HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
  • HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
  • HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
  • HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
  • HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
  • HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
  • HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black

HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black

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HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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Major letdown... if you really want to buy this, buy from US/UK
by Piyush Rajput on 2012-06-24

This is major letdown.. been waiting for this for a long long time ,disappointed, been holding up my purchase of Xperia S but now it is a no brainer..

1. This model is the inferior version

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The Biggest Disappointment Ever
by Nitesh Goyal on 2012-06-24

1) HTC One S (the Indian variant) ships with a dual-core Snapdragon S3 processor (Scorpion), alongwith an Adreno 220 GPU, instead of the international version, which has a dual-core

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nice phone.... bang for buck
by Bhuvnesh Kothar on 2012-09-09

Guys if u don't know anything please don't misguide others. Its a beauty to hold this phone. Camera is gud too.
Coming to the S3 chipset its still not as old as u all who r commenting so chill.

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Don't go by wrong reviews
by Pawandeep Singh on 2012-10-31

Phone is really good..
i am using it from a week... user interface HTC SENSE 4 is good/ comes with runs great on it..
it is really sleak & slimmmmmm.......

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by the8055man on 2012-10-20

*****Do not listen to these Hater *****

S3/S4 doesn't matter this phone is brilliant. Have been using this phone for 1 week and loving it.

Interface is way cooler than S2 [event s3

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The most under rated phone on Flipkart!!
by Ashwin M on 2012-10-29

This is Probably the most underrated phone at Flipkart.

When this phone was launched at 33k and the S4 processor not available in india made it receive all the negative comments.

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HTC Rocks Again!
by Rahul Verma on 2012-10-01

HTC One S is my 2nd HTC Android mobile phone and it impresses me yet again. Btw the 1st point I want to notify that I am using an Europian T Mobile phone with 1.5 S4 Qualcomm processor.
I am

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best in technology, best in built quality at 25k
by Anurag Bisht on 2012-10-29

though initially priced at 33k now its 25k which justify .
features to bother-
1. if u are worried about 1.7ghz s3,why not 1.5 ghz s4 processor, believe me u wont notice any difference unless

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what were they thinking
by ravi yadav on 2012-06-23

why did they price it at almost equal to galaxy s3 and one x.
alson it has a inferior processor and gpu than the international version. dont get fooled by the 1.7 ghz tag, its an inferior cpu

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but its really smoooooth..
by Lukky Kalra on 2012-09-14

whatever u folks say..i have raped my phone with every heavy game n app...n guess what...NO i don't care if it's S3 or S4..i'm loving it..gr8 looks..nice camera n yes it feels good to hold

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HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black - मूल्य ग्राफ

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HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black HTC One S ??????? ?????? Black
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