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  • सोनी साइबर-शॉट डीएससी-डब्लूएक्स५० पॉइंट & शूट डिजिटल कैमरा गोल्ड

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स्कोर - 91
Highly Recommended
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  • Point and Shoot
  • 16.2 MP
  • 5x
  • Yes
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अपना अनुभव शेयर करें अपनी समीक्षा लिखे
Excellent pocket camera
by Charismagician on 2012-11-02

I am a professional photographer and use the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS system for my shoots. Frankly, the point and shoot cameras never interested me much due to their small sensor ( 1/2.3 inches) since resolution and detail is missing for my work.

However, its difficult to carry a DSLR with different lenses around all the time and one needs a small pocketable camera which can fit in and take casual shots when required.

Checked offerings from Canon, Nikon and Sony. Not Fuji or Pana, with my priorities - Pocket able, sharp focus, less shutter lag, sharp images, even in low light and good video

Canon - problem,since auto focus is slow in almost all their models in their lower range. Fast, snappy shooting is not possible. By the time you compose and lock focus the subject has moved. Not acceptable.

Nikon - Major quirks in the point and shoot. Not really happy with the cameras I have seen.

Sony - Introduced three cameras - the DSC w90, DSC wx50 and DSC WX 150 together.

DSC W90 - Not happy with the image quality. Focus issues, so ruled out.

DSC wx 150 and 50 - Checked both, settled for the wx50 basis the following

Sony G lens vs Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar Lens in the WX50 -

Although the Sony Gold series Lens are really good, Carl Zeiss is used on all their premium selected cameras. Check out the lenses on Sony DSC HX100v or the Sony DSC HX200V their high end bridge cameras which use Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar Lenses or their latest Sony RX100, one of their premium offerings again with a Carl Zeiss Lens.

The Sony G series (gold series) although amongst the best in the industry also has some plastic elements in the construction in some assemblies. Not for me. I want glass in the various lens elements, all the way.

18.2 Megapixels vs 16.2 Megapixels in DSC wx50 - Sony had to ramp up the MP count to ensure a higher pixel density to compensate for longer zoom and lower aperture, but that came with more noise, both Luma and Chroma, so they used an extremely strong noise reduction algorithm to suppress noise! Found the pictures flat, more painting like.

Cramming so much MP into a small sensor is not a good idea. Amused to see reviews talking about high MP.

f3.3 vs f2.6 in DSC WX 50 -

The DSC WX is brighter at wide angle. More light, lower ISO, better low light, low noise, sharper images. Much better. Period.

10x zoom vs 5x zoom in the WX50 - Frankly speaking, 5x optical zoom with 10x interpolated zoom is more than enough.

10x optical zoom - a little bit of shake and blurry images at extreme telephoto. Forget 20x interpolated digital zoom.

And 10x is neither here, nor there. You want a decent zoom? Buy a bridge camera with 35x plus optical zoom and 70x plus digital zoom, not on this small camera.

Sony had to use a G series lens here because a Zeiss lens would have to be a Vario Sonnar,used for longer zoom (30x plus) not Tessar lens,(used for maller zoom) thus jacking up the price. To compensate - Higher MP crammed into a small sensor, higher noise suppression. The compromise? Image quality. Not acceptable.

Autofocus - No complaints!!

Burst shooting - 10fps on both - excellent, although I would suggest using a class 10 UHS card since the buffer gets filled very quickly.

Video - Full HD at 1080i on both - Sony should have included 1080p instead of 1080i (progressive instead of interlaced since interlaced is jerky in comparison) but I guess the price would have gone up again. As it is very good video quality on both and perfectly acceptable.

Sony claims faster autofocus on the wx150 and no shutter lag, compared to wx50, but I found wx 50 perfectly acceptable.

Final verdict? All other things being equal, the WX 50 has 5x less optical zoom and a different level of autofocus and shutter lag than the WX150.

Advantages? Higher image quality, thanks to Carl Zeiss lens, brighter aperture, lesser optical zoom, and lesser megapixels!(yup!)

