वॉल्वो एस६० डी४ सुम्मुम
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वॉल्वो एस६० डी४ सुम्मुम

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  • 1984
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  • वॉल्वो एस६० डी४ सुम्मुम की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत Apr 11, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
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एक्सटीरियर फीचर्स
  • रियर विंडो डेफोग्गेर Standard
  • रेन सेंसिंग वाइपर Standard
  • टिंटेड गिलास Standard
  • पावर ऐन्टेना Standard
  • सुन रूफ Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रिक फोल्डिंग रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • पावर अद्जुस्ताब्ले एक्सटीरियर रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले हेडलाइट्स Standard
  • एलाय व्हील्स Standard
  • आउटसाइड रियर व्यू मिरर टर्न इंडीकेटर्स Standard
इंटीरियर फीचर्स
  • लाठर सीट्स Standard
  • लाठर स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
  • हीटर Standard
  • टैकोमीटर Standard
  • आउटसाइड टेम्परेचर डिस्प्ले Standard
  • ग्लोव कम्पार्टमेंट Standard
  • सिगरेट लाइटर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • दिगीतालक्लॉक Standard
  • एयर कंडीशनर Standard
  • डिजिटल ओडोमीटर Standard
  • इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मल्टीट्रिप्मेंटेर Standard
  • रियर हेड रूम 951mm
  • कर्ब वेट 1665kg
  • रियर लेग रूम 852mm
  • व्हील बेस 2776mm
  • फ्रंट लेग रूम 1064mm
  • टोटल वेट 2110kg
  • रियर ट्रीड 1585mm
  • फ्रंट हेड रूम 999mm
  • लेंथ 4635mm
  • क्लियरेंस 136mm
  • हाइट 1484mm
  • फ्रंट ट्रीड 1588mm
कार वैरिएंट फीचर्स
  • लॉन्ग डिस्क्रिप्शन Volvo, the Swedish car maker in India has launched the updated Volvo S60 in the Indian subcontinent. Offering the refined avatar of Volvo S60 saloon at a right time in India, the company must be hoping to get a decent number of sales this year. This classy saloon is offered in three exciting trims for the buyers i.e. the D4 KINETIC, the D4 SUMMUM and the D5 SUMMUM. With a variety of trims now available for this luxury saloon, the buyers will get the pleasure of typical Volvo ride in multiple trims with different features. However, the company may have to face tough competition with other popular cars in the segment like Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Volkswagen Passat, BMW 3 Series and Audi Q4. In the S60 line-up, the S60 D4 SUMMUM is mid variant that is priced at Rs. 32.50 lakh (Ex-showroom New Delhi) . This time the company has done several alterations in Volvo S60 to make it more unique. Changes have been done in the exteriors and interiors and to make the vehicle more appealing from both outside and inside. Features have also been added to make the machine more premium than ever before and the engine has also been slightly tweaked. Volvo S60 D4 SUMMUM also receives advancements to impress the patrons. The perfect additions in the interiors and the cosmetic changes in the exteriors make it worthwhile.Exteriors :The exteriors of Volvo S60 D4 SUMMUM are changed a bit in comparison to its past generation. The front facia of this car has become broader that makes it look more muscular and more premium. Even the grille becomes wider which looks all appealing with chrome outline and company badge. The other modest features in the outfit are the daytime running headlamps that are shaped nicely to give a different stance. The hood looks sober and the creases make the profile bold and muscular. Moreover, the bumpers look all sizzling with the trendy shape and dynamic fog lamps surrounded by the chrome lining. The blackened air-dam at the front bumper centre further makes it cosmetically appealing. Muscles are also noticeable at the sides on the lower end of the side doors and the large alloy wheels with a great design give it a sporty touch. The elegance of the S60 D4 SUMMUM can be seen at the windows that gets chrome outline. Added to this, the body coloured ORVMs with perfect shape and body coloured door handles are the best from the company. At the rear too, the neatness and attractiveness continues and the tail lamp cluster gets the fresh look. The boot lit of the car also gets stylish design and the company signature embossed makes it an eye-catchy animal from the rear profile