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View Sony LED TV in India. Total 58 Sony LED TV available in India online. Sony LED TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.12,911. The lowest price model is Sony KLV 22BX350 Television. Most popular Sony LED TV is Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television priced at Rs. 28,500. The current top Sony LED TV in India are Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television, Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV - KLV32R422A, Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A LED TV, Sony BRAVIA KDL 42W700B Full HD LED TV, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 55" KDL-55W950A. The online price was last updated on 20 Aug, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. A television now is nondetachable of the lives of many, almost all, which fulfills the need of those who look for entertainment, knowledge or information from the world over. Earlier televisions were only a medium of entertainment that were used to telecast the previously recorded programs and news but now with the change and advancement in the technology, the usage of a television set has also diversified. Now TV sets have the capacity to play the role of a home theater, computer, music system and video player. A television set is basically a telecommunication medium that transmits and receives moving images to give them a real life effect. The television was made available commercially since the late 1920s and from then only it has become commonplace in businesses, homes, restaurants, hotels, institutions and commonly played the role of a global advertising medium that has its reach in every corner of the world. It is the best medium to advertise ones products and services as even those who are unable to read and write can listen and recognize the products from its outer appearance, giving credit to the visual effect of the TV set. With the growing popularity of TV sets throughout the world, many players jumped into the arena to try out their luck in the same. Sony is one such player that is into the competition since 1968 with the production of TV sets under the Trinitron brand name, which were based on the CRT technology. But later on, the company stopped the production Trinitron due to fall in the demand in most of the international markets. Finally the last Trinitron TV set was discontinued in USA in the year 2007 and that era marked the end of analog TV sets and monitors from Sony. The second innings of Sony Corporation in the television segment was initiated with BRAVIA brand, an in-house brand owned and governed by Sony itself, which is famous for developing and producing high-definition LCD televisions, home cinemas, projections TV sets, front projectors and the very popular Sony BRAVIA home theater range. The quality and uninterrupted service delivered by Sony is most probably the major reason for its success in the market that has made the company to be the third largest TV manufacturer round the globe. Though the company has faced many ups and downs in its career path, its complete dedication towards its work has brought it to this level of success. Sony TV sets are famous all over the world and are giving valuable service to their end-users. LED TVs have a flat panel display and use light-emitting diodes to display video on the screen. With the innovation of LED panel display, the experience with television becomes more fun and enjoyable as now it is able to give a clearer picture with unbelievable sharpness and brightness. Sony has been delivering LED display technology based television sets for many years and they are doing a good business in the market, not only in India but throughout the world. Sony Corporation is the parent company of Sony Group and manufactures electronics items only. This organization is divided into four operating segments: Electronics, Motion Pictures, Music and Entertainment, and Financial Services. The Electronics segment includes video games, medical business and network services. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita were the co-founders of Sony Corporation who set up the organization in May 1846 and since then the company is expanding its roots in every field. Sony is a well known name in the electronics market and is the third largest manufacturer of TV sets throughout the world behind Samsung and LG. The first Sony product that hit the shelves in the global market was the TR-55 transistor radio that made its appearance commercially in the year 1955 but the official name of the company did not changed to Sony until early 1958. The word Sony is basically a merger of two words – the first one is a Latin word Sonus, from 'sound' and 'sonic', while the other word is 'Sonny', a slang word in English, loaned into Japanese as well for smart, intelligent, charming young men. Sony, now, a brand in the international market, is best known for its quality and up-to-the-mark services and products. Right from the low-end segment to the upper class society, the company has a wide range of products and services to offer and cater the growing needs of the consumers. There's a complete portfolio of Sony televisions catering to the demand of people in India, ranging from some of the most expensive SONY LED TV in India to the cheapest Sony LED TV available in India. With the constant and quick upgradation of technology, the demands and expectations of the consumers are at a high, all the manufacturers are doing their best to deliver them the expected result out of its products. Sony also has a research and development department that constantly keep an eye on the market to find out the change in demands, thus leading to all new technology innovation, product that fulfills all the demands and needs of consumers, bringing out some of latest Sony LED TVs, which earn rave reviews from all around. The trend of online shopping is increasing day-by-day and in order to save time consumers are opting to purchase online where they get options in great quantity. One can now easily shop online for Sony LED TVs available in India with the company as well as other retailers, all helping consumers to research and make their purchases at the comfort of their home.

Popular Sony LED TV

Sony Corporation is into the manufacturing of television sets for long and now the company has become the third largest producer of TV sets round the globe, giving credit to its undaunted services that never let the company loose its hope even when it was facing a downfall. Though there are many Sony LED TV sets available in the Indian market that varies according to the screen sizes and display technology, Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television is one of the most popular Sony LED TV available online in India at Rs. 28,500. This television set is blessed with all the latest supports and features that give a special touch to the electronic device and makes it the most popular among its siblings and rivals.

Expensive Sony LED TV

The purchasing power of Indians has increased to a greater extent in the previous few years that results into the raise in their living standards for which they are ready to pay high price for those products that suits their luxurious life. Every manufacturing unit that is doing a good business in the market keeps a focus on this segment and regularly tries to innovate a product that will be capable to cater the needs and expectations of high class society. For such consumers, Sony has introduced Sony BRAVIA X Series 4K Ultra-HD 3D LED TV 84" KD-84X9000, which is one of the most expensive Sony LED TV available online in India at a high price of Rs. 15.86 lakh. Being the expensive Sony LED TV, Sony BRAVIA X Series 4K Ultra-HD 3D LED TV 84" KD-84X9000 provides support to all the latest features, ports and software that help in adding spice to life and increases the bar of entertainment and fun.

Cheap Sony LED TV

In order to cover a good part of the market, a company has to pay equal attention to every segment of the society, be it the upper, middle or lower class. Not only does Sony focus on the upper class society, but also has it paid attention to the needs, expectations and demands of the other two segments of the population keeping in mind the price they will be ready to pay for the product and service. With all such criteria, Sony has done its best to introduce Sony KLV 22BX350 Television, quite a low priced Sony LED TV available online in India, at as low as Rs.12,911, It has all such additional features and supports that will four-folds the fun of the end user and delivers that high satisfaction from its services and output.

Top 5 Sony LED TV

A huge variety of Sony LED TV sets is available in the Indian market and sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the best that will cater to one's requirements. Many Sony LED TV sets with varied screen size and technology are doing a good business in the market, so marking the best out of them can be a bit difficult. To ease such situations, based on the demand and sales of Sony LED TV sets in India, here is a list of top 5 Sony LED TV sets available online in India and are blessed with the latest technology and features: Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television, Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV - KLV32R422A, Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A LED TV, Sony BRAVIA KDL 42W700B Full HD LED TV, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 55" KDL-55W950A.

Latest Sony LED TV

Every now-and-then, the major players introduce their latest products in the market to grab a good percentage of market share. The company has innovated Sony BRAVIA KD-55X8500B 55 inches 3D Full HD LED TV with an extensive research in the market. With the support of the BRAVIA technology, a special touch of personal care has been provided to Sony television sets, which gives a real life-like touch to the display by delivering a sharp, crisp, bright and clear output.

Upcoming Sony LED TV

Research is one of the most important factors that plays a vital role in the success of a company. The research always goes on till the company survives in the market and helps it to get acquainted with the change in the technology and demands of consumers in the market. Based on the research results, the company starts developing and innovating new product that would have the capacity to cater to the new requirements of the users. This television runs on the latest technology and has more advanced features than the latest Sony LED TV in India. ....view more
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