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View Samsung LED TV in India. Total 154 Samsung LED TV available in India online. Samsung LED TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.11,671. The lowest price model is Samsung 4 Series HD Slim LED TV 19" 19es4000. Most popular Samsung LED TV is Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV priced at Rs. 20,240. The current top Samsung LED TV in India are Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV, Samsung 4 Series UA23F4003AR LED TV, Samsung 23H4003 HD LED TV, SAMSUNG LED, Samsung 40F5500 LED Television. The online price was last updated on 22 Aug, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Samsung, as we know it today, is one of the world's largest technology innovators and providers. The company’s beginning was very different from any other electronic equipment brand. It started working as a trading company in 1938 and was recognized for exporting dried seafood to China. Lee Byung-chul, the founder of Samsung was a very determined person that even after losing a large part of business during the communists attack on South Korea, he did not fall apart but moved to Suwon and from thereon started the journey of Samsung. About some 3 decades later, there came Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. in the year 1969. This subsidiary of Samsung was established with the support of the then South Korean president, Park Chung-hee. Then on, the company stepped into different kinds of industries and established many new businesses ranging from hospital, paper manufacturing plant, life insurance company, departmental stores and many more. It is very clear from the history of the company the it was not incorporated with the objective of selling electronic equipment, but it all started in the early 70s, only after the time when European and American manufacturers shared their technology with the company. Soon after getting equipped with the technology, Samsung thought of bringing their own television sets and after working for quite a lot of time on the design of the TV, the outcome was a black-and-white television set which was showcased in the year 1970, but by that time it was not capable of television’s mass production and that is the reason, why the same went for domestic sale only in the 1972. By 1976, the company had more than a million black and white television sets produced by it and the very next year it also made up its mind on bringing out color televisions and alongside looked forward to marketing their TV products all over Asia. By the end of 1981, Samsung televisions were able to make their place in almost every household. Talking of figures, 10 million black-and-white and 1 million colored TV sets were produced by the company, by then. The reason for its success, not only resides with its televisions but with each of its electronic product, all of it together has helped it become a household name of the day. Inventions and innovations are the words which go hand-in-hand with Samsung, it has been a name related to many firsts. To point out few, the company introduced first 33 inch double screen TV and after collaborating with Sony to create Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens it also brought out the largest LCD screens for a TV that measured a whole 30 inches, which for once was the most popular Samsung TV. 30 inches might sound really small when compared with what all is available today in the market, but this very television set the stage for a revolution in the television market world-wide. Samsung has also been linked with other firsts relating to development in televisions which include introduction of flat screen television, first line of digital televisions, release of thinnest TV and the launch of first LCD screen that was double-sided,in 2006. It is a pioneer of technology, and in that context it is very well said that if something runs on electricity, Samsung probably makes it. LCD is any display based on the Liquid Crystal Technology. With their use in TVs, the displays now are comparatively thinner and lighter to the previous generation Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) based televisions, even when compared to a similar display size. The first liquid crystals were actually accidentally discovered by Friedrich Reinitzer in the year 1988, and before the time they were used to build Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), they were just a scientific curiosity for about 80 years. The LED TVs are not very much different from an LCD TV but is just an enhanced version of the latter. The display used in an LED television is just an LED backlit LCD display which means that it is a flat panel display using LED backlighting in place of the Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCFL), which are used in most of the LCDs. With all its innovations, the current portfolio of the company includes televisions like Samsung UA75ES9000R Smart 75-Inch Full HD LED TV, Samsung 4 Series HD Slim LED TV 19" 19es4000, Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV, etc. However, since there are many best of the best products available, Samsung tries making shopping for Samsung televisions easy with providing many options for online shopping as well. Other than the company, there are many other online retailers that provide Samsung LED TV for online shopping in India. From among the best of the bests, below we bring forth the best Samsung LED TV in its segment.

Popular Samsung LED TV

Television, since very beginning, has been the primary source of entertainment for every household in India. Quite some years back, it was one television in the whole locality, and now one household can have 2-3 televisions, or more! This in itself is sufficient to determine the popularity being enjoyed by the televisions now. Samsung has made its place in every house as of now and is the first name which comes to every mind when it comes purchasing a new electronic equipment. The major reason behind the popularity of these TVs is that they deliver much more clear picture and even the small-sized LED screens can display higher resolutions along with delivering very accurate colors. Among the many options, the most popular Samsung LED TV available in India currently is Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV.

Expensive Samsung LED TV

Size surely decides the price. It goes very well with televisions. But, apart from the size there are some other specifications also which helps in determining the price tag of an LED TV, like they are thinner and consume less power when compared to a normal LCD TV. Apart from this, these also put up deeper blacks and helps in better color reproduction. Each of this feature adds on the cost of an LED TV. Samsung UA75ES9000R Smart 75-Inch Full HD LED TV is one of the few expensive Samsung LED televisions available online in India at a price of Rs. 7.50 lakh, which though is pretty heavy on pockets when compared to other Samsung LED TVs but is worth all of it, when you check its features.

Cheap Samsung LED TV

Television, being a necessity of every household now, cannot be expected to be highly priced. It is the main source of entertainment be it a well-flourished family or a living-alone person. Everyone wishes to get the best at the lowest price and this is the reason that in spite of the presence of LCDs at comparatively low prices, people are more than willing to buy LED TV. Talking of it being a necessity, a television can surely not be cheap regarding its quality and specially when Samsung is associated with it. The company has since long been trying to bring out affordable LED TVs for the budget conscious segment of the society and with the recent technological advancements, it is now a reality. Samsung 4 Series HD Slim LED TV 19" 19es4000 is one among the low priced Samsung LED televisions available online in India at just Rs.11,671. The major feature compromised while going for a cheap LED TV is the screen size.

Top 5 Samsung LED TV

Innovation comes close to every Samsung product. It has always been so thoughtful of consumers and this is the major factor which has helped it in making place in every house today. There have been so many other brands in the market fighting to bag the top position in consumer electronics that it surely has been very difficult for Samsung to survive the way it has done. The richness of features and the quality which the company delivers in its each and every product makes it the choice of people. Some of the top 5 Samsung LED TVs available online in India are: Samsung 4 Series UA32EH4003R LED TV, Samsung 4 Series UA23F4003AR LED TV, Samsung 23H4003 HD LED TV, SAMSUNG LED, Samsung 40F5500 LED Television.

Latest Samsung LED TV

Pioneer of technology, leader in innovation is what describes Samsung. The brand well known for its technologically advanced, innovative and creatively designed products which in every way, aims at simplifying the lives of consumers. Many times, it has been regarded to be the best of consumer electronics brand but nothing has stopped it from working hard to improve the already best of it. The company recently brought out the Samsung Joy Plus 4 Series UA40H4240AR HD LED TV, which is one of the latest Samsung LED TV available online in India. It is loaded with some amazing features which not only will give tough competition to every other LED TV present in the market but also has full potential to win over everyone’s heart.

Upcoming Samsung LED TV

As discussed so many times earlier also, no one can beat Samsung when it comes to coming up with innovative ideas. Success is no stop for Samsung but just a motivation to achieve many new heights. And working on the same objective, company makes sure that consumers stay hooked up with the brand and with this one, it surely has succeeded in achieving what it wanted to. ....view more
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