हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन
  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन
  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन
  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन
  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन

हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन

सबसे कम कीमत
प्रमुख विशेषताऐं
  • Hatchback
  • Standard
  • 1396
  • 4
सभी विशेषतायें देखें
  • विवरण
  • ग्राहको की समीक्षा
  • तकनीकी विवरण

प्राइस डिस्क्लेमर

  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन की कीमत ऊपर टेबल के अनुसार Indian Rupee मैं हैं
  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत Feb 01, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
  • यह कीमतें सभी प्रमुख शहर जैसमुंबई, नई दिल्ली, बंगलौर , चेन्नई, पुणे , कोलकाता, हैदराबाद , जयपुर, चंडीगढ़ , अहमदाबाद , एनसीआर मैं वेध हैं। कृपया स्टोर पर कीमतों को जाँचे ले (अगर कोई अंतर हो)
  • PriceDekho किसी भी प्रोडक्ट जो स्टोर ने बेचे है उसकी जिम्मेवारी नहीं लेता
  • हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन की कीमतें बदलती रहती हैं. हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत जानने के लिए हमारी साइट पर विजिट करते रहें।

हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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अच्छा , 1 पर आधारित
3 1 
अपना अनुभव शेयर करें अपनी समीक्षा लिखे

हुंडई आई२० १.4 सर्दी एनिवर्सरी एडिशन तकनिकी विवरण

एक्सटीरियर फीचर्स
  • पावर ऐन्टेना Standard
  • रियर स्पॉइलर Standard
  • पावर अद्जुस्ताब्ले एक्सटीरियर रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • व्हील कवर्स Standard
  • रियर विंडो डेफोग्गेर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले हेडलाइट्स Standard
  • आउटसाइड रियर व्यू मिरर टर्न इंडीकेटर्स Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रिक फोल्डिंग रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • फोग लाइट्स फ्रंट Standard
इंटीरियर फीचर्स
  • ग्लोव कम्पार्टमेंट Standard
  • हीटर Standard
  • फैब्रिक उपहोल्स्टरी Standard
  • सिगरेट लाइटर Standard
  • टैकोमीटर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मल्टीट्रिप्मेंटेर Standard
  • दिगीतालक्लॉक Standard
  • एयर कंडीशनर Standard
  • डिजिटल ओडोमीटर Standard
  • कर्ब वेट 1515kg
  • व्हील बेस 2570mm
  • रियर ट्रीड 1503mm
  • फ्रंट ट्रीड 1505mm
  • हाइट 1505mm
  • क्लियरेंस 170mm
  • लेंथ 3985mm
कार वैरिएंट फीचर्स
  • लॉन्ग डिस्क्रिप्शन Hyundai India has launched the anniversary edition variant of its stylish hatchback, Elite i20. It is introduced to mark its one year anniversary in the country's car market. It is offered with both diesel and petrol engine options of which, this Hyundai Elite i20 1.4 CRDi Anniversary Edition trim is fitted with a 1.4-litre diesel motor. Most of the changes are given to its interiors and exteriors. On the inside, it receives climate control and a 2-DIN infotainment system that has six speakers and supports Bluetooth connectivity. It also gets useful accessories like seat covers, parcel tray, floor mats and door sill plates from the dealers' end. In terms of exteriors, it has a set of 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels, body decals, and a roof with gloss black shade. This trim carries the same 1.4-litre diesel engine, which can belt out a peak power of 88.76bhp in combination with torque output of 219.6Nm. It is coupled with a six speed manual transmission gear box and returns a decent fuel economy. On the safety front, the firm has loaded it with vital aspects like driver airbag, reverse parking sensors, central locking system, rear defogger with timer and a few others that enhance the level of protection. Exteriors: Several modifications have been made to this trim, which makes it look quite refreshing. The front fascia has a sleek bonnet with some visible character lines on it, while the black radiator grille includes a neat chrome surround. A trendy headlight cluster surrounds this grille and integrated with high intensity headlamps and turn indicators. Just below this is a well sculpted body colored bumper that is fitted with an air dam as well as a couple of fog lamps. Besides these, there is a wide windscreen equipped with a pair of wipers. Its rear end is designed with an expressive boot lid on which, the company's insignia is neatly embossed. The windshield includes defogger with