लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4

लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4

सबसे कम कीमत
प्रमुख विशेषताऐं
  • Coupe
  • Standard
  • 6498
  • 12
सभी विशेषतायें देखें
  • विवरण
  • ग्राहको की समीक्षा
  • तकनीकी विवरण

प्राइस डिस्क्लेमर

  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4 की कीमत ऊपर टेबल के अनुसार Indian Rupee मैं हैं
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4 की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत Jun 02, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
  • यह कीमतें सभी प्रमुख शहर जैसमुंबई, नई दिल्ली, बंगलौर , चेन्नई, पुणे , कोलकाता, हैदराबाद , जयपुर, चंडीगढ़ , अहमदाबाद , एनसीआर मैं वेध हैं। कृपया स्टोर पर कीमतों को जाँचे ले (अगर कोई अंतर हो)
  • PriceDekho किसी भी प्रोडक्ट जो स्टोर ने बेचे है उसकी जिम्मेवारी नहीं लेता
  • लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4 की कीमतें बदलती रहती हैं. लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4 की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत जानने के लिए हमारी साइट पर विजिट करते रहें।

लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4 - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

५ मैं से
अच्छा , 1 पर आधारित
3 1 
अपना अनुभव शेयर करें अपनी समीक्षा लिखे

लेम्बोर्गिनी अवेंटाडोर एलपी७०० 4 तकनिकी विवरण

एक्सटीरियर फीचर्स
  • पावर अद्जुस्ताब्ले एक्सटीरियर रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • आउटसाइड रियर व्यू मिरर टर्न इंडीकेटर्स Standard
  • टिंटेड गिलास Standard
  • इंटीग्रेटेड ऐन्टेना Standard
  • फोग लाइट्स फ्रंट Standard
  • रेन सेंसिंग वाइपर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले हेडलाइट्स Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रिक फोल्डिंग रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • रियर विंडो डेफोग्गेर Standard
  • फोग लाइट्स रियर Standard
  • एलाय व्हील्स Standard
इंटीरियर फीचर्स
  • लाठर सीट्स Standard
  • लाठर स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
  • हीटर Standard
  • टैकोमीटर Standard
  • आउटसाइड टेम्परेचर डिस्प्ले Standard
  • दिगीतालक्लॉक Standard
  • ग्लोव कम्पार्टमेंट Standard
  • सिगरेट लाइटर Standard
  • एयर कंडीशनर Standard
  • डिजिटल ओडोमीटर Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मल्टीट्रिप्मेंटेर Standard
  • कर्ब वेट 1575kg
  • व्हील बेस 2700mm
  • रियर ट्रीड 1700mm
  • क्लियरेंस 125mm
  • फ्रंट ट्रीड 1720mm
  • हाइट 1136mm
  • लेंथ 4780mm
कार वैरिएंट फीचर्स
  • लॉन्ग डिस्क्रिप्शन The world of vehicles has been honed to what it is today only with the pioneering and grit of its foremost leaders. And one of the greatest, if not the greatest, names in the automotive industry is the star-studded Lamborghini. Here is a company that has stood for nothing short of marvels in the realm of car building. And this company's extraordinary engineering takes a whole new edge with the Lamborghini Aventador . This is a vehicle built for embodying class and performance in one. A mighty V12 engine equips this machine, capable of a trembling displacement value of 6498cc. It can shoot to a jaw dropping top speed of 350kmph, and can accelerate from not to 100kmph in a stunning 2.9 seconds. This undoubtedly is one of the deadliest machines ever built. Coming to the vehicle's more subtle features, it reflects beauty and artistic elegance in the craft of its exterior build. Low and sleek, it is trimmed for the best performance with the gift of agility and grace on the roads. Its streamlined, bullet like shape is meant to dazzle all who lay eyes on it. The cockpit of the intense machine is flavored for a human touch to go along with the high speed thrills. The seats and comfortable and large, and the upholstery is of the very finest material. All put together, this is a vehicle that builds performance like no other vehicle on the road, and also delivers on a promise of ride atmosphere and pleasure for the driver. It is available in two variants, the LP 700 4, and the LP 700 4 Roadster. Both of which have almost the same qualities, save for the convertible format of the roadster. Exteriors: Lamborghini has modeled beauty like few vehicles ever have in history, with some of their other products standing for the most sensual exterior builds. In terms of exterior beauty, this model does not just stand true to its manufacturer's promise. It raises it by several levels. