ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज

ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज

सबसे कम कीमत
प्रमुख विशेषताऐं
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Standard
  • 2993
  • 6
सभी विशेषतायें देखें
  • विवरण
  • ग्राहको की समीक्षा
  • तकनीकी विवरण

प्राइस डिस्क्लेमर

  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज की कीमत ऊपर टेबल के अनुसार Indian Rupee मैं हैं
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत Feb 03, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
  • यह कीमतें सभी प्रमुख शहर जैसमुंबई, नई दिल्ली, बंगलौर , चेन्नई, पुणे , कोलकाता, हैदराबाद , जयपुर, चंडीगढ़ , अहमदाबाद , एनसीआर मैं वेध हैं। कृपया स्टोर पर कीमतों को जाँचे ले (अगर कोई अंतर हो)
  • PriceDekho किसी भी प्रोडक्ट जो स्टोर ने बेचे है उसकी जिम्मेवारी नहीं लेता
  • ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज की कीमतें बदलती रहती हैं. ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत जानने के लिए हमारी साइट पर विजिट करते रहें।

ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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अपना अनुभव शेयर करें अपनी समीक्षा लिखे

ब्म्व् 7 सीरीज ७३०एलडी प्रेस्टीज तकनिकी विवरण

एक्सटीरियर फीचर्स
  • पावर ऐन्टेना Standard
  • पावर अद्जुस्ताब्ले एक्सटीरियर रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • रेन सेंसिंग वाइपर Standard
  • टिंटेड गिलास Standard
  • आउटसाइड रियर व्यू मिरर टर्न इंडीकेटर्स Standard
  • सुन रूफ Standard
  • रियर विंडो डेफोग्गेर Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रिक फोल्डिंग रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • फोग लाइट्स रियर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले हेडलाइट्स Standard
  • मून रूफ Standard
  • एलाय व्हील्स Standard
  • फोग लाइट्स फ्रंट Standard
इंटीरियर फीचर्स
  • ग्लोव कम्पार्टमेंट Standard
  • हीटर Standard
  • लाठर सीट्स Standard
  • आउटसाइड टेम्परेचर डिस्प्ले Standard
  • टैकोमीटर Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मल्टीट्रिप्मेंटेर Standard
  • लाठर स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
  • एयर कंडीशनर Standard
  • डिजिटल ओडोमीटर Standard
  • सिगरेट लाइटर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • दिगीतालक्लॉक Standard
  • रियर ट्रीड 1650mm
  • फ्रंट हेड रूम 1036mm
  • व्हील बेस 3210mm
  • फ्रंट ट्रीड 1611mm
  • रियर हेड रूम 988mm
  • क्लियरेंस 152mm
  • लेंथ 5219mm
  • हाइट 1481mm
कार वैरिएंट फीचर्स
  • मोटर टाइप Luxury Vehicles
  • मॉडल नाम BMW 7 Series
  • फ्यूल कैपेसिटी 80
  • लांच डेट 2013-04-26
  • लॉन्ग डिस्क्रिप्शन The BMW 7 series is a luxury four door saloon made by the acclaimed Germany based car manufacturer. It is available in three variants, one among which is the BMW 7 Series 730Ld Prestige . The car comes in a diesel engine configuration, and can accelerate from naught to 100kmph within just 6.2 seconds. Coming to its softer side, the vehicle has been built on sound aerodynamics, which assists in its performance, and at the same time, boosts its outer look. Its outer design is further improved with the addition of chrome and various other design elements. The aesthetically designed wheel rims and the front grille make for a distinctive image. In addition to all of this, its dimensions are also a figure of harmony, with a height of 1467mm, a width of 1902mm and a length of 5098mm. Its wheelbase is 3070mm, and this makes for a balanced overall profile. The cabin is arranged with a range of equipment and features that enhance passenger satisfaction. There is a quality stereo unit, aided by a multitude of other sophisticated features. Headrests are present to support occupants' heads and necks. Storage facilities are present with compartments and a cooling box. The safety of the passengers is also enforced with airbags, seatbelts, aids for driving and many others. Exteriors: The front carries the signature BMW grille with the company's prominent kidney grille slats. The dynamic effect of the frontage is further improved with chrome accents on the front apron. The company has integrated the vehicle's headlight clusters with Bi-Xenon lighting function, along with four LED DRL light rings. They are also equipped with a feature for rain sensing, and washer system. At the bottom of the frontage, there are a set of LED fog lights that are made with a reflection technique. The large air inlets at the bottom of the front section reinforce the overall impression made by the front. Meanwhile, the exterior mirrors are foldable, and they also are gifted with an automatic anti-dazzle function, mirror heating, memory and integrated LED turn indicators. At the rear, the elegantly designed contours enhance the look, along with the intricate chromium elements. The tail light clusters are complete with turn indicators and courtesy lights for maximum