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  • निकों डी३१०० (रेड)
  • निकों डी३१०० (रेड)
  • निकों डी३१०० (रेड)
  • निकों डी३१०० (रेड)

निकों डी३१०० (रेड)

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by Deepak Bhaskar on 2011-08-19

Lets begin!
Nikon , one of the best camera makers -- we all know right.
Again the company has done it with D3100. If you are a regular digital camera user and buying this as you first DSLR you will fall in love with it at first look (really).
The basics;
You can get the specs from any where you want so i am not wasting in writing it.
Still, i will have a say about the image sensor size which is the heart of any camera and trust me this has a golden heart. If you wish to know the conversion of sensor size and 35mm comparison it is provided in the manual. Taking further the sensor is CMOS , a better variant than the D3000 which has a CCD sensor. Dont go in detail just know that CMOS is better in comparison.
The build of the camera--9/10
Holding position -- very good . you feel confident when you hold it. Like it will nor slip out out.
Dial and back panel buttons -- good position and quick access function.
Lens - Fair enough for starters and VR -- AF does the job really well. Lack of zoom (if somebody want it).

Taking photos:
As easy as a DSLR can get is the auto mode and guide mode.
Although the guide mode a little boring but still good and must have for starters. Without much hassle you can get great photos.
The manual mode is very expansive. you can make almost any change to the settings you want. Stick to the basics and go on step by step , like first setting the aperture only , and then exposure etc and you are in the way of being a pro soon.
Now about the accessories:
Battery-- charges very fast and lasts long.
Memory-- go for any size you like it depending on how much you shoot.
Rest of the accessories are standard as the data cables, HDMi cables etc are sufficient. The ferrite cores provided are very useful put it on any data cable you are planning to use.

Okay guys i hope you will find it somewhat useful. If you want more please comment.
Last verdict : Buy it if it fits your budget and wish to use a DSLR

by Avirup Chatterjee on 2011-11-24

I am impressed .This is my first DSLR and I am loving it.
First thing I should tell here so many ppl has mentioned very constructive comments in the review. Before buying this DSLR I was pretty confused on which one to buy say in my list
Nikon D3100
Canon 1100D
Canon 550D
Nikon D5100

But I dont have lots of money per se. After doing so much research I opted for Nikon D3100 coz the gripping was so good in my hand than any others.

I have tried Canon 550D too ... it is a good camera to be very frank. But if u think carefully I would suggest to buy the Nikon D3100 body with a prime lense either 50mm 1.8G or 35 mm 1.8G , Nikkor offcourse.

I ma using this camera for more than 3 months, no problem found whatsover and I ma very satisfied.

But it might seem that the image is bit natural in ur DSLR, I have trick for u , if u check Canon 550D it will provide u much saturated color more vibrant than Nikon D3100. So make ur camera setting color as vivid and increase the saturation manually from the menu.

U wont regret this buy . Trust me.

@Rahul Das
by Joshua Yeldose on 2013-01-17

Zooming? we are talking about a DSLR here, not a tiny sensor P&S camera. If you don't know what you are talking about, don't make such stupid, joke of the 21st century comments. DSLR doesn't deal in Number X zoom, it uses the term focal length to specify its reach, the 18-55mm lens that comes with a d3100 is a decent lens, if you need to take faraway stuff you have to buy a telephoto lens, ask any real photographer, photography is not about zooming, they zoom with their legs, many of them opt "primes" (un zoomable) for the superior quality of glass.

Go for a higher one instead of this handicap DSLR...
by kamal jyoti on 2011-10-31

Only Nikon AF-S lenses will auto focus on D3100. Nikon chose to not put a focusing motor in the D3000, D3100, D5000 and D5100 so you'd have to buy the more expensive AF-S lenses that have a focusing motor in the lens. The Nikon AF 50mm f1.8D is about $140.00 while the new Nikon AF-S 50mm f1.8G is about $220.00 - a nice extra $80.00 or thereabouts in profit for Nikon. If you use the AF 50mm f1.8D on your D3100 you will have to manually focus the lens. It will not auto focus on your camera.

My first DSLR Nikon D3100
by Prabhakar Kamath on 2011-11-13

Purchased this about 3 weeks back, and am amazed at its performance:
- My decision to buy Nikon D3100 v/s Canon 1100D was not bad. Though more expensive, the feel in hand, compactness, sensor size, HD movies capability, 3" dispalay, rubber grip tilted my decision towards Nikon.
- excellent image quality & low noise at 14MP, even with flash.
- Kit lens has its limitations, but ok for me to begin with experimenting.
- I manual focusing for macro / close up shots much better than autofocus.
- The HD video mode delivers excellent quality movies.
- The built in flash looks small, but has enough power to take good snaps at indoor functions. I recently took more than 150 photos at my niece's wedding, and the result was great.
- I prefer to shoot in A (aperture priority) or Manual M mode.
- I plan to buy a 50mm stand alone lens followed by 55 - 300 zoom.
- In short, go for Nikon D3100!!

@ Sandeep Sulakhe
by Joshua Yeldose on 2013-01-24

Your Review was a good one, but have little inaccuracies, i too have been using this DSLR for 18 months with sb 400 flash and i bought it for 28500 then. The thing is that it can continuously auto focus while video recording and been one of the first entry level SLR to do so. The problem with video recording is that, it can only shoot 1080p at 24fps. While many other entry level SLR's can do it at 30 fps. The continuous auto focus can cause noise in the video which is a drawback.

