XOLO One ?????? Gold
  • XOLO One ?????? Gold
  • XOLO One ?????? Gold
  • XOLO One ?????? Gold

XOLO One ?????? Gold

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Remarkable launch by Xolo
by nitin gahlot on 2014-10-31

Wonderful experience with the phone
games play-very good without any lag
4.5 inch with minimum edge boundaries which makes it excellent looking phone.
back cover with

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A perfect phone for budget lovers.
by Sanjeev Kumar on 2014-11-17

I bought this phone as a gift for my dad. He was using Nokia Asha earlier and was struggling with the screen size and usability. I planned to buy a phone but with some conditions.

1) Screen

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Awesome cell phone
by Sudhir C on 2014-10-29

Let me directly go into pros and cons:

- Viewing angle is good
- Smooth touch
- Very good camera quality in evening light as well
- Better sound quality
- Anti-skid

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XOLO did it..
by Mahesh Mahindrakar on 2015-02-10

- good battery life, (with android Lollipop)
- 1gb RAM with 4 gb of internal storage
- good screen contrast

The Home/Back buttons should have been back lighted, in

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battery totally waste within two months
by srivel on 2015-01-17

the value of battery getting lower and lower evaryday and my brother charge this phone 4 to 5 times a day its really ridiculous

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awesome mobile
by Sourabh shrivastava on 2015-03-13

I was got product in 3 days, and mobile is very good,I used 3 to 4 hours in a day for watching youtube video ,

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The BEST ONE from an INDIAN Company..
by Sourav Das on 2015-01-15

I have bought this phone from my friend's account, so the 'certified buyer' tag is not with me. But I am using it for last 6 days, and I will have to say it is the BEST android set in this price

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Awesome Phone in the range below 10k
by Jigar Shah on 2014-11-10

Writing this review after using phone for a week. It is superb phone at this price range.
Though front vga camera is not good but overall phone is fabulous....

Superb phone at

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XOLO One user
by Vittal Kumar B.S on 2015-02-04

Hats off to Flipkart for the quick delivery. Ordered this phone for my wife on 31/Jan with 1-day guaranteed delivery. Got it delivered at 7:00 AM on 02/Feb.
Regarding the phone. First the pros -

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by JAYANTH CHOWDARY GALI on 2014-12-10

there are many pros such as batterylife ,promise for an android L update,gud internal storage etc
i chose this product after comparison with other mobiles in this price range this one really

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XOLO One ?????? Gold XOLO One ?????? Gold
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