too. Furthermore, the black and body coloured bumper receives elegant design and the twin sporty chrome exhausts are a great addition to the sports sedan characteristics.Interior :Inside too, the S60 D4 SUMMUM is a premium Pullman which receives slight changes. You will discover the all new instrument cluster with TFT crystal display in three graphic themes. Even the upholstery is entirely new and looks neatly mated everywhere. The steering wheel also gets refined and gets premium leather wrapping. For the easiest drive, the company has placed controls on the steering wheel. The dashboard is built from the expensive materials and gets attractive styling. Seats get the perfect shape to cater you a comfortable ride along with the lumbar support and adjustable headrests which further assist in increasing the comfort levels. You will come across spacious cabins in the all new Volvo S60 D4 SUMMUM that gets ideal leg-room, head-room and shoulder space to ensure feel-free ride . The interiors of the variant are made of best materials with best design to offer you best in class driving experience. With the raised up comfort levels this car is sure to delight all the premium sedan seekers.Engine and Performance :Volvo S60 D4 SUMMUM variant comes powered by an efficient 2.0-litre diesel mill which is calibrating enough to produce maximum power of 163bhp at 3500rpm and maximum torque of 400Nm at 1500rpm. Added to this, the engine of this car is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission that performs the gear changing effortlessly. Other than this, the performance of the car is incredible and it can cross speed mark of 0 100 kmph in just 9.4 seconds with its top speed being 215kmph.Braking and Handling :The all new Volvo S60 comes installed with the package of latest features that makes it an ideal car with perfect braking as well as handling. It gets the Driver Support Package including the Ground breaking support that further assists in detecting the crossing pedestrians and alerting the driver to avoid any collision. In addition, the car gets features like Queue Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Distance Alert so as to assist in maintaining distance from other vehicles. Other than this, the company has added features like Collision warning with Full Auto Brake, Pedestrian Detection and Driver Alert Control . In order to maintain proper control and stability, features like Dynamic stability and Traction control with Advanced Stability Control are truly helpful. The S60 D4 SUMMUM maintains fine road grip even while you drive it at high speed. Its front Independent McPherson and rear Multi-link suspensions work perfectly and irons the pot holes and jolts. The engine is highly responsive and so is the acceleration that avoids any sort of turbo lag. Even the steering of the car is efficient enough to turn the car easily in difficult conditions.Comfort Features :The new Volvo S60 D4 SUMMUM gets lots of class leading comfort and convenience features to offer you with the premium most ride. It comes loaded with Digital instrument cluster with active TFT Display, Premium leather upholstery, Multi-purpose steering wheel, AC with climate control, LCD screens for rear passenger entertainment, Power steering Power windows, Multi-media Information System , Bluetooth with Voice call, Portable Navigation System (Ultra-thin), Traffic Message Channel, Alloy wheels, Engine start/stop and many more.Safety Features :The company has ensured that safety comes at its best in the S60 D4 SUMMUM and it comes loaded with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Central Locking, Brake Assist, Dual front airbags, Keyless entry, Vehicle stability control system , Distance Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, Full Auto Brake, Queue Assist, Driver Alert Control, Pedestrian Detection, Traction control etc.Pros : Best in class features, excellent styling, soothing interiors.Cons : Limited service network, high price tag.
  • फ्यूल कैपेसिटी 67
  • मोटर टाइप Luxury Vehicles
  • मॉडल नाम Volvo S60
  • हाईवे अवग 21.7
  • लांच डेट 2013-10-23
  • ट्रांसमिशन टाइप Automatic
  • अर्बन अवग 12.6
सेफ्टी फीचर
  • साइड इम्पैक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • सीट बेल्ट वार्निंग Standard
