Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)
  • Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)
  • Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)
  • Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)
  • Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)
  • Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)

Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)

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  • 1000 W
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Exceeds my expectations
by Shashikant on 2015-06-12

After studying Home Theater system offered by Sony, LG, Samsung I finalised on HTB5580. Major factor for deciding in favour of HTB5580 is 1) Price and 2) Wireless rear speakers. No body is offering such spec loaded system at such price. Amazon despatched HT through GATI and GATI with out any reason delayed delivery by 1 day. Coolly they mentioned on their site Customer requested for change in address where as GATI fellow didn't contacted me. Any way GATI is GATI.

As regards packing , HT was received in original packing . I tried to find out country of origin and I could not find it on the box nor in user manual.

As regards quality of manufacture it is much more than my expectation. In this price I was expecting some China quality product. Actually it is much much better product. Tall boy speakers are very tall and quite heavy. I will give 10/10 for quality of manufacture.

Referring to user manual I carried out installation on my own. Believe me it is so simple any person can do it with out any expert help. User manual is very informative and each step is explained with proper illustrations. Paring of rear speakers is also child's play. I will rate ease of installation as 10/10.

For checking Audio performance I bought Arjit Sing MP3 and Audio quality is simplygreat. I also bought Avatar 3D blue ray DVD. When I played it me and my wife were speech less with 3D experience and Home Theatre Audio quality. I am not a writer hence not able to capture my experience of watching 3D movie in appropriate words. It is simply awe sum.

Thank you Philips for making such excellent product available at such a reasonable price. I will strongly recommend this product to my friends and pl do not have a second thought to purchase this product. my overall rating is 10/10. Go get it.

A great HT system for this price - best buy!
by Hemant on 2015-08-20

This is a great product and I got for VFM price from Amazon (now I see the price has gone up)!

I list here the most important points that set this HT system apart from the competition in this price range (even w/o discount):

1) Tallboy Front & Rear speakers. These are really tall speakers (~1.1 meter high) and thus require no special installation. The base is heavy too.
2) Wireless rear speakers - this avoids long running wires across the room. The range seems pretty good as I have installed them at rear ~20 feet away from the HTB/TV and have not heard any distortion.
3) HT supports accessing SAMBA network shares / Windows shares over WiFi which is a big plus as unlike DLNA (which it supports too), the SAMBA shares are mounted as local folders and you can watch movies with external subtitles without any need to re-encode. Also, usual DLNA issues with detection, updating new files etc are not present.
4) Nice surround effect with features like a) configuration to set speaker's distance individually, b) Adjusting the gain at each speaker.
5) Other important features like HDMI ARC (allows you to watch video on TV but audio through HT), EasyLink to control viewing (TV) + listening (HT) through single remote, NFC, Bluetooth, Miracast
6) Brilliant sound quality both for Movies as well as music with deep bass and great clarity.

Some tips for setup:
1) To ensure rear speakers give out audio eve for normal 2ch audio, go to sound setting (direct button on remote) to set up "Multi Channel Audio" or "5 Ch Stereo" mode.
2) 5 Ch stereo gives louder sound through all speakers but I personally prefer "Multi Channel" mode as it gives true multi channel experience.
3) One can go to Audio settings -> speaker setup and set up gain at speaker input to customize listening experience. For multichannel mode, I recommend setting +6 dB for central speaker and +3 dB at front speakers. In my case, the rear speakers are 4 meters from my listening position, so I set +6dB even on rear speakers.
4) Use auto volume feature particularly when you feel sound too low for some audio. I keep this enabled by default.
5) If you feel the bass is too much, you can set -1dB for subwoofer in speaker setup
6) As for equalizers, I have my personal setting as low = 0, mid = 6, high = 4 or you can use "Clear" settings which are good.
7) For good effects, keep front and rear speakers 2 meters apart from each other and central speaker at center and below the TV.

Good Product but not Worth for Money
by Satish on 2016-09-21

After 1 Month usage my Opinion,
- Good Blueray DVD Player but Speakers are not upto the Mark for the Price available in Present Market for Hifi Speakers.
- Blueray Plays almost all technology available like Bluetooth,NFC, Screen mirror directly in Android Device but not in Windows Mobile phone, Screen Mirror through DLNA in Windows Mobile 100% & also Windows Music Movie Screen Mirror in TV through DLNA, SAMBA not tried as not aware how to utilize technology, formats like .mkv AC3 not supported but .mkv supports.
-3d Quality is very much Improved in comparison with direct play through TV.
- Making Smart TV is possible Difficult Task Patience reqd.
- DTS, Dolby technology is Very good in Playing Blueray or normal DVD only. Not up to the mark in USB play, worst in TV sound.TV sound & HT speakers never matches after a lot try of Audio Sync.So TV in Mute while watching TV
- Bass Not good as its Passive ( No Power for the Amplificn to the Bass Unit)
- Rear Wireless Speakers only gives advantages of nearly 1 mtr. of wire short only as through Wireless unit again connection to be done to Rear Speakers. Not seems any advantages for my Hall.
- The Philips technicians dont knows ABCD of this Model Features. Try toexplain ON/OFF button, Vl. Up & Down Button no idea of NFC, DLNA etc I got knowledge frm Expert Reviews & Int Surfing

