महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर
  • महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर

महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर

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प्रमुख विशेषताऐं
  • सीटिंग कैपेसिटी 9
  • स्टीयरिंग टाइप Power
  • मैक्सिमम स्पीड 168 Kmph
  • एयर कंडीशनर Standard
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Popular Reviews

महिंद्रा स्कार्पियो एस४ 9 सीटर तकनिकी विवरण

एक्सटीरियर फीचर्स
  • इंटीग्रेटेड ऐन्टेना Standard
  • साइड स्टेपर Standard
  • व्हील कवर्स Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले हेडलाइट्स Standard
  • मैन्युअली अद्जुस्ताब्ले एक्सट्रेअर व्यू मिरर Standard
इंटीरियर फीचर्स
  • इलेक्ट्रॉनिक मल्टीट्रिप्मेंटेर Standard
  • टैकोमीटर Standard
  • ग्लोव कम्पार्टमेंट Standard
  • फैब्रिक उपहोल्स्टरी Standard
  • हीटर Standard
  • डिजिटल ओडोमीटर Standard
  • दिगीतालक्लॉक Standard
  • सिगरेट लाइटर Standard
  • एयर कंडीशनर Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • लेंथ 4456mm
  • हाइट 1995mm
  • क्लियरेंस 180mm
  • फ्रंट ट्रीड 1450mm
  • रियर ट्रीड 1450mm
  • टोटल वेट 2510kg
  • व्हील बेस 2680mm
कार वैरिएंट फीचर्स
  • मॉडल नाम Mahindra Scorpio
  • फ्यूल कैपेसिटी 60
  • लॉन्ग डिस्क्रिप्शन Mahindra Scorpio is one of the successful sports utility vehicles available in the country's automobile market. Its facelifted version is launched with a 2.2-litre and 2.5-litre diesel engine options. It is available in a number of variants out of which, Mahindra Scorpio S4 9 Seater is a mid range diesel trim. This latest version is blessed with refreshing exterior aspects that adds to its masculine look. The front fascia is redesigned with a rectangular shaped headlight cluster that has powerful headlamps. The refurbished bonnet now includes a scoop, while the revamped bumper includes a protective cladding. The rear end too receives some modifications like the new tail lights, redesigned windscreen as well as tailgate with black plastic appliqu on it. The interiors too are modified with a new center console and revamped dashboard that gives it an appealing look. Other aspects in the cabin include a power steering system, HVAC unit, well cushioned seats and a few storage spaces. It is bestowed with a few safety features like side intrusion beams, child safety locks and collapsible steering column. Apart from the existing Mist Silver, Fiery Black and Diamond White colors, the company has introduced it in two new colors, which are Molten Red and Regal Blue. It receives a tough competition from Renault Duster, Nissan Terrano and Tata Safari Storme in the SUV segment. This is offered with a standard warranty of two years or 50,000 kilometers, which can be further extended for up to two years at an additional cost. Exteriors: This robust vehicle has an aggressive front facade that features a bold radiator grille with vertically positioned slats. It is further engraved with an insignia of the company at the center. This grille is flanked by a new headlight cluster that is in rectangular shape. It is integrated with high intensity headlamps and turn indicators as well. The sleek bonnet is refurbished with a sporty scoop along with some expressive lines on it. The windscreen is quite large and equipped with a couple of intermittent wipers . The revamped bumper comes fitted with an air dam and has protective cladding beneath it. There are no changes made to its side profile, which has attractive features like a side step, external mirrors and door handles. Furthermore, it has neatly carved wheel arches that are fitted with a set of 17 inch steel wheels. These rims are further covered with tubeless radial tyres of size P235/65 R17 which provide a strong grip on roads. On the other hand, its rear end is redesigned with a few new aspects. It includes the trend looking tail lights, whereas the tailgate comes with a black plastic appliqu and company's emblem as well. Besides these, its rear end has a roof top ski racks, bumper and a spoiler with integrated third brake light that gives it a sporty look. The company has built it with an overall length of 4456mm, width of 1820mm (excluding outside mirrors) and a total height of 1995mm. The wheelbase is quite large which measures about 2680mm. Interiors: The internal cabin has a huge space and accommodates nine people besides offering them with ample leg and shoulder room. It is incorporated with wide and well cushioned seats, which are covered with fabric as well as vinyl combination upholstery. The neatly designed dashboard is integrated with equipments like an instrument cluster, new center console and a steering wheel. The instrument panel features low fuel consumption display, driver seat belt warning, door open indicator and a few other notifications that alerts the driver. The prominent logo of the company is neatly embossed on its steering wheel, which further gives it a stylish loo k. The dashboard also includes a large glove box compartment in which, essential things can be placed. There are sun visors available at front, while the first and middle row seats have 12V charging points. In addition to these, it has cup as well bottle holders along with second row can holder on console. Engine and Performance: This Mahindra Scorpio S4 9 Seater variant