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डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग
  • डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग
  • डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग

डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग

स्कोर - 71
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PD स्कोर =कुल ग्राहक (जिन्होंने रेटिंग दी)+औसत रेटिंग। यह स्कोर आपको मोबाइल खरीदिने मैं मदद करेंगा क्योंकि ये रजिस्टर्ड यूजर की रेटिंग्स पर आधारित है और पूरी तरह वास्तविक हैं
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23,222 4.31 % छूट
स्टॉक मैं उपलब्ध नहीं हैं
प्रमुख विशेषताऐं
  • Celeron 2955U
  • Windows 8
  • 2 GB
  • 500 GB
सभी विशेषतायें देखें
  • विवरण
  • मूल्य सूची
  • ग्राहको की समीक्षा
  • मूल्य ग्राफ
  • तकनीकी विवरण

डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग भारत मैं मूल्य सूची

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डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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अच्छा , 18 पर आधारित
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4 2 
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1 7 
अपना अनुभव शेयर करें अपनी समीक्षा लिखे
by sudeep sarkar on 2014-09-16

Dear Team
First of all I want to share some points which I had come to know after getting my product
The photo which shown in your site of the desire product doesn't match with the real one which I got frm your end
The given specification are entirely different frm the product which I had got
It had optical drive and it's not a touch screen but the product which I got haven't any such drive and it's touch screen which I don't required
How I suppose to trust your site again I don't know I will never recommend any close one to buy any thing frm your site.

Dont buy -- its pretty much USELESS !
by Christopher Pereira on 2015-08-26

Laptop is good build. Feels good. Keyboard feels sturdy, mousepad keeps hanging, have to resort to touch screen.
Quite a slow machine, hangs often - guess McAfee is too taxing may unistall it.
Also will need to increase the ram as 2gb is insufficiently INSULTING!
Also may need to upgrade to windows 8.1 hoping the performance will improve.
Overall good laptop except for the speed which is pathetic.

So buy it only if u willing to fork out close to 20k on new 8gb RAM and a new Faster drive - SSDs cost around 15-20k each !

Old stock, warranty almost out
by Mohit on 2014-10-20

Hi Guys

Warn you that this is an old stock.warranty expires in Nov.

Amazon spoilt my complete purchase experience and its shameful for me as I had gifted this product toy brother on Diwali and now asking him to return it

Choose a dell and enjoy complete peace of mind, Dell 3137 means 11 hours backup
by manoj on 2015-11-27

At very much justifiable price, this is one of the best offering from Dell. This item can be purchased from online private websites only, as official dell website has removed this product as being outdated. This has exceptional performance, boot time is about 5 to 8 seconds only even when mechanical hard drive is used. Graphics performance is also OK, Battery back up is 11 hours, and just right for all the work, if you do not need it for heavy games or Auto CAD.1.4 Ghz processor though seeming weak on the paper, performs really well, there were no heat issues.And Dell reliability and total peace of mind is something that I think every one is familiar with, and this product also proved the same.Touch screen was very sensitive and responsive, track pad was sharp.Speakers were of very high quality, entire package was nicely built up, there were absolutely no issues. 11.1 inch screen size is just the right size and serves all the purpose. I recommend this product to all the persons who are thinking to buy celeron based asus laptop somewhere between 15 to 20 thousand, as dell 3137 will give about three times battery backup, and absolute peace of mind for the years to come.It is easy to save 5 to 6 thousand Rs.but the advantage of having 11 hours battery backup is like having more productivity, and absolutely no need to charge laptop at unknown places.This is best suited for students, and on-the-go technocrats who know the meaning of ultra portability and true meaning of having extra long backup.Since build quality is strong, this laptop gives good feel while using.And to those who really need to use Auto CAD, there are some programmes which allow users to view the saved auto CAD drawings, these programmes can be run on this laptop.This laptop can be carried the whole day in the backpack, without any feeling of back pain.Dell website also gives online product support like latest drivers, bios, updates etc.and warranty can also be extended online. Since the price is very justifiable no backpack was involed. I also did not purchase backpack as this product is such a compact piece, which does not require such a big backpack.I recommend Saco Laptop Bag(480 Rs.)which is just the right size,and gives proper protection. Advantages of having a dell machine are evident after some use only, and at a first glance they may look rather dull.Since boot time is extremely less, it can be quickly used at some ackward places like upper berth of a train compartment, library corner, etc.Advantages of having a higher speed laptop is only margial,but a laptop having three times the battery backup means having extra life.Just choose this and have an end to all computing troubles on the go.If still you need to make it skyrocket, just upgrade the RAM, and replace the inbuilt mechanical hard drive with 256 GB SSD, and then it will start in 1 second, and make dream machine.

too slow.........dont buy...
by sandeep on 2015-05-13

Very bad product ..extremely slow..I got this product yesterday. .may be software problem.we can't to anything with this..I thought dell should provide standardised product...trying to update windows.may be wil get better as said in above reviews.

Overally excellent.
by SANKAR MAGAR on 2014-12-14

Still i not getting invoice, request to send through mail my product invoice with warrenty and dell backup dell CD. Overally excellent.

Good build quality
by Sanjay Bijlani on 2016-06-19

Value for money deal !!! Good build quality, ideal for basic home and office users.

https: //www. amazon.
by Amazon Customer on 2015-11-04

Its a Dell display...
by drTucker on 2015-02-13

I have reduced one star because the CPU is on the slower side.

Processor speed is relatively less.
by Bharath Gupta PK on 2014-11-13

While using, I realized that its response is little slow. Probably this is the first time I took such a laptop with such a less processor speed.

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डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग - मूल्य ग्राफ

डैल इंस्पीरों एन३१३७ 11-इंच लैपटॉप विथौत लैपटॉप बैग तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • लैपटॉप ब्रांड Dell
  • मॉडल नंबर N3137
  • प्रोसेसर ब्रांड Intel
  • प्रोसेसर टाइप Celeron 2955U
  • प्रोसेसर क्लॉक स्पीड 1.4 GHz
  • राम 2 GB
  • ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम Windows 8
  • हद्द कैपेसिटी 500 GB
  • स्क्रीन साइज 11.6 Inches
  • स्क्रीन रेसोलुशन 1366 x 768
  • हाइट 21 Millimeters
  • विड्थ 20.1 Centimeters
  • डाइमेंशन्स 30 x 20.1 x 2.1 cm
  • लैपटॉप वेट 2.6 Kg
  • लैपटॉप साउंड Built-In Stereo Speakers with Waves MaxxAudio 2
  • ग्राफ़िक प्रोसेसर Intel HD Graphics
  • हदमी पोर्ट 1

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