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700 4 is unanimously one of the most exquisitely designed machines made. It scores for its low profile, which even comes close to standards set by F1. It is sleek and built for agility on the roads. The front lights are angular, shaped in a triangular format. Right below this, positioned on either side of the frontage, are two large air vents, poised to provide maximum cooling to the intense engine. Its front bumper slides upwards and blends into the roof for the most seamless, fluidic shape possible. Its rear portion is raised a notch higher than the front, exacting a more balanced and crisp overall appearance. The rear lights are sleek and crisp, integrated with LED, turn lights and courtesy lights. Two rear air vents are poised right below them, large and bold. The word 'Lamborghini' is inscribed at the top of the rear profile, stylistically written in the standard, cursive format that the company emblems itself in. A single, wide exhaust pipe is positioned at the very bottom, sealing the overall appearance and also leaving a trace of arrogant prominence. Interiors: The ground shaking speed and performance of this vehicle does not leave it lacking in its vital, human feature. The interior of the machine is modeled for hosting elegance and comfort, giving the passengers the air of tranquility that they need for going along with the high speed raciness that the car is built for. Rich leather upholstery covers the seats, and also the steering wheel. An air of wealthy importance resonates inside the cockpit, with the interior kit, seat shell, and the dashboard kit made of carbon fiber. The interior kit also has a neo piano design, meant to uplift its passengers to the heights of elegance. The e-gears are available in multiple colors and designs, with the Lamborghini inscription on all of them. Carbon fiber floor mats are available in different color stitches, all of them made for the most homely atmosphere a machine could possibly give. Engine and Performance: The Lamborghini Aventador LP700 4 is equipped with one of the most powerful engines in the entire world, a twelve cylinder powerplant reserved for the fastest machines on the road. The 6.5-litre, V12 engine has 48 valves, incorporated through the DOHC configuration. It fires the vehicle with a maximum power of 700hp. This, along with its peak torque of 690Nm locks this in as one of the fastest machines ever made. The engine's prowess translates to raw power with the help of an efficient 7-speed gearbox, that is also gifted with a dry double plate clutch facility. The cooling needs of the engine are take care of through an advanced water and oil cooling system in the rear with variable air inlets. The interior mechanisms of the engine are aided with a dry sump lubrication system that helps keep the interior format smooth always. All of this together helps in building performance beyond comparison for this vehicle. It can zip to the 100kmph mark within the mind blowing span of 2.9 seconds, an acceleration rate that only tails behind that of a handful of others. The machine can roar to a staggering top speed of 350kmph, taking