फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक
  • फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक

फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक

स्कोर - 88
Highly Recommended
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PD स्कोर =कुल ग्राहक (जिन्होंने रेटिंग दी)+औसत रेटिंग। यह स्कोर आपको मोबाइल खरीदिने मैं मदद करेंगा क्योंकि ये रजिस्टर्ड यूजर की रेटिंग्स पर आधारित है और पूरी तरह वास्तविक हैं
सबसे कम कीमत
+ तक 1.6% कैशबैक
स्टोर पर जाये
प्रमुख विशेषताऐं
  • Instant
  • 0.6 MP
  • Yes
  • Black
सभी विशेषतायें देखें
  • विवरण
  • मूल्य सूची
  • ग्राहको की समीक्षा
  • मूल्य ग्राफ
  • तकनीकी विवरण

फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक भारत मैं मूल्य सूची

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  • ईएमआई सीओडी
    डिलिवरी: Usually delivered in 3-5 days
    मुफ़्त शिपिंग
    + तक 1.6% कैशबैक
    स्टोर पर जाये
  • ईएमआई
    डिलिवरी: Usually delivered in 2-4 days
    मुफ़्त शिपिंग
    + तक 4% कैशबैक
    स्टोर पर जाये
  • ईएमआई
    डिलिवरी: Ships in 3 - 4 Days
    Shipping Charge ₹50
    + तक 2% कैशबैक
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  • डिलिवरी: 9 days
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  • फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक की कीमत ऊपर टेबल के अनुसार Indian Rupee मैं हैं
  • फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत Dec 02, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
  • फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक फ्लिपकार्ट, स्नैपडील, इंफीबीम, पयतम पर उपलब्ध हैं
  • फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक की सबसे कम क़ीमत हैं 4,899 फ्लिपकार्ट में, जो 23.44% पयतम में फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक की लागत से भी कम है ( 6,399)
  • यह कीमतें सभी प्रमुख शहर जैसमुंबई, नई दिल्ली, बंगलौर , चेन्नई, पुणे , कोलकाता, हैदराबाद , जयपुर, चंडीगढ़ , अहमदाबाद , एनसीआर मैं वेध हैं। कृपया स्टोर पर कीमतों को जाँचे ले (अगर कोई अंतर हो)
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  • फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक की कीमतें बदलती रहती हैं. फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत जानने के लिए हमारी साइट पर विजिट करते रहें।

फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

५ मैं से
बहुत अच्छा , 53 पर आधारित
5 32 
4 12 
3 4 
2 0 
1 5 
अपना अनुभव शेयर करें अपनी समीक्षा लिखे
Awesome little camera!
by Ashish Yadav on 2015-05-26

Amazing little camera.
The pictures that come out of it are absolutely stunning.
Easy to operate.

The only problem is the availability of the polaroid films for this camera. They are tough to find and are very expensive online.

It is a Fun Camera...!!!
by Saurin Sg on 2015-03-02

Got this Instant Camera a week back and am loving it.. First of all the Flipkart delivery and packaging is awesome.. Very thin chance of the camera getting damaged during transit.. Now the Instax mini 8 comes in a variety of fun colors.. I got the black one for myself.. and absolutely loving it tiill now... the camera is small easy to handle... it also has a nice big always on flash.. The most interesting feature is the exposure metering sytem, which helps the camera detect the type of lighting in the surrounding.. and there are LED lights jus near the lens which shows what exposure settings we should be shooting on.. The pictures are of the size of a debit card. and the quality is quite good... i was totally impressed with the quality of the pic.. it was actually better than I expected... So, if you want to have some hard copies of those lovely memories with your special persons, go for this camera... absolutely amazing... !!!

amazing product...please get more units of these flipkart
by Aditi Gajaria on 2014-09-16

this is such an awesome product!! i would recommend it to everyone.....please get all the available colors and get the films too..sincere request to flipkart

Loved it..ð???
by Deepanshika Dillu on 2016-05-23

Keep it for special moments... Nice camera. Fun to capture moments (which is usually done with smart phones). Its a very basic camera dowsnt come with many functions and features yet is perfect for creating an album of special moments. Loved it.

