कौओं िौड़ीओ इ२ ४जीबी - लिलक सिल्वर
  • कौओं िौड़ीओ इ२ ४जीबी - लिलक सिल्वर

कौओं िौड़ीओ इ२ ४जीबी - लिलक सिल्वर

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A good player. But dont expect it to turn water into wine.
by Aby Joseph on 2013-06-24

Well, after loads of research, all evidence said that this was the best mp3 in the sub 5k range. and after reading all the reviews here, i was insanely excited for it to get delivered.
i was so excited i even had decided what to write in my review :P
i listen to music on my laptop with dolby home theater and an audio technica sj55 (a 3k+ can). and it is just divine. there are moments it actually brings u to tears on the sublime quality it delivers. i wanted to say it blows my dolby system to kingdom come.
but then, reality struck :P the product i got was the EU variant with the volume limiter so first impressions were supremely disappointing. then after fixing that issue, the player was finally loud and delivered good sound.
keyword 'good'. the bbe mach3, headphone 1,3, and viva2 presets all choke on the last 2 volume levels. the 'bbe' preset is best as it gives good all round effects and doesnt choke.
yes it can drive over ear headphones very well(something i was worried about). mine are 48 ohm ones. and since my headphones are quite good, it's the player that has its limits.
all in all, its as good as a portable player gets. like someone here rightly said, its good, but dont expect it to do miracles. its not quite at the dolby level. but v.good, nevertheless.
oh and it does look fantastic :P battery life is ok, that's not an issue since i dont mind charging it every 2 days. gives about 8-10 hours,full volume, flac/ 320kbps mp3.

Confused? read on ;)
by rahul kunji on 2012-08-25

Flipkart service: Good..reached after 48 hours.Could be better
Product:Amazing! if you want style plus quality music playback

1.Navigation without screen
the lack of screen in iE2 contributes to its sleek and petite red dot award wining design but at the same time makes navigation a bit tricky! tricky not difficult but not tough.With the proper technique its smooth.
Firstly organize songs in proper folder.artist wise or any other mode of classification you prefer.the controversy of whether folder skip is available ends here! the stock product doesnt have. You just have to visit the cowonglobal site and follow simple instructions for firmware upgrade that takes hardly 2 minutes.the once the firmware is the latest one just press FF shortly and within 2 secs press and hold FF again .it makes a water drop sound and goes to first song of next folder.same for previous folder but with R button.DONE ! :)
2.quality of music:
REALLY good. the normal preset is quite flat but BBE presets are nice. i really love BBE ;)
3. Headphones:
the provided earphones are quite decent . but they arent noice cancellation (in the ear) types that most of us love.so for those for whom all minor details and sound really matters new headphones would work great. otherwise the stock one isnt bad!
4. Handling:
this without doubt is the most handy mp3 player. i attatch it to my jeans using the provided metal ring and my keychain. its a showoff i agree. but thats the fun right? :P
also can be attatched as a pendant which would look good on girls but guys may want to avoid it :P

so overall it is a really nice player easy on the pocket and impresses all your friends esily.coupled with the superb music quality its what you want if you need a screenless player.also for those confused a screenless player has many benefits over the conventional one. try it! and iE2 makes navigation simple as explained above..

review of Cowon iAudio E2 4 GB
by Sarvesh Shejwadkar on 2011-11-07

The reasons i bought this player ?

1) Cowon products are known for their sound quality. Some expert reviews that i have read before buying this player rate the quality better than any other. If apple products are the benchmark for you then cowon products are better than them.
2) Looks, Design
- The best i have seen for any other MP3 player so far.
- Available in eight attractive colors, its a hard choice.

- It rates very high on cool factor. Its an eye catching for onlookers. Be sure to be asked about this player even by your enemies.
- For those who have already seen it, they would want to touch it and hold it again. Oh, wait that counts for sexyness, so yeah its sexy as well.

3) Build Quality
- Handle with care ? Naah, its fallen many times, hit walls, metal rods, banged on all kinds of objects and it still looks the same and plays the same way.

