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  • निकों डी३३०० (ऑफ-S 18-55 मम वर किट लेंस ई + ऑफ-S 55-200 मम वर किट) दसलर कैमरा

निकों डी३३०० (ऑफ-S 18-55 मम वर किट लेंस ई + ऑफ-S 55-200 मम वर किट) दसलर कैमरा

स्कोर - 95
Highly Recommended
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Great Product, Comprehensive Review
by Sahil Jain on 2015-02-03

Have been using this product for a couple of months now. Below is a quick review-

Pros- Best DSLR for entry level. Do not go anywhere else for now.
Con- The only con I see is the lack of inbuilt auto focus which makes the lenses expensive. But that isn’t so much.

1- Flipkart Delivery
Excellent delivery, best packaging, all as described, no complains. Make sure you buy from WS Retail Seller only.

2) Product Review
- Build Quality- Best build quality amongst entry level DSLR's. It has a premium feel to it unlike canon 1100 etc which seems a bit plasticky. The products grips well in the hand and the feel is rigid.

- Kit Lens Review- The kit lens is great to start of with. Especially the new 18-55 kit lens which is smaller as compared to the old lens and has a lock mechanism which makes the lens easier to carry and avoids accidental clicks. For pros, this lens is just a beginners lens and there is little it can offer in terms of photography. But 3300's inbuilt functionality is a boon to try various options with this lens. (Do not expect bokeh effects though). The autofocus and VR make it literally like a digicam on auto mode. For beginners try using the inbuilt guide. One important thing to note is that the DSLR does not have an inbuilt auto focus, and the autofocus capability rests with the Lens you have on it. Do not buy lenses without Autofocus Motor, since they just act like a binocular with no functionality.

- Functionality Review- This is by far the best entry level DSLR, both if you intend to learn or want to buy a DSLR for the sake of it. One of the best feature if the Effects Mode, where you can try multiple options like Vivid, Pop, etc. They give the images instagramy touch. It is a great feature for those buying it for the sake of buying a DSLR. The next thing is the guide mode- which can come handy for those wanting to learn. Other than that it offers normal DSLR functionality which is good to explore. Remember this is a DX Lens and not a FX one, which necessarily means that this is not a full frame lens. It does not impact your photography as far as your skill sets are concerned, it just does not capture the full frame that you would expect to capture as opposed to a full frame lens(FX). One thing to note is that always buy the DX lenses with this since the FX lens might have performance issues.

3) Add On’s to consider
- Nikon DX 55-200 VR Lens- This is a good telephoto zoom lens which will offer you decent zoom capability. People do debate on 55-300, but trust me, efficient photography is not about zoom. Zoom comes handy when you are into wildlife photography etc, but if you plan to reach that point, the best option is 70-300 VR lens by Nikon. Else, this one will suffice all your needs.
- Nikon 35mm 1.8g Prime- This is the best prime lens to start with. No VR/No Zoom but offers the best aperture range. This is the best entry lens for low light photography which is a result of low aperture value. Additionally this lens assists best with ‘bokeh’ effect and is brilliant when it comes to crisp photography. The debate between 50mm and 35mm prime is also endless, but remember 50mm reduces the scope of coverage of the background, whereas 35mm offers best coverage of the background. Additionally, 35mm results in 50mm equivalent shots, and 50mm results in approx. 80mm shots. So go for 35mm to start with unless you are only into portrait photography. For the best multipurpose use, go for 35. This lens also has A/M and M mode which assists in switching between.

- Tripod- Any tripod, but basically for beginners I recommend not to use one. The more you use the DSLR with your hands, the more stability you get. It is similar to Pistol shooting where the stability of the hand matters the most.

My First DSLR (Awesome Feeling)
by Keshav Murthy on 2014-08-17

Initially i was bit confused between D5300 & D3300 but after doing some intensive research i decided to buy D3300.

The product got delivered within 24 Hrs. Thanks to Flipkart...!!!

This camera shoots very high quality stills & records 60 fps 1080p videos.

With the price difference of 15k between D5300 and D3300, i would suggest people to go for D3300 and add some beautiful lens to your kit eg: A must have 35mm Nikkor Lens 55 -200mm VR Nikkor Lens).

Will share more in detail after few weeks of usage.

For now i am very satisfied with the product & the service provided by the Flipkart.

Awesome camera & Absolute Steal at Price Rs. 29999/-
by Amit Shah on 2014-06-29

I bought this camera on April 4th 2014.

• I recommend the Nikon D3300 to everyone who asks what camera to buy for great photos of family, friends, sports, concerts, theater and action.

• Got kids and want great action, low-light and long-distance photos? The D3300 is the camera to get. Paying more won't get you much more other than a lot more weight to have to carry around.

