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View LED TV in India. Total 651 LED TV available in India online. LED TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.6,500. The lowest price model is LG 18.5" LED Monitor (E1942C). Most popular LED TV is Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television priced at Rs. 28,500. The current top LED TV in India are Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television, Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV - KLV32R422A, LG Plasma HD TV 42 Inches 42PN4500, Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A LED TV, Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV. The online price was last updated on 20 Aug, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Television, in recent years, has taken a prominent place in everyone’s lives. And since the very recent times, its not js TV that are needed, in vogue are the best of LED TVs in India. Be it a low price LED TV or a high priced LED TV, these are a must-haves now. The first successful demonstration of it took place on 7 September 1927, and a 21-year-old inventor named Philo Taylor Farnsworth designed this particular system. Even while in high school, Farnsworth begun to dream of a system that was capable of capturing moving images in such a form that were suitable to be coded into radio waves, and later transformed back to a picture on a screen. Even a mechanical television system that scanned images using a rotating disk with holes arranged in a spiral pattern, had been demonstrated before this, by John Logie Baird in England and Charles Francis Jenkins in the United States in the early 1920s. Still the Farnsworth's invention, which scanned images with a beam of electrons, can be regarded as the direct ancestor of modern television that we use today. The first image, which was transmitted using this system, was a simple straight line, following which he aimed his not so sophisticated camera, at a dollar sign. Almost during the same period, many scientists came forward to try their hands at sending still images using radio waves, but it was General Electric in the year 1928, which combined the idea of a device capable of showing moving images along with the technology to broadcast them without wires. Though, there was a lot of improvement in technology in the following years, still, television was not adopted as a common home appliance, until the end of Second World War. The year 1940, brought out the first color television from Peter Goldmark, and 8 years later, finally, the cable television came to Pennsylvania. In the year 1962, AT&T launched Telstar that was the first satellite to carry TV broadcasts. Also, marking a date in the history was the first transmission from the moon on 20 July 1969, which was viewed by 600 million people. By the end of 1972, color televisions became the trendsetter machines that took its place in more than half of the houses. Not before the early 2000s, did the public and commercial broadcasters progressively introduce digital televisionbroadcasting technology. Since then, it has moved on from being a medium of communication, to being the most commonly used medium of entertainment, and during this process has evolved to come out in a very different form, from what was first showcased. The once dull, black and white television has now been replaced by the true coloured 3D television that makes you feel everything you see. The LED televisions that are available these days, like LG 79UB9800 4K Ultra HD LED TV, one of the latest LED TV among all, are not much different from the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) televisions, but enhanced versions of it. The display used in an LED television is an LED backlit LCD display, which means that it is a flat panel display using LED backlighting in place of the Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCFL), which are used in most of the LCDs. When combined with other advanced features like three-dimensional (3D) technology, this kind of television makes sure to give the viewer an experience of lifetime. The last few years have seen many developments in TV technology and software, both in quantitative as well as qualitative terms. With the ever-changing digital media technology, the television industry is now self sufficient to cater to the changing tastes and needs of the market. Among the top players of the market, there are LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips, Videocon, Panasonic, etc. The following part of the passage analyses different television makers and their market impact. Videocon has always been regarded as a price player, for it manufactures its own components and targets the low and mid profile customers, Onida is a brand famous for its advertising strategies using a ‘Devil’ and known for getting the first non-serious approach to regular television with the introduction of Candy. The Korean maker Samsung came up as a new price player wherein, more emphasis was laid on its global brand image, and within no time, it took over the likes of Videocon, Onida and BPL. LG came up as another brand for low and medium profile customers while understanding the finer differences in consumer motivations. The Indian electronic market is flooded with many brands, thus, making it very difficult for the user to make a good buying decision. To help in this process, many brands now provide the facility of online purchase of LED TVs, which allows the user to check, compare and choose the right TV while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Technology, not just in TV arena, but also in shopping field has advanced a lot. Most of the things that are generally needed are available online. We can now shop online for LED TVs in India as well. And why just LED, there are every kind of televisions available for online shopping in India.

Popular LED TV

Television, since the very beginning has been the primary source of entertainment for every household in India. Earlier, it was a single television in a big colony and now, many of them can be seen in every household. This in itself is sufficient to determine the popularity enjoyed by the televisions nowadays. It does not matter, if it is a small shop, a big office, a one-room house or a mansion, if there are people, there has to be a television. The major reason behind the popularity of these TVs is that they deliver much clearer picture, and even the small sized LED screens can display higher resolutions along with delivering accurate colors. Amongst the many LED televisions available in India, the most popular LED TV is Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television.

Expensive LED TV

The fact that size decides the price goes well with televisions. However, apart from the size, there are other specifications that help in determining the price tag of an LED TV, like thinner and consuming less power when compared to a normal LCD TV, and apart from that, these also put up deeper blacks and help in better color reproduction. Each of these features adds on the cost of an LED TV. The Sony BRAVIA X Series 4K Ultra-HD 3D LED TV 84" KD-84X9000 is one of the expensive LED TVs available online in India at a price of Rs. 15.86 lakh, which although pretty heavy on pockets when compared to other LED TVs but is worth when you go for its features.

Cheap LED TV

Television being a necessity in every household in today’s time cannot be expected to be highly priced. It is the main source of entertainment whether the discussion is about a well-flourished family or a living-alone person. Everyone wishes to get the best at the lowest price and this is the reason that inspite of the presence of LCDs at comparatively low prices, people look forward to buy an LED TV. Talking of it being a necessity, a television cannot be cheap regarding its quality. Many companies are since, involved in trying to bring out affordable LED TVs for the budget conscious segment of the society and, with the recent technological advancements, have become a reality. LG 18.5" LED Monitor (E1942C) is one among the low priced LED TVs available online in India at just Rs.6,500. The major feature compromised while going for a cheap LED TV is the screen size.

Top 5 LED TVs

Innovation goes hand in hand with the development of televisions. They have been in the market from a long time, but who is going to buy a new one if they do not differ from the already existing ones. There are many brands in the market fighting to bag the top position in consumer electronics, and it surely makes a difficult proposition for the users to decide which one is the best. However, after crossing many hurdles and going through the choices of a large number of people, we provide a list of top 5 LED TVs available online in India : Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television, Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV - KLV32R422A, LG Plasma HD TV 42 Inches 42PN4500, Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A LED TV, Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV.

Latest LED TV

It would not be wrong to say that televisions are the most sought after and technologically advanced devices in the country and why shouldn't they be, after all these devices enjoy the biggest market share in the country. Pioneer of technology, leader in innovation are the terms which every brand wants to be tagged with. Many-a-times, it is regarded that a new launch is more of a market strategy for brands, but it surely benefits the consumer. Another biggie recently brought out the LG 79UB9800 4K Ultra HD LED TV, which is one of the latest LED TV available online in India. It is loaded with some amazing features that will not only give tough competition to every other LED TV present in the market, but also has full potential to win over everyone’s heart.

Upcoming LED TV

Electronic equipment industry is one such, which runs on new launches only. It is considered a way to put up the best of what a brand can offer and gain a higher market share. Another main reason why every electronics brand keep on announcing new products is that, it helps to keep their brand name in news. ....view more
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