its performance beyond all known bounds. Braking and Handling: This is a machine that displays aggression like few others on the roads, and its speed is controlled and guided with the aid of a top notch braking and control system. It achieves the finest control and handling with a blend of numerous features that it has been gifted with, both standard and advanced in nature. Advanced 6-cylinder brake calipers equip the front brakes, while 4-cylinder brake calipers affirm the rear ones. In addition to this standard adjustment, the car has a dual hydraulic circuit brake system with a vacuum brake booster that enables a great hold for the vehicle when braking. Its suspension system is also given the very best build. It has a front and rear mono tube damper with push rod system, meant to aid the vehicle's suspension and to bring better control. Going beyond all conventional features, it brings the aid of an anti-brake system to further level up performance and control. Comfort Features: The vehicle delivers a wild performance, but at the same time, does not forget the ride quality of its passengers. A wide array of comfort and convenience features decorate the interior of the car, ensuring that all necessities of the passengers are well tended to always. Flawlessly stitched, premium leather covers the seats. Polished carbon fiber makes the steering wheel and the instrument panel. The plush foot mats are also made of carbon fiber. It has an advanced multimedia system, also provided with a music interface kit. A digital audio broadcasting system ensures high signal radio airplay. The navigation system is aided with a high definition color display and an up-to-date map by the guide. A Bluetooth feature levels up the sophistication that the cabin stands for, complete with a special Bluetooth kit. The audio functions are enhanced with the presence of a USB connection for external devices. Beside all of these high tech instruments, the cabin is also loaded with simple functional features such as a CD loader kit, an iPod kit, a storage compartment in the center console and a heated electric seat kit. The air conditioning system is advanced, with vents strategically placed for maximum circulation. Climate control feature also trims the luxury provided by the air conditioning. All put together, this vehicle strives to combine the thrills of high speed with the joy of comforts and luxury to go along with the ride. Safety Features: This is, arguably, one of the most lethal machines to set foot on city roads. As a result, it is ensured the firmest level of safety to go along with the package of might and speed that it makes for. It is made with a powerful body format of carbon fibre, equipped with impact resistance in its features. Dual airbags provide the best protection for the worst scenarios. Tight seatbelts equip the nominal drive safety needs of the passengers, strapping them in all through the way. A digital tyre pressure gauge aids the driver, allowing him to monitor the tyre pressure and to ensure that nothing is amiss. An emergency first aid kit sits within the car as well, ensuring that emergencies are well tended to. It has a satellite anti-theft system to lock in security of the vehicle as well, bringing a firm guard against possibilities of theft that may arise with a machine as grand as this one. Pros: 1. It is gifted with performance that almost matches that of F1 vehicles. 2. The most attractive build and exterior format. 3. Great control that goes along with high speed benefits. Cons: 1. Its high performance leaves its mileage to suffer. 2. With an exquisite exterior build for aerodynamic superiority, it has lesser inner space. 3. It lacks comfort and convenience features inside of it.