For me, choosing the WX50 between the two was a no brainer. Thanks for reading this, hope you got some useful data to choose a camera.

Awesome and amazing, highly recommended and worth!
by Bhargav Patel on 2012-04-25

Its really awesome and fully packed with features, full on direct editing on the camera and and latest, liked the 3D stills and 3D panorama and sweep panorama feature, The best feature is drop protection which protects the lens i.e. it automatically senses the drop and closes the lenses if the setting of drop protection is ok.
It also features blur background feature like the DSLRs.
Overall is worth and highly recommended.

by Chandranshu Dwivedi on 2012-08-01

this camera is a gem when compared to other cameras in the same price segment. the CMOS sensor detects color when the naked eyes can not even detect anything in the dark condition. the picture quality along with the DSLR like functions are absolutely professional like at this price point which keeps this camera ahead of anything available in the market to capture images. the carl ziess lens does its job very well and is better than the normal Sony lenses available in the market. the camera records blu ray quality video in AVCHD format with stereo depth sound powered by DOBLBY DIGITAL SOUND SORROUND. features like pop color, background defocus, optical image stabilization, etc add to the value of this camera. also the size of the camera is very small unlike it seems to be in the picture which makes it handy and very useful while travelling and taking instant snaps. the camera takes around 2 seconds to start so that you don't miss any instantaneous moment. you also get a 4 gb free memory card with 16 mbps fast speed for HD recording, a battery, charger, a usb cable, a HDMI cable, a strap and a cover. this camera covers 3 year official Sony warranty so no worry after you buy this camera; any problem, sony will handle it. flipkart is selling it at the cheapest price than any online store. it just needs to improve its delivery time, as it took more than a week to deliver this product in the NCR. i am pretty much satisfied with my sony dsc wx50 and i will certainly recommend this to anyone seeking a powerful camera in a small size.

Superb camera!
by Pranav Bhatkhande on 2012-07-21

Frankly, in this price range you can't get anything better than this (as of this writing anyway!)
Excellent images
Exceptional low light performance (this is simply jaw dropping! Even in very very dark settings, the camera manages to make the most out of the available light, when you plan to use the flash, that too is excellent.. )
Very compact size (some people like the small size, some don't. I personally take it out on family trips and treks, for this alone, it is perfect!)
Wide array of features like background defocus (which give you that nice blurry background, SLR style!)
Superb videos in HD, perfect for youtube, facebook and the likes.. it also shoots in AVCHD and has a mini HDMI out for all your HD needs)

Battery life ain't the best.. about 200 shots in one charge, then again.. the full charge only takes about 1.5 hours..

good n sharp images.!!!
by Pratyush Srivastava on 2012-05-15

When I bought this camera I had in front of me Canon powershot series A3300 IS and few other power/cybershot models. At more than 10X zoom the sharpness of DSC-WX50 was clearly better than thee rest(16 MP all).Image stabilization is good and pictures are noise free even in low light..
*Good flash.Decent illumination till 10 m
*comparitively less noise in low light (as against powershot model)
*Wide angle shots
*background brurr and 3d panorama
*full HD videos
*no motion blurr due to shaky hands
*clear shots in macro mode
*heat sensor automatically shuts down the camera under extreme temperature conditions.

*battery backup not up to the mark(200 pics is not above avg.)
*not very handy due to small size
*to select the modes you need to browse through menu
*small aperture ..(but this doesn't come as a surprise for this range)

DSC-WX50 review - on the whole, not so happy
by Hari Nair on 2013-08-27

Pros :

- lightweight, compact
- HDR feature (called Painting effect in the UI) is useful for dramatic landscapes with clouds etc. eg. during monsoon
- low light images are brighter and more colourful than my previous camera (admittedly several years older)

- weird noise processing artifacts that look like "oil painting" like effects if you zoom in. Images tend to look good on the camera display, not so great when you get home and look at them on a computer screen.
- 720p HD video is 25fps because this is a PAL region only product (and there is no option to select 30fps). Killer, as my other videocams are 30fps, so cannot edit a mix of the two without artifacts. Dumb.
- poor battery life
- face recognition features don't work, may be not tuned for Indian faces :-) . Gimmicky, but still, why put it in if it doesn't work