4) Sound Quality - the most important reason for buying it.
- The best. Crystal clear.
- Friends that have walkmans, nokia, samsung, sony and even iPhone were amazed by its sound quality

Best screenless mp3 player
by Ninad Diwakar on 2012-01-31

This is without a doubt the best screenless player you can buy. Perfect for use during exercise.

Navigation: (5/5)
Cowon has an incredible method of navigating the songs. Pressing FF twice will play the first song in the next folder. So as long as the songs are well organized during copying, playing the right song will be a breeze.

Sound Quality: (4/5)
BBE sounds great. However the provided earphones is quite bad. Used with my Sennheiser HD headset to get really good aural output.

Battery life: (3/5)
Got about 9 hours of battery which is quite bad for a screenless player.

Usage: (4/5)
This supports almost all formats. MP3, wav, ogg, flac and wma are the formats I have tried.

Verdict: (4/5)
This is hte best screenless player you can buy. I got this mainly for the BBE sound effects. However for almost the same price you can get the Sandisk Clip which has a screen (tiny one), superb audio quality (without BBE) and can play off SD cards too. However it dosent look half as good as this one does :)

Fantastic Music Device
by Kapil Kandhare on 2011-10-23

Been using this player since a month now. My requirement was to buy a simple music player which i will stuff all my favorite music in and put it on shuffle. I was looking for best sound output available there in market. X7 was first music player I bought from Cowon. I was blown away by the clarity in sound. and so I went ahead and bought this beautiful player. and am really gald i did that.
The only other option I had was iPod shuffle. But I went for cowon because 1. It has much much better sound quality (Compared to my friend's iPod) 2.It supports mp3,wma and most important _FLAC_ 3.I don't have to depend on iTunes.

1. Just awesome, best, fantastic sound quality.
2. Design is simple and elegant. I can use it as keychain, thanks to the round at top. or just put headphone wire in loop form and hang it to my neck. it looks cool too :p
3. No need of iTunes. Just drag and drop any audio file into folder.
4. Can use it as a pen drive for file storage.
5. The BBE presets are very well set. just perfect, just perfect.

1. A single line lcd display should have been there just to browse through files. (though apple shuffle which is of least price also does not have one, but still) i am being wishful :)

If you love music and don't want to compromise then only buy cowon players. They are bit pricey than transcent etc. but it's totally paisa wasool player.
Keep RoCkiNg!

Killing Beast At 3000 Bugs.
by Madhusudhan Kakarla on 2014-09-17

First of all i am giving this review with an experience of 15 months with this product.
In this long time i never regret or bored with this product and sound.
After a long search ,i found this Music Player is much better than apple, sony and other music players which are available at this range.
Unique Feature in this product is you'll get Sound in double wave(bse of the BBE),which give more comfort with sound even when it is louder also.

here's the things which i got in this player.
Pros :
1. Fashionable Look ,comfortable while walking and sleeping.you can tag this one with ur finger also.
2. BBE.....its coming with 9 Equalizers(Normal,BBE,BBE VIVA,BBE VIVA2 ,BBE MASTER BASS,BBE ME,BBE Headphone,BBE Headphone2,BBE Headphone3).
Base lover like will gonna love Master Bass and Headphone3

Cons :

1.Service Center ,Only in Mumbai.but they are taking care via courier.
2.headphones are very short and On-Ear-Phone Type and only worth 500 bugs.

Takes down Apple, Sony, Philips at 3k
by Abhirup Sarkar on 2013-07-03

Few words about the cons others have mentioned:

Controls: Yes, controls are symmetrical and you can't operate it blindly. You may end up skipping the track instead of increasing the volume. But just give a sneak peek at it and you can control it very easily. Some complained the buttons to be too small, but with average finger size one should not have a problem, at least I don't have.

