international plant came in the year 1996 in Indonesia, followed by one each in Philippines and Malaysia the very next year in 1997. Losing their bet in Thailand, still winning in US, Haier started a tough competition to companies like Whirlpool, LG, etc. With continuous success in countries like Pakistan, Jordan, Middle East, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, Italy, and finally in India in the year 2004. Haier in India started with where it excels the best, refrigeration. And then moved to CTVs and washing machines, gradually moving to other small appliances and white goods, like water heaters, wine cellars, cameras, laptops, laptops, home theatres, microwaves, dishwashers, etc. One of the major focuses of the company is on Haier TV available in India. The company, taking baby steps, and since it has tasted loses at the hands of quality, taking each of these baby steps with a pinch of salt, has been researching and developing new technologies, driving innovations into the country, has brought many popular models, for example, Haier LE32K700 LED 32 inches HD TV, which is one of the most popular Haier TV available online in India. And has now spread its network all through the country, and successfully. Haier India has been selling 3D, LED and LCD in India. To provide the utmost luxury to its consumers, Haier brings in the best of designs; to accommodate in the smallest of space available, the company brings the slimmest of TVs; to fit in the budgets, there are some of the lowest price Haier TV in the portfolio; to fulfill the desires of technology geek, the company has some of the latest Haier TV in India, and what not. Below are a few details:

Expensive Haier TV

When we demand the best, we should be ready to pay a price. And when we, as consumers, look for the latest technologies, we tend to turn to Haier and find it all there. Though, what features we want to have in our televisions, make it quite among higher price Haier TV available in India. Expensive yes, but deserving all the way. And desireous. One such model is Haier 55" LE55A310 LED 3D Television, which is the currently the most expensive Haier TV available in India and can ask you to shell around Rs. 1.59 lakh if purchased online, but still luring all segment of people equally.

Cheap Haier TV

Can we really call Haier TV cheap? Well, yes and no. Yes, because Haier tries catering to all budgets, be it a high one or low. So yes, there definitely are some low priced Haier TV in India. For example, from among the current portfolio, there is HAIER LE19C430V 19 Inches HD Ready LED Television, which at Rs.8,278 is one of the lowest priced Haier TV available online in India. However, such TVs cannot and should not be called cheap since it is just the price that is low, the quality remains intact as is in expensive Haier TV. The best of quality and the latest of technologies are maintained in even the cheap Haier TVs in India.

Top 5 Haier TV

Gradually with the success of the brand Haier, it is not just TVs from the company but also other white good products. However, Haier TVs in India have recently gained much popularity. And the reason behind this is the quality maintenance and innovative techniques. Also, there is the reason of the after sales services that happen to be the best in the class which keeps its consumers attached to it. Some of the most loved, most popular, top 5 hair TV in India are the below: Haier LE32K700 LED 32 inches HD TV, Haier LE24T1000 24 Inches Full HD LED Television, Haier LE32C430 32 Inches LED Television, Haier LE22T1000 22 Inches HD Ready LED Television, Haier 32 Inch HD Ready LED Television - LE32V600. ....view more
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