एप्पल आईपॉड शफल २जीबी (नई-६टीएच गेन) (2 गब,ग्रे)
  • एप्पल आईपॉड शफल २जीबी (नई-६टीएच गेन) (2 गब,ग्रे)

एप्पल आईपॉड शफल २जीबी (नई-६टीएच गेन) (2 गब,ग्रे)

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Highly Recommended
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एप्पल आईपॉड शफल २जीबी (नई-६टीएच गेन) (2 गब,ग्रे) भारत मैं मूल्य सूची

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एप्पल आईपॉड शफल २जीबी (नई-६टीएच गेन) (2 गब,ग्रे) - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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truth...is all I can give
by apoorv bohrey on 2012-07-03

I did not buy the product from flipkart but after seeing all these negative reviews I couldn't resist writing a review...

I have been a proud ipod shuffle owner for more than a year now and

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shuffle rocks
by sandeep kumar sinha on 2011-08-30


* Ultra compact design
* On-body controls are back
* Very good sound quality
* Good battery life


* Limited 2GB of memory
* No FM

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Excellent Sound...Great Battery Life..Go for it!!!
by SUMIT DUBEY on 2014-05-01

After to many days of extensive search, finally I decided to buy iPod shuffle. I bought iPod Shuffle @ 2148/- only from Flipkart (WS Retail) in 28 hrs.

Due to insufficient product details

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Excellent sound!!!
by Pushkar Patil on 2011-08-20

This tini device produces hi quality loud sound into your ears.
I ordered and got it in just two days. Amazingly fast...
But it doesn't have different music modes, a must have thing for any

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An awesome Buy
by Aditya Gupta on 2012-08-14

Frankly i was dissapointed when i got the ipod shuffle 4g. I loaded my songs on to it and started listening. The Sound Quality was pathetic and so were the earphones. You wont believe me if i said

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good and excellent product
by ashok on 2015-10-10

i purchased this ipod from flipkart ,it was very nice product ,sound quality was amazing and i am very much thankfull to flipkart best product nice product if anybody want to buy pls blindly go for it

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Best Music Player EVER !!
by Pranay Desai on 2012-08-20

Best ! It is the Best !! Every thing in and on it is best !!
Headphones are heavy than ipod itself !
People who complain about it's Quality have their own fault .
They will be having

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by JACKSON J PANANCHERY on 2011-09-15

The apple shuffle is not for you if you are a music lover.no EQ,no FM,no voice recorder and most important no bass.

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It is 'THE BEST' out there.............
by Navneet Singh Kalsi on 2013-06-14

Let me first clear upon some points......
1) Apple provides just earphones.....not earbuds (in-ear ones).......and they will obviously sound crap......bcoz of the leaking of sound and other

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sound quality is ordinary
by Ashok on 2014-11-18

Dear flipkart,
Iam a regular customer with flipkart with so many purchases in my account, recently i have ordered a return request for ipod shuffle. the sound quality of the ipod i received is

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एप्पल आईपॉड शफल २जीबी (नई-६टीएच गेन) (2 गब,ग्रे) - मूल्य ग्राफ