safety when driving. Interiors: The cabin is aesthetically designed, blending stylish looks with fulfilling functions. The seats are covered in leather Dakota that is available in a variety of colors ranging from Barrique Red to Veneto Beige. There are elements of fine wood to improve the plushness of the cabin, along with a high gloss finish in chrome pearl grey. The instrument panel is eye catching in its build, and it is given a synthetic leather make for added beauty. The sports leather steering wheel is complimented with fine wood inlays. There is an individual BMW cooling box for storing beverages that require chilling. The rear outer seats are given extended functions that include electric adjustment of headrests. The armrest at the front offers a storage compartment for keeping spare things. Engine and Performance: The machine is armed with a 6 cylinder inline diesel engine along with a TwinPower Turbo for optimum performance. The power-plant has a displacement capacity of 2993cc. It can generate a peak power of 258hp, and a max torque of 560Nm. The engine is paired with an 8-speed steptronic sport automatic transmission for smooth and effortless shifting. Braking and Handling: As for the braking system, there are strong disc calipers arming all of the brakes for reliable control throughout. The front axle of the suspension is of a double whishbone design for smooth driving and the ability to withstand abnormalities in the drive. In addition to this, there are numerous techno like a cornering brake control feature along with dynamic stability control and traction control system, which further improves handling for the driver. Comfort Features: A HiFi loudspeaker system provides quality entertainment to the passengers, and this is aided with the presence of 12 loudspeakers around the cabin. Bluetooth facility is also present for the added leisure of passengers. This allows for audio streaming within the cabin. Along with this, there is also a USB connectivity facility present inside. An iDrive feature is present along with a 16.5cm color display that makes for added entertainment value. There is also a CD drive with a controller that hosts direct menu control buttons. There is a DVD drive and also an integrated hard drive for maps and audio files. A professional navigation system reduces hassle for the driver, and this further elevated with the presence of 3D maps. In addition to all of this, the cabin offers an ambient lighting facility, and this goes along with an extended mood light function that includes color selection. The handle area also has a lighting function for enhanced ease of working in dark conditions. The air conditioning system has a 4-zone control feature, and there are two extra outlets in the B pillar for maximum circulation and cooling. Safety Features: The car is incorporated with numerous reliable and efficient safety features. Firstly, there are airbags at the front for both passengers, and side airbags provide additional shielding. Head airbags are present at the front and rear for maximum security. Three point seatbelts are present for all of the passengers, and the front seatbelts are equipped with pyrotechnic belt tensioner and belt force limiters for added security. A run flat indicator ensures that the vehicle's tyre condition is given the right attention at all times. A crash sensor feature elevates the drive safety by averting hazards wherever possible. A side impact protection format shields against collisions. An anti lock braking system adds to the control quality when braking and cornering. The vehicle's safety arrangements also ensure the best safety for children, with an ISOFIX child seat mounting and a mechanical childproof lock facility for the rear door. An electric parking brake makes for safety when parking and reversing, and this is present along with an auto hold function. Pros: 1. Stunning exterior and body design. 2. Plush and attractive cabin design. Cons: 1. Lack of petrol engine could bar buyers. 2. Expensive price range is a minus point.
  • अर्बन अवग 13.05
  • ट्रांसमिशन टाइप Automatic
  • हाईवे अवग 16.46
सेफ्टी फीचर
  • साइड इम्पैक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • सीट बेल्ट वार्निंग Standard
  • पावर दूर लॉक्स Standard
  • पैसेंजर साइड रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • टायर प्रेशर मॉनिटर Standard
  • रियर सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
  • साइड एयरबैग फ्रंट Standard
  • पैसेंजर एयरबैग Standard
  • केलेस एंट्री Standard
  • ट्रैक्शन कंट्रोल Standard
  • व्हीकल स्टेबिलिटी कंट्रोल सिस्टम Standard
  • ब्रेक असिस्ट Standard
  • क्सेनोन्हेड लैम्प्स Standard
  • इंजन चेक वार्निंग Standard
  • सेंट्रली माउंटेड फ्यूल टैंक Standard
  • सेंट्रल लॉकिंग Standard