timer, while the dual tone bumper has a couple of reflectors. Also, it comes with a luminous combination lamps that provides optimal visibility. Moving to its side profile, it has door handles and black waistline molding. The body colored outside rear view mirrors are integrated with side turn indicators. Whereas, its wheel arches look attractive with a set of 16 inch diamond cut alloy wheels, which are further covered with radial tubeless tyres. Above all, the main highlights are the stunning body decals and roof with gloss black shade, which makes it more appealing. Interiors: Its roomy internal section with beige and black color scheme, certainly impresses most of its buyers. Some new aspects are noticed in this variant, which includes a 2-DIN music system, sports pedals and climate control as well. Besides these, its standard features include a blue illuminated instrument cluster and a center console that is fitted to its well designed dashboard. It also houses steering wheel, air vents and a glove box compartment as well. The metal finish on its door handles and parking lever tip further makes its interiors trendy. The seats are well cushioned and covered with cloth based upholstery. These come integrated with headrests, which are adjustable at front. Both its front and rear door trims have map pockets, whereas the front passenger seat has back pocket. Other than these, it also includes rear parcel tray, sunglass holder, front center console armrest with storage, front map lamp and a few other such aspects. Engine and Performance: The automaker has fitted it with a 1.4-litre, U2 diesel engine that has displacement capacity of 1396cc. It is a four cylinder motor that comes integrated with 16 valves. This is based on a double overhead camshaft valve configuration and incorporated with a common rail direct injection system. The maximum mileage it can return is around 22.54 Kmpl, while on the city roads, it gives about 18.4 Kmpl. It can churn out a peak power of 88.76bhp at 4000rpm and yields torque output of 219.7Nm ranging between 1500 to 2750rpm. Also, it comes paired with a six speed manual transmission gear box that distributes engine power to its front wheels. On the other hand, this trim can achieve a top speed of approximately 165 Kmph and consumes nearly 13.2 seconds to break the 100 Kmph speed mark. Braking and Handling: This anniversary edition trim is offered with a reliable braking system that comprise of disc brakes at front and drum brakes on its rear wheels. It is also accompanied by anti lock braking system that further improves this mechanism. In terms of suspension, its front axle is affixed with a McPherson strut, while the rear one is assembled with a coupled torsion beam. Both these axles are further fitted with coil springs, which makes the drive quite smooth and comfortable as well. Besides these, it is incorporated with a motor driven electric power assisted steering system with tilt and telescopic adjustment functions. It ensures precise response and simplifies its maneuverability. Comfort Features: In terms of comfort, it has numerous aspects that makes the journey quite enjoyable and hassle free. It is offered with an advanced 2-DIN infotainment system that has radio tuner and MP3 player. It comes with 1GB internal memory and six high quality speakers. This unit also supports USB port as well as Bluetooth connectivity. A proficient air conditioning unit is offered with climate control, while there are power operated windows. The outside mirrors are electrically adjustable and come with auto folding function. Its instrument panel features a dual tripmeter, tachometer, along with gear shift indicator, low fuel and driver seatbelt notifications. Other aspects like rear AC vents, glove box with cooling function, passenger vanity mirror, power outlet, digital clock, theater dimming central room lamp, and lane change indicator further enhances the comfort levels. Safety Features: On the safety front, this variant is bestowed with the advanced anti lock braking system, driver airbag, reverse parking sensors, impact sensing auto door unlock and rear view camera with ECM display. Apart from these, the list also includes seat belts with pretensioners at front, dual horn, engine immobilizer, central locking, rear defogger, headlamp escort function, along with driver seat belt and door ajar warning lamps, which adds to the security quotient. Pros: 1. Body decals adds to its external appearance. 2. Availability of numerous comfort features.Cons:1. Could be offered with leather seat covers.2. More styling aspects can be added.