- My advice for Same Price U can get Blueray players( < 8K) of Same Spec. if interested in Disc Play & 3D & a Good Speakers (< 20K range speakers available in Market like BOSTON pl.see that compatibility).I tried on friend's BOSTON with proper connectors its Awesome. No words

Live Sound
by Mridul on 2015-12-20

I bought the product 2 days back only. You'll definitely need a TV, a good LED FULL HD TV, if you really want to experience the system. Ok..about the product. It comes in a huge box so check where you want it to be delivered. It comes with 4 tall speakers and Tallboy stand, 1 center speaker, 1 Sub woofer, 1 wireless receiver box, main cabinet, remote with batteries, FM antenna, 1HDMI cable, screws to fix the tallboy stand, and of course the user manual. The main cabinet in front have a DVD player, 2port for mic,1 port for audio-in and 1 USB port. You can connect and play your phone or laptop or any other device through bluetooth. The system has options of stereo, multi, auto channels etc. you can choose as per your requirement. All speakers may not play sound all together depend on which channel you chose on sound settings. Rear speaker are completely separated from main cabinet and connected through the wireless receiver, so no running wires across the room though you will need a power connection for the wireless receiver. I took help of Philips customer care to fix the tallboy stand as I was not sure how to install it, it get done by the Philips engineer within few hours by a home visit (may be I am in Delhi that why it was fast.. ;) About the experience, It's like multiplex kinda feeling. If you are watching a Blue ray or 1080 movie you can hear every details of the sound like rain drops, Bird tweets, like you bring the movie to you home. I wonder how it will be like in 3D? But don't be like playing a low quality movie or music and expect a dolby experience. It has loads of other feature and which I have not explore yet. I gave 5 star to the product. Price might be different depend on the sellers. Hope this help to decide. Cheers!

Philips home theater - Original Reviews
by Kapil Jain on 2015-06-26

Product came before the Amazon assured delivery time which was more then 2 weeks. I am surprised how Amazon shows such a long time in delivery and in other countries they are planning to deliver within few hours by using drones (flying devices). Gati is moved with a real slow Gati. Gati delayed order by one day. Which was expected. They can't be prompt like fedex. Anyways now most surprising was the Gati guys are delivering product via mopeds. 30 kg huge box on a moped? How they can do this. See image of the Gati delivery boy on moped: when I ask that guy why he bring it on two wheeler he smile and says " sir damage hoga toh aapko replacement mill jayega na" I was shocked to hear his reply. It was not expected that Gati came on moped with such a huge parcel. When we open box the product has some sign of water inside. We took images of that too.

Now come to product it is a best deal @25900.0 for those who don't have smart tv or bought low price led/lcd. If you have smart tv don't buy this because this product is not as smart as our led. But for those who has led or lower models of t.v with little bit technology then this will add 5 stars to your home entertainment and definitely you will gets cenima experience. I am 50% satisfied because product was missing main feature which was hdmi input to connect my tatasky hd box. There no video input to Philips blue ray player. Only one Usb to play everything.
Wifi is strong, product quality is ok. But when we speak about performance it is 25%-30% lesser then Sony. Glossy plastic attract lot of dust particles and finger prints reflects a lot. Wireless speaker is just good for marketing product it has wires and a huge wireless connectivity box which need electricity to work. And 2 rear speakers are need to connected with this box.
Smart tv owner should give more attention on sound and definitely buy a product which support hdmi input. Which is very-very important. Over all experience is ok. Rest I will share after using it for some days. Philips should work on lot of things like user interface, applications, features, better alternate of glossy plastic.

Five Stars
by satheesh kumar K R on 2016-01-31

Good product ... Awesome sound quality.. No second thought if are really planning to buy a good home theatre system.. Works good with my Micromax 42 UHD 4k TV..

Its good but not Great
by Raj on 2016-09-24

Sound quality and it's features are really good but the amount of sound it reproduces is not like an 1000w, it seems to be lower compared to other brands. Features are really worth for this price range

nice product
by Amazon Customer on 2015-10-22

just 2 days before i will buy this product really very nice.i like it very much and i hope suggested thid product

Never give a second thought. The best Home Theatre System available for the Price! .
by Leo on 2015-11-25

Excellent sound quality and clarity! Has got all the features, best in class.. Everything works without flaws. The build quality is perfect, better than any other models/brands in this price range. The only thing which is annoying is the need for external power supply for the wireless speaker box. Also, searching over Internet seems to hectic, cause of the keys and laggy. Screen mirroring won't work with iPhone! Bought from Amazon just because of its classy service. Delivery could have been earlier, this was annoying! Very satisfied with the product. Never give a second thought.

Front speakers
by Amit Kandhari on 2015-12-30

Hi everyone.
Can front speakers be wall mounted?
What is the app weight of each speaker?

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Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black) - मूल्य ग्राफ

Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black) तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • ब्रांड Philips
डीवीडी फीचर्स
  • प्लायबले फाइल फोर्मट्स Avi, divx, mkv, mp4, mpeg, mpg
डिवाइस फीचर्स
  • टोटल पावर आउटपुट 1000 W
  • फ्रीक्वेंसी रिस्पांस 150-20k Hz
  • इम्पेड़ेंस 3 ohm
  • वेट 2.68 kg
  • डायमेंशन 100 x 1178 x 101 mm

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Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black) Philips HTB5580/94 Home theatre (Black)
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