I was a big fan of Sony products earlier, but this is the second Sony product I have purchased this year (other was a nettop PC, with poor quality display) that I wished I'd had the option to try before buying online.

owesome camera from sony
by RASHID on 2012-10-14

This is the best camera, with price little bit high as compare to nikon s6300 as both have same future, though nikon s6300 has 10x optical zoom where sony cyber shot dsc wx50 ha 5x optical zoom.
But brand wise sony is winner. It has all advanced features like slr. picture quality is excellent. even in low light. dont wait just grab it...........

Camera Quality
by Rohit Gupta on 2012-07-11

The camera purchased was delivered in good quality, it was well packed and delivered on time.
For light moment or day to day fun pfotography this camera is the perfect one to go for.
Sony as we know is well known for its good quality pictures, this camera lives up to its expectations. In fact its very good.

Is it worth it ?
by drpudhi on 2012-05-04

With only 3D extra which we might seldom use without a 3D TV, this doesn't look like a real upgrade over the previous model which is the WX7...WX7 is also a lot cheaper...

I think it is wise to wait for the WX150 which will be released in few days time...With 10x optical zoom in the same thin body of WX7/WX50, that might really be the one to look out for upgrade...Waiting for it anxiously...

Sony WX150 might be better option than WX50
by Anshu on 2012-06-25

I have compared this camera vs the sony wx150 and finally bought the WX150. The WX50 is quite small and you would think that's good, right ? May be not...I felt it was somewhat of a drawback since you might not find it snugly fitting in your hands while shooting. Also the WX150 has better optical zoom (10X) which is quite worth the money. Other than the size and zoom, I found both cameras have exactly same menu and button arrangements. Of course the lens types are different, but for a casual user who is just looking for simple point & shoot, you don't actually have to scratch your head choosing b/w the 2. I tried both cameras and found image quality to be more or less same and is top class..In terms of image size (MP) both have good enough 16 & 18 MP and works just fine. If you are willing to spend a couple of thousand, I would recommend WX150 over this WX50..for extra zoom and perfect size to fit into your pocket & palm !!