• The built-in flash is excellent. You probably don't need a separate flash unless you're trying to shoot action or kids which demand a fast recycle time.

• The included 18-55mm VR II is probably all you need for everything. If you're new to photography, the strongest advice I can give you from 45 years of experience is that it's far more important to learn how to use what you've got, instead of confusing the issue by buying more lenses, as you're starting out.

• Personally, I usually use the 35mm f/1.8 DX for everything and leave the 18-55mm VR at home.

• The D3300's LCD is big, bright, sharp and color-accurate. You couldn't really put a bigger or better screen on a camera this small.

• Like most DSLRs, the battery lasts forever. The biggest worry you should have is being lulled into forgetting to bring your charger on a long trip.

• New in the D3300, a swept panorama mode lets us hand-hold and swipe the D3300 in any of four directions to make a 180º panorama.

• Color rendition is superb; the D3300 uses all the same picture controls, with matching results, to all the other current Nikon cameras.

PROS: Small for a DSLR; Retracting lens makes camera compact; Sharp, clear images with accurate color; Video has smooth movement; Great price

CONS: No tilting LCD screen; Limited shooting controls.

VERDICT : The Nikon D3300 is an excellent entry-level camera for aspiring photographers, delivering a good feature set and high-quality images.

Its Deinitely better than Canon 600d
by Niteesh Bhat on 2014-10-14

Canons have good color reproduction and the photos look really good on the camera screen but when zoomed they are not as sharp as Nikons and Canons produce more noise compared to Nikon especially when comparing 3300 and 600d in the Low light. Canon is more famous because of it is easy to use as well as good marketing programs such as Loyalty Programs which makes you buy Canon again and suggest your friends to buy canon, more like Network Marketing but Nikons are more sharp especially when cropped at 100% Nikon are more sharp and have Less noise. Other reason why Canon is more famous because the people who buy a DSLR Camera are 80% enthusiasts and 20% or less professionals. A non proffestional want an easy to use Camera while Proffessionals are more concerned about picture quality. These 80% can become proffessional at some point they may choose their previous brand . so there are more Canons than Nikon. Comparing D3300 and 600d , D3300 is a new camera, Faster autofocus with Expeed 4, more megapixels 24MPX vs 18MPX , 5fps vs 3.7fps , good performance in low light- Low noise at 1385 ISO vs 793 ISO and 60fps vs 30fps D3300 is a clear winner.
If you still have doubts, goto Dxomark.com and get the scientific test results and
Search in google that "Nikon d3300 flickr" goto group pool open the images at 6000x4000 resolution and compare them with 600d by doing the same.

Best entry-level DSLR
by Bagal Pratik Shivaji on 2015-01-01

Perfect camera for those who want to upgrade from their smartphone or P&S cameras for better image quality.

Pros of Nikon d3300-
1) Lightweight and compact body+kits lens combination (by dslr standards). Easily fits in my laptop bag.
2) Images from the 24mp sensor are crisp and have nice dynamic range
3) 1080p at 60fps, external mic input, extremely good video quality- all make it a perfect choice for film-makers on budget.
4) Kit-lens has excellent close focusing capability
5) 5fps burst mode is handy for casual action photography
6) Battery life is extremely good
7) Auto-focus is very fast even in low light (when using OVF)
8) A large number of good lenses are available for the nikon F-mount
9) Low-light performance is much better than anything available at this price-point
10) The user interface is perfect for those who are new to photography

1) No-exposure bracketing!
2) Flimsy battery cover
3) Live view auto-focusing is slow
4) No-inbuilt autofocus motor which means the cost of lens that can autofocus on this camera is a bit higher.

Conclusion: Overall its an excellent camera for those who want excellent image quality at an affordable price; much better than lower-end canons. For those want better low-light performance and nicer background blur(bokeh) please use a lens with larger aperture like the nikkor AFS-DX 35mm f1.8 g and you will be amazed with the results!

PS- please buy a fast memory card for better performance
Flipkart & WS retail experience- Camera was delivered on time and i had no problem registering the serial no. of the product on nikon website for warranty.

Awesome Beauty to Capture Memorable Moments
by Pradeep S on 2014-03-06

Very Good Camera in its range. Absence of Low Pass Optical Filter indeed makes a difference in photos. I have N3200 and now I own N3300 too. N3300 is Just awesome.

Price Quoted in Flipkart by other Sellers (Not WSRetail) seems to be more than local market. Nikon in fact provides u with a DSLR Bag and 4GB Memory Card along with these camera for Much Cheaper price almost 3k less than current price in Flipkart !!!
I also have heard that if purchase made in online, Nikon fails to provide warranty. Pl go through Nikon site for warranty. Its better to buy from authorized nikon outlets than from online so that our penny spent seems to have some safety in respect to after sales and service.
Currently nikkon provides some offer for new purchase of camera go through nikon site.