  • एंटीलॉक ब्रेकिंग सिस्टम Standard
  • फ्रोंटिम्पेक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • क्रैश सेंसर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले सीट्स Standard
  • इंजन इम्मोबिलिज़ेर Standard
  • डायनिघ्त रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • साइड एयरबैग रियर Standard
  • दूरजर वार्निंग Standard
  • ड्राइवर एयरबैग Standard
कम्फर्ट एंड कन्वेंिेंस फीचर्स
  • रियर अक्वेंट्स Standard
  • रियर रीडिंग लैंप Standard
  • पावर विंडोज फ्रंट Standard
  • रियर सीट सेंटर आर्मरेस्ट Standard
  • पावर विंडोज रियर Standard
  • ट्रंक लाइट Standard
  • पावर स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • वैनिटी मिरर Standard
  • रिमोट ट्रंक ओपनर Standard
  • रिमोट फुएलिद ओपनर Standard
  • रियर सीट हेडरेस्ट Standard
  • लो फ्यूल वार्निंग लाइट Standard
  • आटोमेटिक क्लाइमेट कंट्रोल Standard
  • पार्किंग सेंसर्स Front & Rear
  • एक्सेसरी पावर आउटलेट Standard
  • सीट लम्बर सपोर्ट Standard
  • क्रूज कंट्रोल Standard
  • एयर क्वालिटी कंट्रोल Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स फ्रंट Standard
  • हाइट अद्जुस्ताब्ले फ्रंट सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
  • मल्टीफ़ंक्शन स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स रियर Standard
इंजन फीचर्स
  • वाल्व कॉन्फ़िगरेशन DOHC
  • टाइप Diesel Engine
  • वाल्वस पैर सिलिंडर 4
  • ईयर 2013
  • फ्यूल सप्लाई सिस्टम CRDi
  • टर्बो चार्जर Yes
  • नो ऑफ़ सिलिंडर 6
  • कम्प्रेशन रेश्यो 16.5:1
  • डिस्प्लेसमेंट 2993
  • सुपर चार्जर No
  • मैक्सिमम टार्क 560Nm@1500rpm
  • मैक्सिमम पावर 258bhp@4000rpm
  • बोर एंड स्ट्रोक 84.0 x 90.0 mm
  • डिस्क्रिप्शन 3.0-litre 258bhp 24V Diesel Engine
  • स्पेअकेर्स्फ़्रोंट Standard
  • स्पीकर्स रियर Standard
  • रेडियो Standard
  • ऑडियो सिस्टम रिमोट कंट्रोल Standard
  • डीवीडी प्लेयर Standard
  • कद प्लेयर Standard
जनरल फीचर्स
  • वारंटी डिस्टेंस Unlimited kms
  • इंट्रोडक्शन डेट 2013-04-26
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ मनुफक्टुरे Germany
  • वारंटी टाइम 2 Years
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ असेंबली India
कार वैरिएंट डिटेल फीचर
  • सेफ्टी Brake Energy Regenaration /n Active Front Seat Headrests /n Active Protection With Attentiveness Assistant /n Airbag,Passenger Side,Deactivatable Via Key /n BMW Condition Based Service /n Cornering Brake Control /n Electric PArking Brake With Auto Hold Function /n ISOFIX Child Seat Mounting /n Rear Doors With Mechanical Childproof Lock /n Warning Triangle With First-Aid Kit /n Emergency Spare Wheel /n
  • स्टीयरिंग Electric Power Steering
  • ट्रांसमिशन Automatic
  • टायर्स Tubless Radial Tyres
  • ब्रेक सिस्टम ABS
  • इंटीरियर Ambient Light Extended With Mood Lights Including Colour Selection /n BMW individual Cool Box /n Centre Armrest in Rear Foldable,With Storage Compartment /n Cermic Surround With Deep Black Glazed Finish For Controls /n Comfort Electric Seats for Driver & Passenger Seat With Extended Functions Including Memory /n Handle Area Lighting /n Floor Mats in Velour /n Instrument Panel in Synthetic Leather /n Massage Function in Rear-Seat Backrest With Twelve massage & Six Rotation Balls /n Instrument Panel With Leather Steering Wheel /n Roller Sunblind for Rear Window Electric /n
  • फ्यूल टाइप Diesel
  • इंजन टाइप 3.0-litre Twin Power Turbo Diesel Engine
  • कम्फर्ट N कन्वेंिेंस Integral Active Steering /n Servotronic Steering Assist /n BMW Secure Advance Includes Tyres,Alloys,Engine Shild,Interior Protection Cover & Key Lock Out Assistance /n
  • एक्सटीरियर Adaptive LED Headlights With Four LED DRL Light Rings Including Auto High Beam Assistance /n Headlight Washer System /n Heat Protection Glazing /n Exterior Mirrors Foldable With Automatic Anti-Dazzle Function Mirror Heating,Memory & Integrated LED Turn Indicators /n Soft Close Function For Side Doors /n
  • एंटरटेनमेंट BMW Apps /n Harman Kardon Surround Sound System /n Bang Olufsen High-End Surround Sound /n iDrive With 16.5 cm Colour Display,CD Drive & Controller With Direct Menu Control Buttons /n Rear-Seat Entertainment Professional With 2 Tiltable 23.4cm Screens,High Resolution With DVD Drive,iDrive Touch Controller in Rear Armrest /n Surround View With 4 Cameras for top View,Side View /n
Additional Features
  • फ्रंट सस्पेंशन Dynamic Damper Control
  • स्टीयरिंग टाइप Power
  • स्टीयरिंग गियर टाइप Rack & Pinion
  • स्टीयरिंग कॉलम Electrically Adjustable
  • रियर सस्पेंशन Dynamic Damper Control
  • गियर बॉक्स 8 Speed
  • टायर टाइप Tubeless,Radial
  • टायर साइज 245/50 R18
  • टर्निंग रेडियस 6.25 meters
  • मैक्सिमम स्पीड 250 kmph
  • सीटिंग कैपेसिटी 5
  • ड्राइव टाइप RWD
  • एलाय व्हील साइज 18 Inch
  • ऑक्सेलेरशन 6.2 Seconds
  • रियर ब्रेक टाइप Disc
  • एमिशन नॉर्म कंप्लायंस Euro IV
  • कार्गो वोलुमन 500-litres
  • नुफ्दूरस 4
  • फ्रंट ब्रेक टाइप Disc
  • नुफ्फ्लोरस 0