  • मोटर टाइप Hatchback
  • मॉडल नाम Hyundai i20
  • फ्यूल कैपेसिटी 45
  • अर्बन अवग 18.4
  • हाईवे अवग 22.54
  • ट्रांसमिशन टाइप Manual
  • लांच डेट 2015-08-17
सेफ्टी फीचर
  • पावर दूर लॉक्स Standard
  • हलोजन हेड लैम्प्स Standard
  • फ्रोंटिम्पेक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • पैसेंजर साइड रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • सीट बेल्ट वार्निंग Standard
  • केलेस एंट्री Standard
  • साइड इम्पैक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • रियर सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
  • क्रैश सेंसर Standard
  • सेंट्रल लॉकिंग Standard
  • एंटीलॉक ब्रेकिंग सिस्टम Standard
  • इंजन इम्मोबिलिज़ेर Standard
  • सेंट्रली माउंटेड फ्यूल टैंक Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले सीट्स Standard
  • ड्राइवर एयरबैग Standard
  • दूरजर वार्निंग Standard
  • डायनिघ्त रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
कम्फर्ट एंड कन्वेंिेंस फीचर्स
  • रियर अक्वेंट्स Standard
  • पावर विंडोज रियर Standard
  • रियर सीट हेडरेस्ट Standard
  • वैनिटी मिरर Standard
  • पावर विंडोज फ्रंट Standard
  • रिमोट ट्रंक ओपनर Standard
  • रिमोट फुएलिद ओपनर Standard
  • पार्किंग सेंसर्स Rear
  • आटोमेटिक क्लाइमेट कंट्रोल Standard
  • पावर स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • एक्सेसरी पावर आउटलेट Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स फ्रंट Standard
  • एयर क्वालिटी कंट्रोल Standard
  • लो फ्यूल वार्निंग लाइट Standard
  • मल्टीफ़ंक्शन स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
इंजन फीचर्स
  • टाइप U2 CRDI Diesel Engine
  • वाल्व कॉन्फ़िगरेशन DOHC
  • वाल्वस पैर सिलिंडर 4
  • ईयर 2014
  • फ्यूल सप्लाई सिस्टम CRDI
  • नो ऑफ़ सिलिंडर 4
  • सुपर चार्जर No
  • टर्बो चार्जर Yes
  • डिस्प्लेसमेंट 1396
  • मैक्सिमम पावर 88.73bhp@4000rpm
  • डिस्क्रिप्शन 1.4-litre 88.73bhp 16V U2 CRDi Diesel Engine
  • मैक्सिमम टार्क 219.7Nm@1500-2750rpm
  • स्पीकर्स रियर Standard
  • स्पेअकेर्स्फ़्रोंट Standard
  • कद प्लेयर Standard
  • रेडियो Standard
जनरल फीचर्स
  • वारंटी टाइम 2 Years
  • इंट्रोडक्शन डेट 2015-08-17
  • वारंटी डिस्टेंस Unlimited Kms
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ मनुफक्टुरे India
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ असेंबली India
कार वैरिएंट डिटेल फीचर
  • स्टीयरिंग Power
  • सेफ्टी Smart Pedal /n Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock /n Dual Horn /n
  • ट्रांसमिशन Manual
  • टायर्स Tubeless
  • ब्रेक सिस्टम ABS With EBD
  • सस्पेंशन सिस्टम Gas Filled
  • इंटीरियर 2-Tone Beige & Black Interior /n Front Passenger Seat Back Pocket /n Rear Parcel Tray /n Metal Finish Inside Door Handles /n Metal Finish Parking Lever Tip /n Metal Finish Leather Gear Knob /n Sunglass Holder /n Blue Interior Illumination /n Front Center Console Armrest with Storage /n
  • फ्यूल टाइप Diesel
  • इंजन टाइप 1.4-litre U2 CRDi Diesel Engine
  • कम्फर्ट N कन्वेंिेंस Power Windows Time Lag /n Switch Illumination Driver Side /n Auto Up-Down Driver Only /n Pinch Guard Driver Only /n Clutch Footrest /n Theatre Dimming Central Room Lamp /n Front Map Lamp /n Intermittent Vaiable Front Wiper /n Lane Change Indicator /n Battery Saver /n
  • एक्सटीरियर B-Pillar Black Out Tape /n C-Pillar Black Finish /n Body Colored Bumpes /n Body Colored Outside Door Mirrors /n Dual Tone Rear Bumper /n Waistline Moulding-Black /n Chrome Outside Door Handles /n
  • एंटरटेनमेंट 1GB Internal Memory /n Front & Rear Tweeters /n
Additional Features
  • गियर बॉक्स 6 Speed
  • रियर सस्पेंशन Coupled Torsion Beam
  • फ्रंट सस्पेंशन MacPherson Strut
  • स्टीयरिंग टाइप Power
  • मैक्सिमम स्पीड 180 Kmph
  • टर्निंग रेडियस 5.2 metres
  • व्हील साइज 14 Inch
  • टायर टाइप Tubeless
  • टायर साइज 185/70 R14
  • स्टीयरिंग गियर टाइप Rack & Pinion
  • ड्राइव टाइप FWD
  • एमिशन नॉर्म कंप्लायंस BS IV
  • कार्गो वोलुमन 295-litres
  • ऑक्सेलेरशन 11.9 Seconds
  • स्टीयरिंग कॉलम Tilt & Telescopic
  • नुफ्दूरस 5
  • फ्रंट ब्रेक टाइप Disc
  • शॉक अब्सोर्बेर्स टाइप Gas Filled
  • रियर ब्रेक टाइप Drum
  • सीटिंग कैपेसिटी 5
  • नुफ्फ्लोरस 0