I recommend this product to others. My Suggestion wait till WSRetail makes this product available or buy in you local authorized shop.

Happy Nikkoooorrrrring !

by Vinod s on 2015-01-17

I've purchased D3300 @ Nikon authorized dealer in Pune, 2 months before and price was just 2000 extra to compared with flipkart.
some people are very eager to write here,
and they say this camera is for beginner.......beginner?? ....oh come on......this is very high quality product for professional purpose also.
this camera comes with 18-55 Nikon VR2 lense which is extremely stable.
But there is huge deference in VR1 and VR2 lenses of Nikon.
so please don't purchase 55-200mm VR1......it is very low quality lense. and it is very uncomfortable & risky to swipe lense again & again while on tour.
Please note VR2 telephoto lenses are very costly.
so try 18-200mm tamron which is not that good but can be used in all condition zoom while traveling and you can avoid any damage to camera body.

About D3300??
This is really awesome camera, I took some extraordinary photos with this......
it took time to learn after reading some books and training......but now no word to explain.
I took some moon photos with 55-200mm lense, which need a steady tripod, perfect settings and i can see moon craters clearly but in 100% crop.

One more thing.....dont use low quality cheap filters on lenses.....you'll loose photo qualty. try to get filters from Hoya made.

Enjoy the photography....

Great Product and Nice delivery
by Arpan Sengupta on 2016-09-12

I had some doubt in ordering and finally overwhelmed when received the package in a proper way.

Price - found the lowest

Warranty - 2 years Nikon warranty + 1 year international (warranty card provided and yet to register)

Product - Genuine, new and free of any issues

Packaging - Great packaging. Absolutely safe and properly handled but delivery took some more time than my expectation

Freebies- DSLR BAG + 8 GB class 10 card + Nikon photography course material CD

In the box - Camera + 18-55 lens + battery + charger + data cable + NX software CD + HDMI Cable + warrant card + Manual

I have ordered from RetailNet. Also got 2000 Rs cashback on Citibank offer :)

About the camera - I would recommend it to buy as an entry level DSLR although you can wait until next month for the next updated version (D3400 with some additional features and to be launched). I finalised this model over all entry level as recommended by experts and after my research.

Satisfied with flipkart purchase
by Ashish Vaishnav on 2014-11-25

I've got D3300 at the most competitive price (Rs.27461) from WS retail. Also able to register the camera and kit lens with Nikon India site. Delivery was very quick.

Overall satisfied with the purchase on flipkart.

Super fast delivery from flipkart...Awesome Camera
by PALLAB DASGUPTA on 2016-10-07

Bought this camera on Big Billion Day offer,2016 & got a stealing deal of price below 19K (after 3000 flat cash discount + SBI cash back offer). The camera is simply awesome. I don't feel the necessity to review the product again as it's already a renouned flagship model from Nikon family. However really like to appreciate the help & immediate responses I received from Flipkart customer care. They delivered it 1 day before the deadline (ordered on 4th Oct, received on 7th Oct). The packaging from the seller was excellent, received all the free goodies as mentioned in the flipkart Listing (sd card, bag) with bonus tutorial CD. The item was a recent import of mid 2016 & was able to register in NIKON portal without any hassel, however the Seller invoice had only the Lens serial number mentioned, hence had to call up the Flipkart customer care & they sent me the revised Invoice copy with both of the serial nos(lens & DSLR body) mentioned. Please note that in order to avail the Nikon India warranty you need to have the seller invoice with both of the serial nos mentioned into it & you should be able to register both of the items in Nikon India portal.
Bought the camera in a steal price deal of 18790 along with all the free goodies. Thnx to flipkart for all the excellent support, really a 5* buying experience.

Nikon D3300
by Gaurav Jain on 2014-06-16

I have been using Sony DSLR, this is for the first time i have used Nikon and D3300 fulfilled all my requirements, and trust me, for the beginners this is the best camera, who loves to capture every moment in camera with the clear vision.

Nikon D3300
by Rahul Mohindra on 2014-09-08

The Camera is good and I am satisfied with the delivery timelines as well, haven't read thru the whole booklet but will surely read it. It's a great product to buy. Buy only from WS Retail as Nikon verifies it as a true seller and honours the warranty...not sure about other sellers

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निकों डी३३०० (ऑफ-S 18-55 मम वर किट लेंस ई + ऑफ-S 55-200 मम वर किट) दसलर कैमरा तकनिकी विवरण

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  • ब्रांड Nikon
  • टाइप DSLR
  • कलर Black
कैमरा फीचर्स
  • ऑप्टिकल सेंसर रेसोलुशन 24.2 Megapixels
  • स्क्रीन साइज 3 Inch
इतर फीचर्स
  • वारंटी 1 Year

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