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View Sony TV in India. Total 73 Sony TV available in India online. Sony TV are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.12,231. The lowest price model is Sony BRAVIA 22 inches HD LCD KLV-22BX350 TV. Most popular Sony TV is Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television priced at Rs. 28,500. The current top Sony TV in India are Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television, Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV - KLV32R422A, Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A LED TV, Sony BRAVIA KDL 42W700B Full HD LED TV, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 55" KDL-55W950A. The online price was last updated on 23 Aug, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Starting off in the year 1946, based out of Japan, Sony Corporation has reached where it is today on the basis of sheer hard work. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita brought a group of determined people, thus the inception of the very basic Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute, known as Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyujo in Japan. To go back in the history of Sony Corporation, the company was started with the aim of thinking, designing, manufacturing, and producing products of the new age, which would benefit people. Sony started with once-innovative rice cookers to the world's first magnetic tape recorder in the year 1949, to the country's first transistor , TR-55, being launched in the year 1955. By now the company had started spreading its wings to countries out of Japan as well, United States of America saw the first of Sony steps in the year 1960. The same year, a few months later, was launched the world's first direct view TV which was easily portable, TV8-301. This particular TV, a product after much researching and experiencing in the field of radio technology, had 23 transistors along with 19 diodes. What was most exciting about TV8-301 was its portability, while the TVs till then were more of room fixed. And then to think, the same company now produces <>, which though is one of the highest price Sony TV available in India in the current portfolio, is fully loaded with features about which the company does not even boast of. Soon the company stepped into Switzerland as Sony Overseas S.A. in the year 1960. It was in 1962 when the company launched TV5-303, which was the then lightest and smallest transistor television of its times; the very same year Sony was working out of Hong Kong as well. In the 1964, the world started automatic recording with Sony-O-Matic TC-357. The very next year, 1965, 19C-70, a color television in the 19-inch size was launched and put on the market. The same year was brought out a revolutionary product, CV-2000, which was the first among all the video recorders the company produced. A few months later was launched transistor with in-built stereo amplifier, TA-1120. In the early 1968, Sony Records joined hands with CBS Inc. thus called CBS/Sony Records Inc., though was soon renamed as CBS Sony Inc. and then CBS/Sony Group Inc few year down the lane. However, Sony won over all the stakes of the venture by the year 1988 and was borne Sony Music Entertainment Inc., as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony. Established in the year 1968, Sony (UK) Ltd., this United Kingdom branch was renamed and reorganized in 1993 as Sony United Kingdom Ltd. Now that we are talking of the year 1968, a mention to KV-1310 is a must. This was the first Trinitron color TV from Sony. Revolutionary was it in the sense that it put forth a level of color brightness that had not yet been attained till date. The exclusive Sony Trinitron was a series of color TVs, which set up a landmark in empire that Sony was trying to build in the field of televisions. However, if we notice the kind of televisions that Sony's been producing now, for example, Sony BRAVIA 22 inches HD LCD KLV-22BX350 TV, which is one the low priced Sony TV available online in India but still loaded with the best of features, the true and honest gauging of the success ladder that the company has climbed. However, it was not until 1972 when a proper functioning on the development of color televisions started in the California plant. Also, this was the year when home video recording product facility was established, named Sony Koda Inc. Spreading its wings wider, another unit was opened in Spain, Hispano Sony in the year 1973. Not to stop here, the year was impressively fruitful for the company, as this year, 1973, also brought awards towards Sony Trinitron color TV system range, an Emmy was given away to a Japanese company for the first time ever. Sony UK also soon started operations on Sony color TVs. Yet another landmark was in the year 1982, when Sony introduced the world's first CD player, CDP-101, and 2 years later, Sony brought music on-the-go with launching D-50, a portable CD player, and the next year, a camcorder. By then, the demand of computers was seeing an ever-high, though Sony did go slow in this field, but as and when the company launched itself in the arena of computers, it totally blasted the world. The first computer facility was started in 1993 as Sony Computer Entertainment. By the year 1996, Sony was manufacturing from China as well. In the year 1997, a new technology, Digital Reality Creation was developed, which gave new heights to TV viewing experience, with the picture now being much closer to true-to-the-form with 4x resolution. It was this and then the company has never seen back, creating a new history for itself. Sony Corporation entered India in the year 1994, initially for marketing and sales of Sony products, and soon getting into production as well looking at the high demand of Sony products in India. Today the company is comfortably selling Sony PlayStations, Xperia Smartphones, Home Theater System, Personal audio, computer and peripherals, compact digital cameras, SLR and DSLRs, etc. Sony in India faces competition from the likes of Samsung, LG, Haier, Philips, Toshiba, etc. To track the history of Sony TVs, it started with TV8-301, the first ever portable TV, in the year 1960. In the year 1962 was launched TV5-303, better known as micro TV, which put TVs in the automobile segment as well, with it being the smallest and really light in the world. The first ever TV under Sony Trinitron TVs, KV-1310, was launched in the year 1968, the highlight being that it was a color television and brought an amazing level of brightness to TV. Then came KV-1375 in the year 1977, which came with a unique design which was extremely innovative at the time; also was there Jet Sensor, which means now channels were being changed with a gentle push on the control panel buttons. Both these features along with the never-before clarity made this product an instant hit. A revolution of sorts was put forth via KX27HF1 in the year 1980; this was a television that put together a huge range of entertainment in a single product, a modular TV with TV tuner, stereo amplifier, etc. Sony put the first color TV with HDTV features for consumer usage in the year 1990 in its product KW-3600HD, which was a 36 inched HD Trinitron. Sometime in the year 1997 was launched a new series of televisions, Sony WEGA. KW-32HDF9, a WEGA HDTV television with FD Trinitron tube, brought advanced picture view and reproduction. In the year 2002, the company introduced its first generation of liquid crystal WEGA televisions. And then, few years down the lane while paving its way to smoother success in its kitty, Sony BRAVIA was launched. In the year 2005 was brought in the first BRAVIA series of televisions. The first BRAVIA TV to enter the world was KDL-46X1000, a wide LCD screen, wide array of colors, full HD resolution, thus an out-of-the-world TV viewing experience. Come 2007 and Sony introduced the world to first ever OELD TV with XEL-1, which pulled in high peak brightness, rapid response time, high contrast, color reproduction. Could the consumers have asked for more in a go? Well yes, we do! Next came the ultra thin Sony TV, LCD LED TV, 3D BRAVIA LED HDTV, Blu-ray recorder, and then came a revolution. A revolution in true sense. With Sony BRAVIA Internet TV with X-Reality PRO, it sure was a revolution. Setting up a benchmark for innovation, high quality, quick and personal after sales services, Sony TVs were soon put on Internet for online shopping Sony TV in India. This came at a time when all that people could manage was online researching and shopping as a result of market research and a grasp of consumer choices. Sony TV are available online in India via Sony e-store as well as other online retailers available in huge numbers. With a huge range of Sony TV, there are around 73 Sony TV available online in India, it becomes a tough choice to finalize on one. So here we put forth to our esteemed visitors some of the best Sony TVs for online shopping.