  • पावर दूर लॉक्स Standard
  • पैसेंजर साइड रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • रियर सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
  • ब्रेक असिस्ट Standard
  • केलेस एंट्री Standard
  • ट्रैक्शन कंट्रोल Standard
  • व्हीकल स्टेबिलिटी कंट्रोल सिस्टम Standard
  • साइड एयरबैग फ्रंट Standard
  • क्सेनोन्हेड लैम्प्स Standard
  • डायनिघ्त रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • सेंट्रल लॉकिंग Standard
  • एंटीथेफ़्ट अलार्म Standard
  • एंटीलॉक ब्रेकिंग सिस्टम Standard
  • पैसेंजर एयरबैग Standard
  • सेंट्रली माउंटेड फ्यूल टैंक Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले सीट्स Standard
  • क्रैश सेंसर Standard
  • इंजन इम्मोबिलिज़ेर Standard
  • फ्रोंटिम्पेक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • ड्राइवर एयरबैग Standard
कम्फर्ट एंड कन्वेंिेंस फीचर्स
  • रियर रीडिंग लैंप Standard
  • रियर सीट सेंटर आर्मरेस्ट Standard
  • रियर अक्वेंट्स Standard
  • रियर सीट हेडरेस्ट Standard
  • पावर विंडोज रियर Standard
  • सीट लम्बर सपोर्ट Standard
  • पावर विंडोज फ्रंट Standard
  • ट्रंक लाइट Standard
  • रिमोट ट्रंक ओपनर Standard
  • रिमोट फुएलिद ओपनर Standard
  • वैनिटी मिरर Standard
  • आटोमेटिक क्लाइमेट कंट्रोल Standard
  • एयर क्वालिटी कंट्रोल Standard
  • एक्सेसरी पावर आउटलेट Standard
  • पावर स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स फ्रंट Standard
  • क्रूज कंट्रोल Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स रियर Standard
  • पार्किंग सेंसर्स Front & Rear
  • लो फ्यूल वार्निंग लाइट Standard
  • मल्टीफ़ंक्शन स्टीयरिंग व्हील Standard
  • हाइट अद्जुस्ताब्ले फ्रंट सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
इंजन फीचर्स
  • वाल्व कॉन्फ़िगरेशन DOHC
  • वाल्वस पैर सिलिंडर 4
  • टाइप Turbo Diesel Engine
  • फ्यूल सप्लाई सिस्टम Common Rail Direct Injection
  • नो ऑफ़ सिलिंडर 5
  • ईयर 2013
  • डिस्प्लेसमेंट 1984
  • टर्बो चार्जर Yes
  • मैक्सिमम पावर 181bhp@3500rpm
  • मैक्सिमम टार्क 400Nm@1500rpm
  • सुपर चार्जर No
  • डिस्क्रिप्शन 2.0-litre 181bhp 20V Turbo Diesel Engine
  • स्पीकर्स रियर Standard
  • स्पेअकेर्स्फ़्रोंट Standard
  • ऑडियो सिस्टम रिमोट कंट्रोल Standard
  • रेडियो Standard
  • डीवीडी प्लेयर Standard
जनरल फीचर्स
  • वारंटी डिस्टेंस Unlimited kms
  • इंट्रोडक्शन डेट 2013-10-23
  • वारंटी टाइम 2 Years
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ असेंबली India
कार वैरिएंट डिटेल फीचर
  • सेफ्टी 2 Step airbags, driver and passenger side, SIPS airbags, Iflatable curtains, whiplash protection at front seats
  • स्टीयरिंग Multifunctional steering wheel
  • ट्रांसमिशन 6 Speed Geartronic
  • टायर्स Tubeless Radial Tyres
  • ब्रेक सिस्टम Ventilated disc brakes
  • इंटीरियर Illuminated vanity mirror, Rear armrest with cupholders and storage, sun curtain, shimmer graphite decor inlays, charcoal standard decor inlays, automatically dimmed inner mirror + compass
  • फ्यूल टाइप Diesel
  • इंजन टाइप 2.0-litre, Inline, 5 Cylinder, D5 Twin turbo diesel engine
  • कम्फर्ट N कन्वेंिेंस Trip meter, cruise control, city safety, height/length adjustable steering wheel, park assist rear, park assist front, collision warning with full auto brake, driver alert system and pedestrian detection, height/length adjustable steering wheel, rain sensor, blind spot information system, park assist camera, park assist front and rear, four-c chasis
  • एक्सटीरियर Headlight washer, Turn with steering lights, Bright decor side windows, upper+lower
  • एंटरटेनमेंट High performance/AUX/USB/Bluetooth, Single MP3 Player with MP3 decoder, Auxilary audio input (AUX connector), USB and IPOD function in IAM, Audio controls in steering wheel and remote control, bluetooth hands free and audio streeming
Additional Features
  • गियर बॉक्स 8 Speed
  • रियर सस्पेंशन Multi-Link
  • फ्रंट सस्पेंशन Independent McPherson
  • स्टीयरिंग टाइप Power
  • मैक्सिमम स्पीड 215Km/hr
  • ड्राइव टाइप FWD
  • ऑक्सेलेरशन 9.2 Seconds
  • टायर टाइप Tubeless Radial Tyres
  • टायर साइज 235/40 R18
  • स्टीयरिंग गियर टाइप Rack & Pinion
  • टर्निंग रेडियस 5.65 metres
  • एमिशन नॉर्म कंप्लायंस Euro V
  • कार्गो वोलुमन 380-litres
  • स्टीयरिंग कॉलम Tilt & Adjustable Steering
  • फ्रंट ब्रेक टाइप Ventilated Disc
  • एलाय व्हील साइज 18 Inch
  • नुफ्दूरस 4
  • रियर ब्रेक टाइप Ventilated Disc
  • नुफ्फ्लोरस 0
  • सीटिंग कैपेसिटी 5