View all 45 Reviews

सोनी साइबर-शॉट डीएससी-डब्लूएक्स५० पॉइंट & शूट डिजिटल कैमरा गोल्ड - मूल्य ग्राफ

सोनी साइबर-शॉट डीएससी-डब्लूएक्स५० पॉइंट & शूट डिजिटल कैमरा गोल्ड तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • ब्रांड Samsung
  • मॉडल नाम DSC-WX50
  • टाइप Point and Shoot
  • कलर Gold
कैमरा फीचर्स
  • ऑप्टिकल सेंसर रेसोलुशन 16.2 MP
  • सेंसर टाइप Exmor R CMOS Sensor
  • शटर स्पीड रेंज ISO Auto: Approx. 0.2m to 5.3m (W) / Approx. 1.0m to 2.2 m (T), ISO3200: up to Approx. 7.5 m (W) / Approx.3.2m (T)
  • सेंसर साइज 1/2.3 Inches
  • मैक्सिमम शटर स्पीड 1/1600 sec
  • मिनिमम शटर स्पीड 4 sec
  • ऑप्टिकल ज़ूम 5x
  • डिजिटल ज़ूम 20x
  • पिक्चर एंगल 25 mm Wide Angle
  • इतर रेसोलुशन 4608 x 2592, 3648 x 2736, 2592 x 1944, 1920 x 1080, 640 x 480
  • लेंस टाइप Vario-Tessar
  • ऑटो फोकस Contrast Detection AF
  • फोकल लेंथ 4.5 - 22.5 mm (35 mm Equivalent to 25 - 125 mm)
  • अपर्चर रेंज f/2.6 - f/6.3
  • कलर फ़िल्टर Primary (RGB) Color Filter
कन्वेंिेंस फीचर्स
  • शूटिंग मोड्स 3D, Background Defocus, Easy Shooting, Intelligent Auto, Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Movie Mode, Panorama, Picture Effect, Program Auto, Scene Selection, Superior Auto, Underwater Sweep Panorama
  • माइक्रोफोन Stereo Microphone
  • कंटीन्यूअस शॉट्स Up to 10 fps
  • सेल्फ टाइमर 2 sec, 10 sec
  • डिलीट फंक्शन Yes
  • मीटरिंग Center-Weighted, Multi Pattern, Spot
  • सपोर्टेड लैंग्वेजेज 19 Languages
इमेज एन्हांसमेंट्स
  • इसो रेटिंग Auto / 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 / 12800
  • वाइट बैलेंसिंग Auto, Cloudy, Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent, Incandescent, One Push, One Push Set
  • रेड ऑय रिडक्शन Yes
  • फेस डिटेक्शन Yes; Up to 8 Faces
  • मैक्रो मोड 5 cm
  • डिस्प्ले टाइप Clear Photo TFT LCD
  • स्क्रीन साइज 2.7 Inches
  • इमेज डिस्प्ले रेसोलुशन 460800 dots
  • वीडियो डिस्प्ले रेसोलुशन 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD)
  • सपोर्टेड आस्पेक्ट रेश्यो 4:3, 16:9
  • हदमी Yes; HDMI Mini Connector
  • उसब Yes
इमेजेज & वीडियो
  • इमेज फॉर्मेट JPEG (EXIF 2.3, DCF 2.0, DPOF, MPO (3D), MPF (3D))
  • वीडियो फॉर्मेट AVC, AVCHD 2.0, H.264, MPEG-4
  • ऑडियो फोर्मट्स AAC-LC
मीडिया & सॉफ्टवेयर
  • मेमोरी कार्ड टाइप Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo (High Speed), Memory Stick PRO HG Duo, Memory Stick micro, Memory Stick micro (Mark2), SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, microSDHC
  • इनबिल्ट मेमोरी 19 MB
  • उप्ग्रदीब्ले मेमोरी Yes
  • बिल्ट इन फ़्लैश Yes
  • फ़्लैश मोड्स Auto, Slow Sync Flash
  • फ़्लैश रेंज (ISO Auto) : Wide : 0.2 - 5.3m, Telephoto : 1.0 - 2.2m
पावर सोर्स
  • एक एडाप्टर AC Adaptor Supported
  • बैटरी टाइप Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • डाइमेंशन्स 92.2 X 52.0 X 19.1 mm
  • वेट 101 gms
इतर फीचर्स
  • इन थे बॉक्स Camera, Rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger, USB Cable, Reference Manual
  • एडिशनल फीचर्स 0.013 sec Shutter Release Time Lag, 0.2 sec Shooting Time Lag, 1.0 sec Shooting Interval, 1.4 sec Start-up Time, 2 EV in Increments of 1/3 EV Exposure Compensation, 25 - 125 mm Focal Length (35mm conversion 4:3), 28 - 140 mm Focal Length (35mm conversion 16:9), 3D Viewing Mode, Anti Motion Blur, Auto Focus Illuminator, Automatic Image Rotation, BIONZ Image Processor, Backlight Correction HDR, Beach, Clear Image Zoom: 10x, Date View, Fireworks, Gourmet, Grid Line, Handheld Twilight, Histogram Indicator, Illustration, Landscape, Miniature, Night Portrait, Night Scene, Operating Temperature: 0 to 40, Partial Colour, Pet, Picture Effects: HDR Painting, Pop Colour, Red-eye Correction, Rich-tone Monochrome, Scene Selection: High Sensitivity, Slideshow with Music, Smile Shutter, Snow, Soft High-key, Soft Skin, Soft Snap, Standard Dynamic Range Optimiser, Still Image Recording During Movie, Toy Camera, Trimming, Underwater, Unsharp Masking, Water Color, Wind Noise Reduction

तुलना सोनी साइबर-शॉट डीएससी-डब्लूएक्स५० पॉइंट & शूट डिजिटल कैमरा गोल्ड और

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