Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black

Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black

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Key Features
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 16.1 MP
  • Built in Flash Yes
  • Screen Size 2.7 Inches
  • Sensor Type Exmor CMOS Sensor
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Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black - User Reviews

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Sexy Camera
by Vedant Shukla on 2012-11-06

I had gone to buy an entry level DSLR and thus was considering Nikon D3100 or D3200. However, then I came across Sony Alpha A37K and it really has features that are capable of blowing its competition out of water. I have been using this DSLR for sometime now and I am really impressed with the image quality and user friendly make of this camera. The biggest advantage that this camera has over Nikon or even Cannon for that matter is the image stabilization built in the camera body itself. Both Cannon and Nikon have the image stabilization in the lenses and not in the body of the camera. So if you buy a lens in future for Sony Alfa A37K, you have to shell out less amount of money as compared to Nikon or Cannon. The second major advantage this camera has over its competition if that it can capture 7fps (frames per second) as compared to 4fps by Nikon D3200. But the best feature of this camera is the low light photo capture wherein 6 pictures are clicked and then merged to make one great looking picture. Apart from the zoom in the lens the camera also has internal zoom which doubles that zooming capability of this camera. The camera also has a Help button, which imparted genuinely informative context-sensitive advice. Last and not the least...the camera has good battery life which lets you click around 450 photos in a single charge.

The disadvantage this camera has in comparison to its competition is the LCD screen size which is 2.7 inches as compared to 3 inches which is being offered by Nikon D3200 and also resolution of the LCD is 230,400 dots which is very less in comparison to D3200 which is offering 921,000 dots. Due to a lower resolution the picture looks a bit washed out on the camera LCD.

All in all if you are upgrading yourself from point and shoot cameras to a DSLR I would highly recommend this camera.

Wanna come out of P&S world and grab a basic DSLR?? Then this is it...
by Laxmikant Maitri on 2012-12-31

I was about to grab a hold of Nikon D3100, but as informed by my pals and relatives I reviewed and checked the Sony A37.

I was not a die-hard fan of Sony, coz I have been using Sony (W350) since more then 3+ years and wanted to come out of the world of P&S.

Coming to the point. There are many points to be consider for Sony A37 over Nikon D3100 and Canon EOS 1100D.

1. FPS. Sony have a 7 fps as compare to 4 fps of Nikon and Canon.
2. Highest ISO. Sony gives an ISO of 16000 against 3200 of Nikon..
3. Image stability. Sony have a in-build image stability, hence you need not to buy a lens which have image stability.
4. Flip-out screen. This is one of the biggest advantage and I feel this has to be there for any camera (be it P&S / DSLR), coz we shell-out more than 25k (myPOV).
5. 3D / Panaroma. Sony have a capabality of capturing both the feature as compare to other compitator.
6. HDR. This feature is missing in both of the D3100 and 1100D.
7. Higher true resolution. Sony gives a 16.1mp against 14.2mp
8. Digital Zooming. Sony gives a digital zooming along with the kit-lens zoom (this is somewhat must have for kit-lens especially if we using a kit lens)
9. External mic jack. Sony provides with the capacity of external mic, which will be helpful in case of some events and shows.
10. Focus point. Sony gives us 15 FP vs 11 FP of Nikon and 9 FP of Canon.
11. Launch date:
a. Nikon D3100: August 19, 2010
b. Canon 1100D: February 2011
c. Sony A37: February 2012

Considering all the above points, I would say this is the best Basic DSLR in the market.

Safe bet for entry level DSLR
by Manjunath M on 2012-12-29

I had bought it from Sony Center a week ago. I am a newbie in photography department and was contemplating buying Nikon d5100 or d3100 or a37k. I researched a little and found that a37k provides a lot of advantages like IS inside body, 7fps continuous shoot, smaller body and better ergonomics (subjective), continuous autofocus during videos, video format AVCHD(good quality), stereo mic for better sound in video, etc. It also has a good sized sensor, so image quality shouldn’t be too bad. Moreover it features a new and different technology than others and it helps differentiate it from hordes of Nikons and Canons (I love being unique)!! It also has a help button that is useful for people like me.