Controls are adequate. Power on/off button works as play/pause button (but every time you hit that, the volume will come down to 50%). Double press with a hold gives you folder skip and that is very useful (It does not work in "shuffle on" mode, remember). Organizing music in folders makes it easy to browse through whole of it 'screenless'-ly. If you love to play in shuffle mode, then absolutely no problem with the player.

Supplied Earphones: Cowon SE2 (available in flipkart at Rs.500). They are not canalphones of course. So there is no noise isolation and poor bass as expected. Use any decent canalphone or over-the-ear headphones to get the beast out of it. I use Creative EP-630 and it gives decent output.

Battery life: Haven't put it to the test yet. Probably it will give around 9 hours of playback which may be a little less than iPod and Sony players, but I can live with it.

and now the Pros..

Other reviews say it all. It is Awesome in all other aspects,i.e Build, Design and of course Sound quality.

If you love boomy bass use "Headphone 3" BBE preset. I like "Headphone 2" as in-ears like EP 630 are already a bit bass-heavy. It is upto you, to decide, what sounds best with your headphones.

If you are stuck between iPod shuffle, Sony, Philips and Cowon iAudio E2 , end your search here and go for Cowon iAudio E2.

quenches your thirst for music
by Upendra Bisen on 2013-04-28

this was my first shopping with flipkart,my best friend recommended flipkart and it lives upto my expectations
about me;i love music and if i dont listen to music a single day i cant even eat properly :D
after searching for a week for the best mp3 player i found this,there are reviews on various sites giving this excellent sound quality rating.so i ordered this for cash on delivery.
i recieved in 3 days exact and the product was well packed.
the first impression of the product,i was blown off with the quality of the music it played,the stock headphones are quite good but still i purchased in ear buds of soundmagic es 18 and it was heaven.
it has 9 eq presets and all presets are amazing but my fav is bbe headphone 3 and bbe viva 2 and bbe mp for vocal songs :)
this is the best money i have spent and i recommend it to music lovers.
only downside is the playback time,it will play around 8-9 hrs once charged for 1:30 hrs
also note tht after firmware upgrade from cowon website it can skip folders and tht is great to get to the song u want in few clicks :D
verdict : don't think much and purchase it if u want to feel music to the depth of your soul,also it sounds better than apple shuffle,shuffle doesnt have the amazing bbe eq.

Best MP3 Player Without Screen
by Rajarshi Ghosh on 2012-12-28

In one word- It's awesome...
Once again, Hats off to Flipkart for their express delivery service and elegant packing...
And now, Cowon... Yes, this korea made tiny device has really changed the description of mp3 players... I have never heard such clear and natural sound with really good bass effect in mp3 players... The battery life is also good... The charge remains for almost 9 hours... If anyone looking for a mp3 player under 4k, go for this one... Apple IPod shuffle users, throw your Ipod in dustbin and buy this one...

better than apple ipod shuffle
by Deep Konkyawala on 2012-12-21

This little music player produces amazing sound quality. The sound produced by this player is much much better than any of its counterparts at this price range. The bundled headphones are also good, better than any bundled earphones provided at this price range. But with Sennheiser or Klipsch or any high quality earphones this music player will blow your mind off. This music player is worth buying, for music lovers for sure.

Comparision with Apple iPod.

iPods are not bad at all, of course. But neither are Cowons. But personally I felt music in its most truest form in Cowon than in iPods. I listen to Heavy Metal. Heavy Metal feel produced on this player is magnificent. Sound balance is much much much better in Cowon than in Apple. People at Cowon had put lot into the research before producing such a wonderful sound processor. With high end earphones the Cowon will beat Apple with a huge margin.
But at the end, it comes down to personal preferences.

If you are a music lover/audiophile and want your music to be true, balanced, original, best in its form, close your eyes and GO for Cowon.

1 thing more which i compare between cowon and apple is that.. if u need songs from someone eles's computer u need to install itunes without itunes u can't transfer data in ur player.....and cowon is built in software, auto install and can b connected with any computer

If you are gadget freak, who prefers the brand image, who wants to own the music player which millions of people own, Apple is there for you !!

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