Awesome product
by girl on fire on 2015-07-07

The pictures are clear and of amazing quality. And if you love Instant/polaroid cameras you'll definitely love this one.
Works smoothly (have been using it for over a month now) and is really easy to use.

Fun camera!
by Varun P on 2016-05-24

Great camera! Very easy to use and is always a fun addition to social gatherings.

Fun Way To Capture Moments
by D VoiceBox on 2016-05-22

FUn Way To Capture Moments..
Though the image quality ain't awesome but this makes a cute moment last forever and is effective when u need on the spot pictures.

Great product
by sherine sajeeve on 2015-09-16

Totally worth it. just that the film is expensive and there is no point if theres no film but overall its great and if you dont mind spending on the film then totally worth it

Awesome and a stylish camera
by Dhaval Bhanushali on 2015-04-16

i loved this product a lot..it was for my wife on our annivesary..
the camera is very cool and classic..
I buyed it from flipkart and delivery was speedy..
dont expect a HDR Photos from it because it is just a camera for fun..
Click and enjoy

Terrific purchase
by Poulami Sarkar on 2016-09-04

The cutest thing ever happened to me <3

Excellent Instant Camera!
by Shuvjit Ray on 2016-02-14

Bought this as a gift for my wife. She wanted this for a long time now. She was ecstatic. Really loved the colour of the camera. The prints are quite nice too. Good for portraits rather than for landscape photography. The point is to keep your subjects close as the prints are of the size of a credit card, with space around for stuff to be written with a Permanent Marker for memories sake. Totally worth the money spent. However, the film rolls are expensive. This should be used only for special moments. Does what it says in an exceptional way. I would definitely recommend it to others.

by jayakala jagdish on 2016-10-05

Ordered for Grape colour Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. Received the Raspberry one instead. Packing was good. Batteries were included. Fully functional. I rate it 3 since this wasn't the colour I ordered. Would have been 5 stars. But there you go.

Must buy!
by Flipkart Customer on 2016-09-02

I was very excited to have these but due to some probleam in photos i have to return it.

Brilliant one. Cool
by Royal Bhimsen on 2015-12-08

If you are a crazy capturing every moment. Go for it. helps alot to capture and instant develop. Gives smile on ur loved ones face . Make every moment memorable :)

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फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक - मूल्य ग्राफ

फुजीफिल्म इन्स्टाक्स मिनी 8 ब्लैक तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • ब्रांड Fujifilm
  • मॉडल नाम Instax Mini 8 (With Film)
  • टाइप Instant
  • कलर Black
कैमरा फीचर्स
  • ऑप्टिकल सेंसर रेसोलुशन 0.6 MP
  • शटर स्पीड रेंज 1/60 sec
  • मैक्सिमम शटर स्पीड 1/60 sec
  • मिनिमम शटर स्पीड 1/60 sec
  • लेंस टाइप Fujinon 60 mm f/12.7; 2 components, 2 elements
  • फोकल लेंथ 60 mm
  • विूफिंडर 0.37x real image finder with target spot
  • बिल्ट इन फ़्लैश Yes
  • फ़्लैश मोड्स Constant Firing Flash
  • फ़्लैश रेंज Effective Flash Range: 0.6 - 2.7 m
पावर सोर्स
  • एक एडाप्टर 2 x AA batteries
  • बैटरी टाइप Alkaline Batteries
  • डाइमेंशन्स 116 x 118.3 x 68.2 mm (without batteries, strap and film pack)
  • वेट 307 g
इतर फीचर्स
  • इन थे बॉक्स Main Unit, 2 x AA Batteries, Wrist Strap
  • एडिशनल फीचर्स Exposure counter (number of unexposed films), film pack confirmation window
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