is incorporated with an efficient 2.2-litre, mHawk diesel engine that is capable of displacing 2179cc. This mill can churn out a peak power of 120bhp at 4000rpm and generates a maximum torque output of 290Nm that ranges between 1800 to 2800rpm, which is rather good for the Indian road conditions. It carries 4-cylinders, sixteen valves and is based on a double overhead camshaft valve configuration. This power plant is integrated with a common rail direct injection system. It has the ability to return a maximum mileage of 15.4 Kmpl on highways. The automaker has skillfully coupled this motor with a five speed manual transmission gear box that distributes torque output to its front wheels. Braking and Handling: This nine seater trim is equipped with a reliable braking system. The car maker has fitted its front wheels with ventilated disc brakes and the rear ones are equipped with drum brakes. The front axle is affixed with a double wishbone independent suspension, while the rear axle gets a multi link type of system and anti roll bar. This mechanism is further enhanced by coil springs and hydraulic double acting telescopic shock absorbers. On the other hand, this SUV is blessed with a power assisted steering system that is highly responsive and has tilt adjustment function. Comfort Features: This Mahindra Scorpio S4 9 Seater trim is packed with only a few comfort features. It has an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit along with rear air vents, which helps in regulating the temperature inside. There are 12V charging points available in the first and middle row seats, which are quite useful for charging the mobile phones. This variant includes power operated windows, while the outside rear view mirrors are manually adjustable. In addition to these aspects, it has a tilt steering wheel, headlamp leveling switch and remote fuel lid opener that enhances the comfort levels. Safety Features: This variant has some standard safety aspects like a collapsible steering column, side intrusion beams and a digital engine immobilizer, which prevents unauthorized entry into the vehicle. Pros: 1. It has striking exterior aspects. 2. After sales service is good Cons: 1. Very few comfort aspects. 2. Absence of infotainment system.
  • मोटर टाइप Sport Utilities
  • लांच डेट 2014-09-25
  • ट्रांसमिशन टाइप Manual
  • हाईवे अवग 15.4
  • अर्बन अवग 11.5
सेफ्टी फीचर
  • फ्रोंटिम्पेक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • साइड इम्पैक्ट बीम्स Standard
  • रियर सीट बेल्ट्स Standard
  • पैसेंजर साइड रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • हलोजन हेड लैम्प्स Standard
  • इंजन इम्मोबिलिज़ेर Standard
  • दूरजर वार्निंग Standard
  • डायनिघ्त रियर व्यू मिरर Standard
  • सेंट्रली माउंटेड फ्यूल टैंक Standard
  • सेंट्रल लॉकिंग Standard
  • अद्जुस्ताब्ले सीट्स Standard
  • सीट बेल्ट वार्निंग Standard
कम्फर्ट एंड कन्वेंिेंस फीचर्स
  • पावर विंडोज रियर Standard
  • रिमोट फुएलिद ओपनर Standard
  • रियर सीट हेडरेस्ट Standard
  • रियर रीडिंग लैंप Standard
  • रियर अक्वेंट्स Standard
  • एक्सेसरी पावर आउटलेट Standard
  • पावर विंडोज फ्रंट Standard
  • पावर स्टीयरिंग Standard
  • लो फ्यूल वार्निंग लाइट Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स रियर Standard
  • कप होल्डर्स फ्रंट Standard
इंजन फीचर्स
  • वाल्व कॉन्फ़िगरेशन DOHC
  • फ्यूल सप्लाई सिस्टम CRDi
  • ईयर 2014
  • नो ऑफ़ सिलिंडर 4
  • वाल्वस पैर सिलिंडर 4
  • डिस्प्लेसमेंट 2179
  • टाइप mHawk Diesel Engine
  • सुपर चार्जर No
  • डिस्क्रिप्शन 2.2-litre 120bhp 16V mHawk Diesel Engine
  • मैक्सिमम टार्क 280Nm@1800-2800rpm
  • मैक्सिमम पावर 120bhp@4000rpm
  • टर्बो चार्जर Yes
जनरल फीचर्स
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ असेंबली India
  • कंट्री ऑफ़ मनुफक्टुरे India
  • वारंटी टाइम 2 Years
  • वारंटी डिस्टेंस 50000 Kms
  • इंट्रोडक्शन डेट 2014-09-25
कार वैरिएंट डिटेल फीचर
  • सेफ्टी Collapsible Steering Column & Side Intrusion Beams /n Digital Immobilizer /n
  • ट्रांसमिशन Manual
  • सस्पेंशन सिस्टम Hydraulic Double Acting, Telescopic Shock Absorber /n
  • स्टीयरिंग Tiltable steering
  • फ्यूल टाइप Diesel
  • ब्रेक सिस्टम Fr:Ventilated Disc Rr:Drum
  • इंटीरियर Vinyl Seats With Fabric Inserts /n
  • एक्सटीरियर LED Tail Lamps /n Bonnet Scoop /n Unpainted Front & Rear Bumper & Side Cladding, ORVMs And Door Handles /n Steel Rim Wheels /n Number Plate Applique In Black /n Tail Gate Applique /n Black Finish Fender Bezel /n Bulb Centre High Mount Stop Lamp /n
  • कम्फर्ट N कन्वेंिेंस Hydraulic Power Steering /n Power Window Switches On Centre Console /n Hydraulic-Assisted Bonnet /n Head Lamp Levelling Switch /n Silver Foot Step /n Static Roof Lamp /n
  • इंजन टाइप 2.2-litre mHawk Engine
  • टायर्स P235/65 R17
Additional Features
  • स्टीयरिंग गियर टाइप Rack & Pinion
  • स्टीयरिंग कॉलम Tilt & Collapsible
  • टर्निंग रेडियस 5.4 metres
  • ड्राइव टाइप RWD
  • मैक्सिमम स्पीड 168 Kmph
  • गियर बॉक्स 5 Speed
  • रियर सस्पेंशन Multi Link
  • फ्रंट सस्पेंशन Double Wishbone
  • स्टीयरिंग टाइप Power
  • व्हील साइज 17 Inch
  • शॉक अब्सोर्बेर्स टाइप Hydraulic Double Acting, Telescopic
  • टायर टाइप Tubeless,Radial
  • सीटिंग कैपेसिटी 9
  • रियर ब्रेक टाइप Drum
  • नुफ्फ्लोरस 0
  • नुफ्दूरस 5
  • फ्रंट ब्रेक टाइप Disc
  • एमिशन नॉर्म कंप्लायंस BS IV
  • कार्गो वोलुमन 460-litres
  • ऑक्सेलेरशन 14.5 Seconds
  • टायर साइज 235/65 R17