फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू)
  • फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू)
  • फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू)
  • फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू)

फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू)

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Must read
by Ajay Raghavan on 2014-06-07

I bought this as a cheap alternative to my iPod. And it is awesome! Except for the earphones which come with it, everything is fine. For those who say volume output is too low.. what's wrong with you guys? I use it with sennheiser cx 215 and the volume is infact very loud. And the random mode is quite easy to switch on/ off, and if you think it's difficult, i'm sorry, no one can help you. For those who say we cannot skip 10 songs forward easily.. why do you want to do so? I only transfer the songs that i would listen to.. if you load all shitty songs and want to listen only to 1 no one can help you :) Trust me , go for it.. It is perfect for working out and jogging (the clip is so strong..) and it looks tiny and awesome! and the battery is quite good.. It's been 3 days since I've bought it and I charged it only once. Buy these and buy a pair of earphones, and I promise you won't regret it :)

Average product - not very user friendly and won't recommend
by Siddharth Das on 2014-05-11

I bought this as a cheap alternative to my Sony Walkman unwired series. Though most users are praises about this product, I am slightly disappointed that I got carried away seeing the positive reviews. Nonetheless it is a very average product and I won't buy any Philips product after a spat of mediocre experiences with their products. Pros : - 1) It is easy to plug in and transfer songs by usb. 2) Is very compact and cute. That's about it. 3) Decent sound quality - good balance with bass and treble but poor volume output. Cons :- 1) Though sound quality is good with Samsung in the ear ear phones, it is not loud enough in the max volume setup in my opinion. This is fine when listening indoors but volume output is too low for outdoors while walking or jogging and doesn't give the ideal kick while working out. 2) Lagging - Changing songs is very slow and sluggish. There is no way you can skip ten songs forward by clicking the button ten times - you have to hold it till you hear the beep, and this takes atleast 2 seconds and so it takes a while to change songs. Activating the shuffle mode is also difficult, you have to click the center button twice - sometimes causing it to pause. The shuffle mode called Random mode by Philips is confusing and does not respond in a series. Sometimes it repeats the same song and there is no way possible to listen to a song that was heard previously in the list. Overall build quality seems fine though I suspect if it can withstand moisture. It could have been a little cheaper at 800 rupees. I would recommend this only if one would use indoors or would not care what song is being played while working out. For me changing songs quickly and volume ouptut is of utmost concern and this fails miserably. Thus I consider it as a loss and won't use it that frequently and Philips as a manufacturer has been disappointing a lot lately. Flipkart service was satisfactory. Hats off to you for the prompt service. Would prefer if they sent me a text before delivering the product.

Price is little bit high.
by Prashant Singla on 2013-11-15

I bought it @ 1279
There is an issue in this which is , if earphones are not plugged in mp3 and somehow the ON button is pressed the player keeps running which consumes all the battery.
Earphones provided with it are not good, they are not comfortable at all.
It is a bit irritating keep pressing the button to select the desired song.
In built FM is awesome 10/10 for it.

I am giving a rating of 3 coz of the earphones otherwise it would be 4.

The Little Beast!!
by Vaibhav Ruhel on 2015-01-27

Dont underestimate this product based on its size. Pair it with Philips 3590 "Blue" (Specifically blue color) and you have the boom boom base and equivalent treble. Awesome build quality. Equals Ipod also. Best for Music freak like me!!!

need to buy a new earphone.
by Sasi Kiran on 2015-01-12

player is good but earphone s of very poor quality.. had to buy a new earphone.. now it works well wd seneisr earphone.

Average performer
by Flipkart Customer on 2015-01-01

This is a cute looking mp3 player with minimum options.
size and shape
poor sound quality
average performer
planning to buy a headphone to replace the stock phones.

Good for the price, but not more.
by Jagan Mohan R on 2014-05-27

Don't expect everything with this small, fashionable player and you will be fine.
Its good to take with you on a jog, bicycle ride or to the Gym. The Buttons provide basic play and pause functionality and thats probably all you need when you are into some action.

However, if you want to hear to some great music and enjoy it immersively, this might disappoint. So, the bottom line is: Good for some exercise music, not so much for serious enjoyment.

Good but nothing fancy
by Flipkart Customer on 2016-10-09

Sound quality is good ..But not wid provided earphone. Try some other earphone. There is only one problem in it dat buttons get pressed automatically when we keep it in pocket. If two buttons r pressed simultaneously it stops working n den we need to reset it. U always need to hang it out of pocket....

Luvd it!!!!!
by Shaghil Zahidi on 2016-09-21

Good experience... a very good battery backup... takes 2 hrs to provide a backup of 12 hrs... worth buying..!!!

by diana riasti on 2016-09-09

User friendly and worth, good sound quality.

by SHRUTI MITTAL on 2016-09-02

The player is really good just that needs a 6hour charge before use and doesn't let u skip songs easily.

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फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू) - मूल्य ग्राफ

फिलिप्स गो गियर मिनी डॉट 2 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लू) तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • ब्रांड Philips
  • मॉडल नाम Mini Dot
  • मेमोरी 2 GB
  • टाइप MP3 Player
  • एक्सपेंडेबल मेमोरी No MicroSD Card Support
  • कलर Blue
  • सपोर्टेड फोर्मट्स MP3, WAV, WMA
  • उसब Headphone (3.5 mm), USB
  • प्लेबैक टाइम 6 hrs
  • बैटरी टाइप LI-Polymer
इतर फीचर्स
  • एडिशनल फीचर्स Built-in Clip for Convenient and Hands-free Use, Quick 6 mins Charge for 60 mins Playback, Songbird - Media Hub, Fast Charge, FM with RDS and 30 Presets Channels, White LED and Sound Indicators for Easy Navigation
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