I took it out during an indoor function and used it mostly in low light conditions with intelligent mode(auto select of ISO etc) and am very much impressed. The pictures with flash can sometimes appear slightly washed out(don’t worry, very few times), but on taking without flash they look perfect with minimal noise. Outdoor pictures looked extraordinary and I am very satisfied. I could get around 560 pictures, 15% outdoors, rest indoors with around half of them on flash and around 15mins of video at 50i. Manual focus is easy to make, there is a focus box in the centre that turns green on proper focus, so lower resolution of screen doesn’t matter much at least for focusing. I have tried video with autofocus and it locks on unbelievably fast! I would say videos are one huge differentiator of this from others. Electronic viewfinder is good and I haven’t seen any tear in it. I could look into it for a few minutes without straining my eye.

Coming to lens, Sony has a handful of them(with many in the pipeline) which are supplemented by Tamron and Sigma models. These are far less in number than the ones available for Nikon for sure, but for a casual hobbyist like me these are more than enough. Also future of this SLT series looks secured as Sony is here to stay and a lot of RnD has gone into this technology with the models being updated fairly often.

All in all, buying this would be a fairly safe bet for an entry level SLR(like) camera and you wouldn’t regret it!

PS: The battery quoted here is wrong. It is NP-FW50. @Flipkart: please change the description!

Way ahead than similar priced dslr's
by Pankaj Verma on 2013-03-14

Pros :
- HDR shooting : brings more contrast to pics because this feature enables camera to take pics in different exposures and stitch them together which results in much range in lights and darks captured in a photo
- Swivel screen : Helps in taking tricky shots and record video
- 25600 ISO : for maximum light sensitivity
- Image stabilization (sensor shift) : Required in body if in future you take high zoom lenses
- 15 focus points against 11 of nikon d5100 and 9 of canon d600
- 7fps against 4 fps of nikon d5100 and 3.7 of canon d600
- Phase detection auto focus(against contrast detection of nikon d5100) which enables fast and accurate focus
- Built in auto focus motor which nikon d5100 doesn't have
- Can take panorama and 3D Photos

- LCD resolution only 230k
- Digital Viewfinder which consumes more battery against Pentamirror viewfinder but still it takes 500 shots per charge
- Not waterproof but none other dslr in this price range is
- Slow max shutter speed 1/4000 but it is required for sports photography and fast shutter speed is present in much costlier camera's for eg 1/8000 in canon eos d60

Hope this helps

awesome depth in the result
by anish jha on 2013-02-02

im using SLT A37 from 2months. the best part of this camera is the depth of the result.also the video recording of dis camera is in AVCHD(Advance video codec high deffinition) which is in 60fps the maximum fps in any SLR. the flip screen is also the big advantage. Buit in Steady shot saves money when u buy ur Lenses in the future. SLT(Single lens translucent) technology makes u comfortable when u clickuing the snaps in live view.A37 have 7fps high speed shooting. Overall great camera. and in my opinion best entry level camera in all catalogue. So if u going to purchase ur firt SLR plzz prefer SONY SLT-A37. thankk u

great camera
by Vaishnavi dixit on 2012-12-15

i have purchased it from sony center.
this is my first DSLR camera.
built quality of camera is superb. main feature it has that is inbuilt IS, so we need not to spend much more on lenses.
Image quality is also good. i did a lot survey and found that canon 600d and sony a37 at nearly equal level.
but i prefer it coz:
1. inbuilt IS
2. Sony has large service network, canon has only collection center( Main service center is very few).
3. 7 FPS
So finally i recommend Sony a 37 .

Great Product @ a great price
by Stanley George on 2012-09-14

Excellent product, especially the 3D photos. A steal at this price. Was torn between Canon and Sony, but finally went for Sony and don't regret the decision at all. Excellent features and the angles of the viewing LCD helps a lot. A great product at a great price.

