निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड
  • निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड
  • निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड
  • निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड
  • निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड
  • निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड

निकों कूलपिक्स एस३१०० रेड

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Worth the penny
by Ananth S Gouri on 2011-09-23

Ordered this on Monday early morning and I had it delivered to my work place by Thu early morn. In fact the courier guy had come to my place on Wed but I was not there. For the camera is concerned - its really worth the value you pay for it. Good features, AV cable, works even in Linux directly. No pre-configuration is needed. The battery life also seems to be good. People bothered with file size of the images, make sure you reduce the resolution.Click the pics and keep moving, dont even stand there for a moment and there is no glitch in your pictures. It also has a Tripod slot which makes your geek stuff more going. Overall - this is my first gadget that I shopped from flipkart, n I would say - its good. Superb packing to prevent the camera from damage, everything loaded as mentioned in the site and in great working condition. Thanks.

Good but not the best
by Varun Narula on 2011-10-07

Recently got this camera (Oct 2011) and must say the purple color looks quite nice without looking too girly.
The camera is quite slim and looks really fab with the metal body and the glossy paint finish.

what I LIKE about the product:

1. Looks expensive and attractive
2. Easy to use
3. Good build quality with switches and plastics feeling durable
4. Various pre-set modes and scenes available, makes life easier for a novice. Camera works quite well when left to auto mode
5. Good quality snaps and I have managed to click some real good ones with this.
6. Both optical and digital zoom (5X) work well and macro mode is quite effective specially when used properly.

What I DONT like:

1. No Optical stabilisation. Meaning that when used without flash, your images will usually come blur due to vibrations from hand. A tripod is a must. This spoils the experience according to me as I HATE blurred images.
2. Manual focus option has to be selected again after each click as the focus freezes in place once set for the first click. So if in my subsequent snap i want to refocus, I got to select the option again. Its purely irritating and stupid.

Conclusion - A good VFM product if you are a novice or if this is your first camera. Easy to use and looks nice. I got this for my mom so it works fine in that role. But if I was to pick something for myself, I would skip this and pick up the Canon A3300 probably for a bit more dough.

Really a nice grab
by Mohit Bhayana on 2011-09-12

I ordered a blue colour piece on 12september as a gift for my father, I was really impressed to see the features and specifications nikon oferred in the price range plus additional goodies they offered with the product just waiting for the delivery of the order, I checked on some local stores in Bhubhaneswar they were nowhere to the deal what Flipkart offered. I'll continue my review on the Service offered by flipkart After I recieve the product. thanks

Worth the money paid… Flipkart delivery works on Sundays as well..!!!!!!
by Manish Dey on 2011-10-10

hi all ,
got this beautiful small yet powerful digicam delivered to me on Sunday which was not expected but surprised and feels good .Thanks flipkart for making my Sunday…

about the S3100. I am happy with this product against the amount paid. It cannot be the best but is worth the price and the free gifts are also of good quality and good looks. Superb image quality , very compact (looks like a toy camera at the first look) , TV/AV cable , charger , battery ,memory card are addons to it. Not to forget , Flipkart has done a superb packing , even if you throw it from a 10 story building the camera will be un affected with this kind of packing.

May be I am wrong but the HD video records only upto 20 seconds..!!!! however if I turn to a vga mode it increases the time length upto 25 minutes . maybe I have to read the manual to change the settings.. otherwise it’s a lovely piece with no regret tag ?

Extraordinary Superb Camera!!!
by Kumar Kaushal on 2011-09-14

This Camera is simply the best deal complimented by few free gifts.With is attracting light golden color & mesmerizing features one can fetch it for a most reasonable price along with its super attractive features which differentiate it from the rest available in the market in the similar range. Very Sleek Design, light weight, ultimate features, different shooting modes which actually makes you think twice whether you being in a real world or watching a camera's pic.You'll definitely get to hear from its viewers that you actually had a great grab of this product which will make them a fan of it too.....
To know it more, grab one & seriously feel the difference...
No Second thoughts for its buying, GO & GRAB IT SOON...:-)

by DANISH RIZVI on 2011-11-26

Picture Quality was good when i used it in Day light and High Light for examples MALLS n SHOWROOMS etc ....
But when used in low light scennario .. then it dissapointed .. PICS WER BLURRY .. SOME WERE WORSE ......... TRIED EVERY SETTING BUT IT DINT WORKED

Very good Camera.........
by Meenaketan Shee on 2011-10-20

This is a very good camera at an Affordable Price...............
A very good Value For Money..................
Nikon CoolpixS3100 with 14 Megapixel and 5x optical zoom gives very cool Images even in low lights.............
Flipkart.com is the best online shopping Website I've ever seen...
It gives best offers in every product at very cool price.........

A very good camera for an affordable price
by Donald Gonsalves on 2011-09-16

I received the camera in 2 days after ordering it at Flipkart. The camera is for less than Rs. 7000/- and it packs 14MP which is very good for this price. The camera is slim and you can see the lens protruding upto 3 tiers. Very sleek to use. The camera has a 4x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. The picture quality is great while you are using the optical zoom but if you use the digital zoom to click a picture the sharpness is not so good. In macro shoot (I used it for close up product shoot) the picture clarity is great (if you use a tripod. Highly recommended if you don't have a hugh budget.

Nice camera with reasonable price
by Madhukar Garg on 2013-01-07

This is one of the nice camera by Nikon at very reasonable price. Lithium battery is ok.
The only problem I faced is little slow while storing high resolution photos.
Thanks flipkart for quick delivery and comfortable shopping.

The Best In This Price
by Nitesh Kumar on 2012-06-09

I purchased this camera in 21 January 2012.
This is awesome camera in the budget range.
Anyone can click with this camera & no need to have great knowledge to operate digital camera.
In one line" Bas Camera Lao Photographer Ban Jao".
Great Video recording with HD movie button.
Separate recording button & separate button to click the photos.
The only problem is with the recording:-No pause button to hold the recording when you want to stay for a while.
Remaining are the very good.
About VIDEO quality:-
You can capture the HD quality video recording as wall as with QVGA and VGA.
PHOTO quality:-
Great photo quality with the 14M* option.

It's a good camera
by Maushumi Ghosh on 2011-08-03

The pictures are so sharp that one forgets which is the real scene and which is the picture.. At night, pictures shot in ambient light without flash as as good as day time shots. Day time shots capture the essence of every scene - the sunshine, the dark corners and bright faces. Overall, it is an excellent camera to possess. And it is so handy - just like a cell phone. I love my Nikon. And just to mention - I am grateful to my sister and brother-in-law who gave it to me.

Ordering Experience
by Viswanathan D on 2011-08-18

I felt comfortable choosing the model, comparing with other models, colors available, competitive price and payment methods. Overall I felt comfortable and secured ordering on Flipkart. I am waiting for my shipment.

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