Expensive Sony TV

It has now become a quite expected and accepted fact from the brands like that of Sony, if the product is expensive, it would be the best, or the vice versa. Yes, expensive Sony TV in India will always be chockablock with the latest technologies and the best of features. Though Sony BRAVIA X Series 4K Ultra-HD 3D LED TV 84" KD-84X9000 is one of the highest priced Sony TV available online at Rs. 15.96 lakh, not even once would a user ever feel cheated of money. Money invested here is well invested, because Sony has put in all those features in this television set that a consumer of age would like to have.

Cheap Sony TV

Cheap is not a word to be used next to Sony TV, or for that matter any other product from Sony’s kitty. What the word ‘cheap’ here means is low price Sony TV, however still, low priced Sony TVs do not mean low quality. Good and desirable quality are adjectives that are always to be attached with cheap Sony TVs available online in India. One such example can be Sony BRAVIA 22 inches HD LCD KLV-22BX350 TV.

Top 5 Sony TV

Sony is a brand name that stands tall at the top when it comes to the number game among all electronics manufacturing brands functional in India. Easy and well known fact. However, it's a tough game to choose the best products of the best manufacturer, because of all the minute details being taken care of in its products. And so is it to call a few of the TVs to be the best out of the whole portfolio of Sony TV in India. However, below we list the top 5 Sony TV available online in India as well as in stores: Sony Bravia KLV-32R402A 32 Inches Direct LED Television, Sony Bravia 32 Inch LED TV - KLV32R422A, Sony Bravia KDL-32W600A LED TV, Sony BRAVIA KDL 42W700B Full HD LED TV, Sony BRAVIA 3D Full HD LED TV 55" KDL-55W950A. ....view more
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