Best camera in its range!!
by praveen kaande on 2012-06-14

Its been 8 months im using it n im totally happy with this camera. Has all the feature that you might expect from a camera. The 18-55mm lens which come with the camera is good for general purpose use but it wont be long before you start feeling its limited zooming ability. So, be ready to buy a zoom lens soon. It has good battery backup, user friendly ,easy to operate. the most recommended product if you are thinking to move from your point n shoot to SLR..Its the best in its range..for sure!! Last thing for general users (people who just want a good camera). I see SLRs these days in everybodies hand because it has gone cheap. You can afford it doesn't mean you should buy it. SLRs are those people want spend lot of time in photography. People who want good camera for their family trip should go for point n shoot. there are some really good PnP in the market, look for it.

The best there is for 22 large
by Kumaresh Bhattacharjee on 2014-04-12

I've been researching on several entry level DSLR's (Canon 1100D, Sony SLT A35 to name a couple) since over a few months and finally narrowed on this marvel. Reasons to go for this and not the others are:

A: Slightly larger sensor size.
B: More megapixels (I know it doesn't really matter but helps if you're to crop your shots).
C: Higher ISO capabilities.
D: Overall better value for buck.

On first use it really does not feel like an entry level DSLR at all. As a matter of fact, Even when compared with higher end's like the D90, not a lot of difference can be observed (Tested with the same 50mm AF-S lens). If you are a beginner into professional photography, the Guide or Full auto mode can do wonders. However, the full potential of this beast can be felt under the Full manual mode. I've read several opinions on how this one cannot keep the shots distortion free on lower shutter speeds but, personally, I've tested it while in my car with considerable amount of vibration and with very low shutter speeds, and it was unbelievably stable and shots were great. I'm talking about using with the kit 18-55 lens here. It'd be way better with a prime or telephoto. Additionally, worrying about lack of juice is also a no no with this beast. With full charge, it lasted for more than a day with about 430 RAW / 500 JPEG shots.

Overall, its a beautiful piece of hardware to have for any photographer. Especially if you are a beginner, this would serve as the wand for a wizard !

Best DSLR for the beginners.
by sunny pratap singh on 2013-07-03

I have done lots of research, I am confused between D3200, D5100, canon 600D and sony a58, but all of them little expensive and I get this on Flipkart @21k. Its a too good a deal to miss and now I can spend my money to buy some lenses. If you are new to DSLR photography it will give you enough satisfaction. Hats off to flipkart. mind blowing service. they deliver me within 2 days. Downside of this camera is that it is launched in 2010 and also the screen's resolution is poor and it doesn't have built-in focus motor unlike Canon's so you have to buy the lenses that have focus motor built in and they cost you more.

Budget DSLR
by Saptarshi Paul Choudhury on 2013-10-02

if you are looking for a DSLR camera within a budget of less than 25000 rupees this is the one DSLR camera from Nikon everyone can go for because no one can get any better DSLR camera in this price range from any other manufacturer like canon or sony or whatever it is this DSLR has all the primary features which a DSLR camera should have
Nikon D3100 Key Features

14.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
3.0" LCD monitor (230,000 dots)
Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake)
11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
IS0 100-3200 range (12,800 expanded)
HD movies (1080p, 720p or WVGA)
Higher resolution sensor (14.2MP vs. 10MP)
Ability to shoot Raw + Fine JPEG
Socket for connecting Nikon GP1 GPS unit
Optional wired remote via GPS socket
No wireless remote option
Live view
1080p HD movies
HDMI output
final verdict
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Wider ISO range
Full-time AF mode (AF-F in live view)
Revised focus screen (different AF point illumination)

The best DSLR @ Entry Level
by Anurag Khosla on 2011-04-22

Nikon D3100 is the ebst DSLR in 30k range. I have been using it for close to 3 months now and can confidently write that I'm a very satisfied user and I didn't make a wrong choice.
Who should go for Nikon D3100?
> Anyone who is looking forward to taking their photography to a new level by moving up from a Point and Shoot or a Superzoom camera should go for D3100. No Superzoom can ever match DSLR quality. Superzooms offer better zooming option and a low price but their sensor size is too small to capture visually delighting pictures. Nikon D3100 comes with a 18-55mm VR lens that allows 3x zoom in point and shoot terminology.

>A lot of Manual controls easily accessible from the body.
>High ISO with minimal Noise. Nikon D3100 gives very clean pics at high ISO's.
>Decent screen resolution, though a 920000 dots screen that comes with a D5100 would be even better.
>Great in camera RAW pictures processing. one wouldn't need to do it on a computer. Its surprisingly faster in camera than in the computer.
>Video capture in Full HD and 720p is very good, if not exactly close to HD Camcorders. Video capture is accessible from the body button
>Very clear Optical viewfinder.
>Very lightweight and good grip.
>Surprisingly high battery capacity, I do over 450 shots at least.
>I dont believe in Megapixels count really but the sensor size, something that really matters, is high, Its sensor is bigger than Canon counterparts which makes pictures crystal clear and complements the high Megapixels offered.
>Live view mode isn't very pleasing, though I wouldn't use Live view ever, even if there was one that was better than what we currently have. Photo Capture is slower with Live view. Since i do not use Live view and would never use one, the absence of swivel screen that comes with D5100 doesn't hurt, it's more like a style feature than something of utility.
>I don't really find the Guide mode very useful. I wonder if anybody is so dumb that they cannot learn photography without using the guide mode. I don't use the guide mode, even though I'm a beginner.
>3fps is not the fastest you get. If you want a marginally faster camera with same picture quality, then spend about 8k more and get D5100.
>The free bag that comes with Nikon DSLRs isnt that best bag you'd like to have your DSLR in. It's cheap. I'd buy a new bag for my DSLR soon.
>4 GB card is insufficient for a whole day of photo capture, esp when you capture in RAW mode. I suggest going for a 16GB card, coz in my opinion, changing card is a pain when you are happily shooting, isn't it?

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