Nice product
by Rahul Deva on 2014-09-18

I am using Alpha 37 for almost an year now. I am facing issues with video recording. Whenever i play records Video comes distorted. But i guess that must be some software of MMC issue and should get resolvbed. Will give it to service center. Otherwise this product is very nice i am a satisfied customer.

The best for its price
by Ritwick Banerjee on 2014-01-23

i have been using this camera for about 1year and i am extremely satisfied with it.
evryone has stated all its pros and cons. but one point has gone missing which i would like to include.
when you buy a dslr the photographer inside you suddenly wakes up and you want to click extraordinary pics with ordinary subjects, and most importantly with the "manual" mode.
for an amateur it takes a lot of time to get used-to to the accurate manual settings before taking a pic. in the canons or nikons when to set your manual settings you dont know how the image will be before taking the pic because the lcd doesnot show you the live image and the view finder only shows you what you would see with your naked eye. you only come to know how you composed the image with your manual settings after you have taken the pic and you are reviewing it. but in this camera(sony alpha A37K) the lcd shows you the live image according to your settings all the time, and the final image only differs very very little from what was shown in the live lcd screen before the pic was captured. this helps a lot for amateurs and even the semi-pros. for eg: you see a beautiful fbird and you want to take a nice pic of it. you quickly bring out your camera and take a pic and when you are reviewing the clicked pic you see that you have over exposed the picture or maybe the colour combination is not right or the aperture is not properly set, meanwhile the bird flies away and all you are left with is a bad pic although you own a costly "DSLR"! well this camera solves that problem even before it can arise, because you almost (70%) know your final image even before you have captured it!
if your this camera fits into your budget then dont even think twice, its the best among its equal priced competitors!

Not great but GOOD
by Jabraan Nabi on 2013-08-07

I got this camera from Mumbai as it was my first DSLR camera, It is a Great DSLR for beginners but a bit low in performance for Professionals, the 3 things i found so bad were

1. The low lighting is so bad.
2. If we use Flash the image seems like you have taken this pic from a CHEAP camera.


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Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black - Price History

Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black Specifications

General Features
  • Brand Sony
Camera Features
  • Optical Sensor Resolution 16.1 MP
  • Sensor Type Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • Sensor Size 23.4 x 15.6 mm
  • Maximum Shutter Speed 1/4000 sec
  • Minimum Shutter Speed 30 sec
  • Lens Type Sony Lens, Minolta and Konica Minolta AF Lens
  • Auto Focus TTL Phase Detection
  • Manual Focus Yes
  • Color Filter Primary (RGB) Color Filter
Convenience Features
  • Microphone Built-In Stereo Microphone
  • Continuous Shots Up to 5.5 fps (Continuous Advance Priority AE Mode), 2.5 fps (Continuous Mode)
  • Self Timer 2 sec, 10 sec
  • Metering 1200 Zone Evaluative
Image Enhancements
  • ISO Rating Auto / (ISO 100-16000)
  • White Balancing Auto, Cloudy, Color Temperature, Custom, Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Shade
  • Red Eye Reduction Yes
  • Face Detection Yes
  • Dust Reduction Anti-Dust Charge Protection Coating
  • ViewFinder Electronic View Finder
  • Display Type TFT LCD
  • Screen Size 2.7 Inches
  • Image Display Resolution 230400 dots
  • Video Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)
  • Bluetooth No
  • HDMI Yes; HDMI Mini Connector
  • USB USB 2.0 Hi-Speed
Images & Video
  • Image Format JPEG (DCF 2.0, EXIF 2.3, RAW (ARW 2.3), MPO)
  • Video Format MPEG-4
  • Audio Formats AAC-LC
Media & Software
  • Memory Card Type Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick Pro Duo, SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • External Memory Yes
  • Upgradeable Memory Yes
  • Built in Flash Yes
  • External Flash Yes
  • Flash Modes Auto (Flash-Off), Fill-in, High-speed Sync, Rear Sync, Slow Sync Flash
Power Source
  • Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (NP-FM500H)
  • Weight 448 gms
Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black Sony Alpha SLT-A37K DSLR Black
2.7/5 (3 ratings )
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