  • मोटर टाइप Coupe
  • मॉडल नाम Lamborghini Aventador
  • फ्यूल कैपेसिटी 90
  • लांच डेट 2011-09-03
  • अर्बन अवग 3.0
  • हाईवे अवग 5.0
  • ट्रांसमिशन टाइप Automatic
सेफ्टी फीचर
  • साइड इम्पैक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • पैसेंजर साइड रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • पावर दूर लॉक्स Standard
  • टायर प्रेशर मॉनिटर Standard
  • सीट बेल्ट वार्निंग Standard
  • ब्रेक असिस्ट Standard
  • केलेस एंट्री Standard
  • ट्रैक्शन कंट्रोल Standard
  • व्हीकल स्टेबिलिटी कंट्रोल सिस्टम Standard
  • साइड एयरबैग फ्रंट Standard
  • क्सेनोन्हेड लैम्प्स Standard
  • इंजन चेक वार्निंग Standard
  • सेंट्रल लॉकिंग Standard
  • एंटीथेफ़्ट अलार्म Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले सीट्स Standard
  • पैसेंजर एयरबैग Standard
  • सेंट्रली माउंटेड फ्यूल टैंक Standard
  • एंटीलॉक ब्रेकिंग सिस्टम Standard
  • क्रैश सेंसर Standard
  • फ्रोंटिम्पेक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • इंजन इम्मोबिलिज़ेर Standard
  • डायनिघ्त रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • ड्राइवर एयरबैग Standard
कम्फर्ट एंड कन्वेंिेंस फीचर्स
  • रिमोट फुएलिद ओपनर Standard
  • पावर विंडोज फ्रंट Standard
  • रिमोट ट्रंक ओपनर Standard
  • पावर स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • वैनिटी मिरर Standard
  • पार्किंग सेंसर्स Rear
  • ट्रंक लाइट Standard
  • सीट लम्बर सपोर्ट Standard
  • हाइट अद्जुस्ताब्ले फ्रंट सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
  • आटोमेटिक क्लाइमेट कंट्रोल Standard
  • मल्टीफ़ंक्शन स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
  • एक्सेसरी पावर आउटलेट Standard
  • क्रूज कंट्रोल Standard
  • एयर क्वालिटी कंट्रोल Standard
  • लो फ्यूल वार्निंग लाइट Standard
  • हीटिड सीट फ्रंट Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स फ्रंट Standard
इंजन फीचर्स
  • वाल्वस पैर सिलिंडर 4
  • टाइप V12 Petrol Engine
  • वाल्व कॉन्फ़िगरेशन DOHC
  • ईयर 2011
  • टर्बो चार्जर Yes
  • फ्यूल सप्लाई सिस्टम MPI
  • नो ऑफ़ सिलिंडर 12
  • मैक्सिमम टार्क 690Nm@5500 rpm
  • डिस्प्लेसमेंट 6498
  • सुपर चार्जर No
  • मैक्सिमम पावर 690.63bhp@8250rpm
  • कम्प्रेशन रेश्यो 11.8:1
  • बोर एंड स्ट्रोक 95 X 76.4 mm
  • डिस्क्रिप्शन 6.5-litre 690.63bhp 48V V12 Petrol Engine
  • कद चंगेर Standard
  • स्पीकर्स रियर Standard
  • स्पेअकेर्स्फ़्रोंट Standard
  • कद प्लेयर Standard
  • रेडियो Standard
  • डीवीडी प्लेयर Standard
जनरल फीचर्स
  • इंट्रोडक्शन डेट 2011-11-03
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ मनुफक्टुरे Italy
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ असेंबली Italy
कार वैरिएंट डिटेल फीचर
  • सेफ्टी ABS & 4 Air Bag
  • स्टीयरिंग Power Streering
  • सस्पेंशन सिस्टम Pushrod suspensions
  • टायर्स Tubeless Radial Tyres
  • ट्रांसमिशन Manual
  • ब्रेक सिस्टम Carbon-ceramic Electric parking brake
  • एंटरटेनमेंट Music System With Four Sarounding Spekars
  • फ्यूल टाइप Petrol
  • इंजन टाइप 7.0-litre 700bhp V12 Engine
  • कम्फर्ट N कन्वेंिेंस Air conditioning with cabin air re-circulation facility,Heater,
  • एक्सटीरियर Body coloured Bumper With Chrome Alloy Wheels
  • इंटीरियर Refelectors on doors
Additional Features
  • रियर सस्पेंशन Horizontal Mono Tube Damper With Push Rod System
  • फ्रंट सस्पेंशन Horizontal Mono Tube Damper With Push Rod System
  • स्टीयरिंग टाइप Power
  • स्टीयरिंग कॉलम Collapsible Steering
  • क्लच टाइप Dry Double plate
  • मैक्सिमम स्पीड 350 Kmph
  • टायर टाइप Tubeless,Radial
  • टायर साइज 255/35 R19,335/30 R20
  • टर्निंग रेडियस 6.25 metres
  • ड्राइव टाइप 4WD
  • सीटिंग कैपेसिटी 2
  • गियर बॉक्स 7 Speed
  • एलाय व्हील साइज 20 Inch
  • ऑक्सेलेरशन 2.9 Seconds
  • रियर ब्रेक टाइप Carbon Ceramic Brake
  • एमिशन नॉर्म कंप्लायंस Euro VI
  • कार्गो वोलुमन 110-litres
  • नुफ्दूरस 2
  • नुफ्फ्लोरस 0
  • फ्रंट ब्रेक टाइप Carbon Ceramic Brake